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this is excellent; thank you for the linkspam. This is a topic that means a lot to me, and that I'm trying to read up on; you've just made that very easy for me.
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thank you!
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Yay! for link spam:

At Feminist Philosophers, Words & Able-ism ponders the difference between somatic and disabling metaphor.

Andrea Rubinstein (Tekanji) posits that Feminists are fine with being bigots if it’s just ableism, in response to "crazy" as an insult on Feministe.

In conversation with that post, comments in this Feministe thread on fighting ableist language are painful to read. The ETA at the top of the post challenges all readers "why does raising this issue get your hackles up?"

Mandolin over at Alas, A Blog addresses a lot of arguments made by puzzled people who don't mean anything with their disabling language: Why Not to Use the Word Lame: I Think I'm Starting to Get It

Upstart_crow explores the many reasons why the "Psycho Donut" shop is a really bad idea.

Kay Olson at the Gimp Parade criticizes "lame duck," even when it's applied by someone she admires to someone she loathes.
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Thank you for the links.