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1. what are the words you do not have yet? [Or, “for what do you not have words, yet?”]

Those things that are small traumas, "it's not really a trauma but"; like microagressions but not so micro.

More words for coming out: are you coming out to yourself? to others? Are you in the long process of de-brainwashing yourself? Are you still de-brainwashing yourself after years and years? Do you hear a song on the radio, a love song without any gender specified, and assume it's about straight people?

More words like "Hangry", which is a good word; I'm cranky because I'm hungry, I'm cranky because I'm in pain; I'm cranky because....

More words for different kinds of love. Love is love doesn't work for me. I like distinctions and nuance. Love for the world; love for nature; love for friends; love for fandom; sudden and gradual loves; ones that fade and ones that endure. And what are things that help make love happen? What are those things?

Words for surviving, for getting through, for recovering, for dealing with shit that you have to do but can barely get yourself to do.

And more words for physical, chronic pain, which is so boring, and so difficult to describe.

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Good good good. Yes all these words please.

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Excellent prompt!

Words for surviving: these two address why "just doing X" is so difficult: second shift for the sick, emotional labor

re Trauma: the pain of trauma is in how we respond to it, not the degree of insult. Mainstream US society assumes that the experience of war is "more traumatic" than the daily experience of racism, or interacting with dehumanizing medicos as a disabled person.

An example with sex follows:
My growing-up molded me to be particularly vulnerable when my authenticity/utility as a human is challenged. So an interaction where my presence is continually ignored would be more traumatic than, say, a man exposing himself and calling me derogatory names. The latter case would certainly make me angry, but it would be EASY to be angry.

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