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It's always great to meet other people who love the same characters that you love and enjoy squeeing about them, discussing them or creating fanworks about them as well. So here's your chance to get to know new people who share your interest: the friending meme for halfamoon 2016!

Bandom recs: 1 fic & 8 art

Feb. 7th, 2016 09:24 pm
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I've read something! And looked at a bunch of art. (Hover over the link to get the pairing(s). Name listed first = POV character.)


It's For the Bat That I'm Gonna Buy by [archiveofourown.org profile] ermengarde - The one where Mikey is the most cursed and gets by with a little help from his band. This is a delightful little story. Charming and funny and very sweet. (1,330 words)


Lola Love by [deviantart.com profile] dragfairy - Nice work.

kiss me & forest dweller by [deviantart.com profile] fuckingvitamin - Sweet works.

HARPY HALLOWEEN & 4398u98txzw & cats or get the fck out! by [deviantart.com profile] ierofrank - Charming works.

Not Okay (or here) & Color Gee & Color F & Gerard by [deviantart.com profile] lizlemay - Very nice works. I particularly like the two colour splatters.

Brother & Hesitant Alien by [deviantart.com profile] moonsstorm - Cool works.

Ray & Frank & Generation Nothing (or here) & 2003 Ray & 2011 Gerard & Better off this way & Frank by [tumblr.com profile] mychemicaldoodle / [deviantart.com profile] stoketherage - Cool art as usual from this artist.

Drifting by [deviantart.com profile] nikkthehuman - Great work. Love his expression and body language.

Mr.Way & Frank's Profile by [deviantart.com profile] pandorasbox341 - Nice works.

If you like any of these please remember to tell the writer/artist. Feedback is love.

All my recs can be found at [pinboard.in profile] turlough.
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I thought it would be fun to keep track of the movies I watch so at the end of the year I can remember what they were and to see how many I actually go through. What happened alongside this endeavor is that my decision-making process and my behavior immediately changed. I started trying to watch more to make the list longer. This week it occurred to me to switch from a numbered list to bullets. We'll see how that goes.

Here we are for Jan. 1 - Feb. 6:

24 movies )

(For the record, 6 of those were for vid research)

+ TV seasons: Mozart in the Jungle 1-2


Thanks for your feedback yesterday on Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. I decided to bail and picked up The Golem and the Jinni instead. Three pages in and it's already a pleasure to read. In fact, I'm debating whether to sit on it for a week and a half and bring it on the plane to/from Vancouver.

Speaking of which, went on a quest today for an outfit suitable for a gallery opening. Found this very pretty dress but it fit like a box, alas. Oh, haha, there was also a collection of dresses suitable for Star Trek cosplay. Will probably wear what I wore to [personal profile] cinco's wedding, then, or my gray plaid skirt + black top if that's not too casual; hard to tell. The trip was not entirely in vain, however; I got a green and blue gradient sweater.

We had a beautiful snowfall on Friday -- storybook icing on the tree branches once the winds died down, followed by a pink and orange sunset. All of our million inches of snow last winter was powder; none of it stuck like this. Boston Globe curated some shots. More forecast for tomorrow. Good luck to every one of us trying to get home from work in the middle of it!

#24 The 100 Weekly Round-Up 2/7/16

Feb. 7th, 2016 12:13 pm
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#24 The 100 Weekly Round-Up 2/7/16

Note: There is no possible way that I will be able to gather all the relevant links for fan activity for The 100. The fandom is too spread out across too many platforms and I just don't have time. This newsletter is highlights focusing on activity on Dreamwidth and Tumblr with links to elsewhere of activity I saw. I'm still learning all the ins and outs of where to find things so if I'm missing something essential to you , let me know where to find it. If you would like to contribute to the link mongering for the coming week (or help me produce the round up), feel free to put it in comments/notes and I will add it to next week's round up. It go out on Sundays, though no guarantees when my life gets a little crazy.

Since I missed a couple weeks due to real life, some links are January ones. I'm also probably missing a bunch.

Happening at the100
Episode Discussion: 3x01 Wanheda Part 1
Episode Discussion: 3x02 Wanheda Part 2
Episode Discussion: 3x03 Ye Who Enter Here

Places to rec fic, art, or vids other than here
[community profile] fancake
[community profile] recshelf
[community profile] fanart_recs
[community profile] vidrecs
[community profile] bestthingever
[community profile] gensplosion

(Here's how I've settled how to do fic. I don't include posts that announce fic. From DW I'll include fic rec posts with only one fic on them, on tumblr because of volume, I only include rec posts that have a list. For more fic, visit the sites below.)
Where to find fic
The 100 on AO3
[tumblr.com profile] the100ficrecs
Searches on tumblr for "#the 100 #fic recs"
[tumblr.com profile] clexafanfics
[tumblr.com profile] clarkelexafic
[tumblr.com profile] bellarkefanfics
[tumblr.com profile] bellarkefanfiction
[tumblr.com profile] bellarkewrites
[tumblr.com profile] coeurdastronaute

Lexa's Fealty Vow, comic style by [tumblr.com profile] commander_racc00n
Heda by [tumblr.com profile] glping_art
Clarke and Lexa cartoon, demi-gods!AU by [tumblr.com profile] coelart
Lexa, sketch by [tumblr.com profile] yinza
Kane in Polis be like by [tumblr.com profile] nicoleclowes
Lexa poster, digital by [tumblr.com profile] after_world_chronicles
Octavia, drawing cartoon style by [tumblr.com profile] sallteas
Bellamy and Clarke Dancing,, drawing by [tumblr.com profile] sassandsassagain
Alycia Debnam Carey as Lexa and Alicia Clark by [tumblr.com profile] femmedeliquor
Bellamy and Calrke Kisssing, Drawing by [tumblr.com profile] ritta1310
Clarke and Lexa, water color by [tumblr.com profile] willowsomething
Octavia, Portrait by [tumblr.com profile] stiles_sarcasm
Clarke and Lexa Kissing, anime style by [tumblr.com profile] llricchan
Clarke and Lexa Posters by [tumblr.com profile] papurrcat
Anya, Portrait by [tumblr.com profile] discoplatformdoublesuedelemonade
Clarke and Lexa cuddling, drawing by [tumblr.com profile] euroclone
Clarke and Lexa, watercolor by [tumblr.com profile] knightinrustyarmorish
Monty Sleeping, drawing by [tumblr.com profile] snufffie
Bellamy and Clarke cuddling, drawing by [tumblr.com profile] an_established_butt_dent

Analysis of Grounder Anthem Lyrics by [tumblr.com profile] hedaswarrior
Why Nyko Went to Arkadia by [tumblr.com profile] the100theories
Split in the Coalition by [tumblr.com profile] the100theories
Symbols for all the Grounder Clans by [tumblr.com profile] the100theories
Lyrics and Translation of Grounder Anthem by [tumblr.com profile] the100theories
Maps of Locations by [tumblr.com profile] the100discussion
Gina and recent events by [tumblr.com profile] leksa_woods
The 100 Is Problematic becauset he Real World is Problematic by [tumblr.com profile] rosymamacita
Clarke and Bellamy's Differing Perspectives 3x03 by [tumblr.com profile] forwhomthebellamytolls

Mountain Men by [tumblr.com profile] blair_walldorf
Grounders by [tumblr.com profile] rvpertgiles
Hold These Hears Courageously, Bellarke by [tumblr.com profile] gingerandjazz
I Bare (sic) is So They Don't Have To, Clarke by [tumblr.com profile] surviveuntildawn
You and I Were Fireworks, Belarke by [tumblr.com profile] ark_prisoner319
Here With Me, Bellarke by [tumblr.com profile] star_of_artemis
May We Meet Again, Clexa by riverrun
Love and War by [tumblr.com profile] clexablogg
Please Don't Kill Him/We Can't Lose Her, Bellarke by [tumblr.com profile] clarkebelamy
Whatever You Say Boss, Murphy/Bellamy by [tumblr.com profile] fxithless

[tumblr.com profile] the100fanvidsThe 100 Fanvids regularly posts vid recs.
Where ever you will go, Clarke&Abby by [tumblr.com profile] akachankami
So It Begins, Ensemble by [tumblr.com profile] xstrongheartsx
Telling Our Own Story by coldrequiem (youtube link)

54 Icons including The 100 by [community profile] bungalows

[community profile] halfamoon celebrating female characters is currently ongoing.
[tumblr.com profile] the100theories Hosts episode chats while new episode airs.

Cast, Creator, and News
Twitter links to The 100 Cast and Crew for live tweeting during episodes by [tumblr.com profile] the100writers
The 100 is the Bleak Sci Fi Dystopia You should Be Watching at arstechnica.com
Interview with writer Aaron Ginsburg at nowhitenoise.com

Behind the Scenes
From Script to Screen, 3x01 Wanheda Part 1 by [tumblr.com profile] the100writers
From Script to Screen, 3x02 Wanheda Part 2 by [tumblr.com profile] the100writers
From Script to Screen, 3x03 Ye Who Enter Here by [tumblr.com profile] the100writers
Grounder Anthem from 3x03 Available for Download by [tumblr.com profile] cwthe100
Ian Henry Cusick, Michael Beach, Cast Behind the Scenes Photos by [tumblr.com profile] cusickgallery
More behind the scenes photos for 3x03 by [tumblr.com profile] everythinggthe100
Props!, Photo by [tumblr.com profile] aaronginsburg

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Feb. 7th, 2016 11:34 am
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I got most of the books for the library into four bags. There are five books up here that didn’t fit, and I have a stack of another ten to twelve books in the basement that also need to go.

It turns out that there is a very new Goodwill store in Ypsilanti that will take stuffed animals. They also take VHS tapes and recycle used computer equipment, working or not. They’re even open for donations today. They didn’t come up in my initial searches because they only started taking donations in December and opened their doors to sell some time after that. I’m a little boggled at the idea of an 'upscale' Goodwill store, but I suppose I don’t have to shop there.

We got a phone call from Kroger half an hour ago telling us that the packaged salad Scott bought yesterday and which we ate last night might have been listeria contaminated. I had to listen to the message twice because I couldn’t actually make out the product name, and I still wasn’t entirely sure until I turned to Google. Fortunately, the contaminated salad has manufacturing codes starting with A, and this package’s code started with N, but… I find it disturbing that Kroger would still have stuff on the shelves that was recalled January 27. I can’t believe that they only just got word, so I have to put it down to gross incompetence.

Prompt Challenge: Darker Sides

Feb. 7th, 2016 10:03 am
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The Making of an Arch-Villainess (619 words) by Merfilly
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: DCU
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Dinah Lance, Ensemble
Additional Tags: Mirror Universe, Community: halfamoon

This is a look at the woman Black Canary is in a world with a Crime Syndicate.

(no subject)

Feb. 7th, 2016 03:23 pm
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Last night I dreamed I drunk!stole a pig, and then I went back to tiny sleep so I could tiny dream feed it.

ETA: there appears to be a kindle version of books 2&3 of the captive prince trilogy, but not book 1. I feel thwarted.

(no subject)

Feb. 7th, 2016 09:49 am
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I now have about twice as many books for Books By Chance as will fit in the box I’ve got. I could still pull more, and Scott could likely get rid of a fair number of books, too. I looked in two of the bins of books in the basement, but I didn’t feel up to digging very far there because it would involve actually moving full or mostly full tubs of stuff. That might be better undertaken with Scott’s help, but I think he won’t be willing.

I need to see how many grocery bags we’ve got that are durable enough to hold books. I want to get at least some of the books bound for the library out of the house today. Getting all of them out would be really nice, but I’m not holding my breath that we have enough bags for that.

Yesterday, I got about a third of the way through a DVD that must be returned to the library today. It’s not in English, so it takes more focus to watch it than I had for most of the day. I think I’ll be able to finish it before we go to the library. I hope so, anyway. I don’t want to have to wait for my name to come up on the waitlist again.

I checked out the Kitchen Made website to look at replacements for the paddle that’s been giving us trouble, but, apparently, the only replacements available are identical to what we have and will have the same problems. The page for the part is full of one and two star reviews, all complaining about the coating flaking off. I don’t know if there’s something we can buy that will work that isn’t from Kitchen Made. Scott tried that route with the one he bought that turned out to be too tall, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t bother getting the model number for the mixer (I haven’t done that because it requires turning over the mixer which is too heavy for me to lift unaided) and just bought something that looked right. It’s a pity that one won’t work. I really like the design of it.

Cordelia will be gone most of the day today. It’s her friend’s brother’s birthday, and their family invited her to spend the day. (The actual party is from 5 to 7.) They’ll pick her up around 10, and we’ll retrieve her around 7. Finding a present for the birthday boy was challenging because he doesn’t read and isn’t interested in much but TV and games on his mother’s iPad. I think Cordelia ended up buying him a copy of Timeline because he’s enjoyed that while visiting us, even when the girls weren’t interested in playing it with him.

Prompt Challenge Day #7

Feb. 7th, 2016 08:56 pm
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Halfamoon Prompt Challenge - Day 7: Dark Side

Sugar and spice, and all things nice? Like hell.

Give us the best of her worst! Just don’t forget to post it in either community with the tag prompt challenge, or else over at tumblr with halfamoon prompt challenge so we can reblog it!

Daily Happiness

Feb. 7th, 2016 12:49 am
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1. Two cashiers called out sick, so we were super short-handed this evening, but I made it through!

2. I didn't really feel like doing any translating tonight after getting home, but I'd done some in the morning before work, so at least I didn't get nothing at all done.

3. I made a new default icon using this icon maker.


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