Sep. 4th, 2015 07:11 am
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Nightcrawler (Marvel)

Sep. 4th, 2015 06:59 am
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Daily Happiness

Sep. 4th, 2015 02:10 am
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1. Went out to breakfast with my mom today. We went to IHOP and I had their delicious strawberry lemon french toast again. I hope they keep it on the menu after the promo.

2. I decided to call in sick again tomorrow. I could force myself to go in, but I'm still not feeling all the way better and I've got tons and tons of backlogged vacation/sick time and there is nothing urgent I need to do tomorrow, so I figured might as well.

3. Molly spilled a glass of water on my desk, but nothing was damaged, thankfully. There were two iphones and an ipad on said desk, but they only got a splashed a little, and my keyboard tray was pushed under the desk enough that the water didn't get in the keys. I had to throw away a pad of scratch paper, but it could have been so much worse.

4. Rather than dragging my heels for ages, I actually sat down and scanned the next chapter of Gunjo all in one sitting (it's only 30-some pages, so not like the last chapter!), so I'm hopeful that we'll be able to post it this month.

5. I had a nice nap this afternoon, which is probably why it's 2:30am and I'm not really tired. When I woke up, I found the kittens were napping with me (Chloe on the bed by my feet and Molly curled up on some pants on the floor by the bed). Such sweeties!

Are we in an alternate timeline?

Sep. 3rd, 2015 06:26 pm
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This. This is an article in the Telegraph, a.k.a. the Torygraph because of its default right-wing-ness:

7 things you can do to help refugees like Aylan Kurdi

And god help us, that it took a photograph of a drowned toddler on a beach, but ... for a moment, it feels like change is happening. Suddenly we're talking about refugees again, instead of "asylum-seekers".

The Grauniad's report on what people are doing and what you can help with, with lots of links (and I suspect better info than the Telegraph's, but that may be my biases speaking):


[twitter.com profile] Patrick_Ness's Save The Children fundraiser -- he and various other YA authors are matching funds, and have sent it through the roof (Save the Children supports refugees worldwide, and has a current appeal for the Syrian refugee crisis)

The petition on the official UK government site -- the fact that it has over 200,000 signatures means it has to be considered for debate: Accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK

38 Degrees -- e-mail your MP: http://speakout.38degrees.org.uk/campaigns/248

If you can volunteer to help refugees re-settle in your area, Avaaz/Citizens UK: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/uk_refugees_volunteers_faq/ (Guardian report here)

The usual fuckers are out on Twitter, going "If you're holding up a sign saying Refugees Welcome, don't forget to include your address, LOLZ" -- but some people who are in a position where they can are in fact doing so:


the wrong affect

Sep. 4th, 2015 01:41 am
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I got a phone message from my new doctor's office, telling me that neither my new doctor nor anyone else on their panel was accepting new patients, offering me the phone number for Associates in Family Medicine, and signing off with "I hope that helps!"

I called back to protest that my appointment had been scheduled eight months ago. Eventually got to talk to a person, who agreed that my appointment existed and I should not have gotten that phone call.

I don't know what I'd have done otherwise; the reason that I agreed to wait eight months for an intake visit was that I won't go to Associates in Family Medicine, who still employ Dr Steven B. Tippin (*spit*).

I was just thinking about Dr Tippin (*spit*) the other day, when someone posted about the problem of having to present the correct affect in order to get medical care instead of being brushed off as a hysterical woman. Women, of course, are always untrustworthy; pregnant (or menstruating, or premenstrual, or menopausal) women doubly so; and then there's Hysterical Hispanic Syndrome, which is endemic here in Colorado. So of course when I noticed, near the end of my first pregnancy, that the baby's movements were decreasing, I made sure to stay calm and serious as I described it to Dr Tippin (*spit*). He appeared to take me seriously. He asked if there had been a sudden drop-off. I said no, it was very gradual[*], but clearly decreasing from one week to the next. He listened to the baby's heartbeat for 15 seconds, multiplied that by 4, and told me everything was fine.

My mom, who was an ER nurse, said that the doctor must have dismissed my concerns because I seemed like a hysterical pregnant woman. I said no, I had been very careful not to. My mom didn't miss a beat: she said the doctor must have dismissed my concerns because I didn't seem concerned enough.

At the next visit I evinced more distress. I reminded him that I had brought up this concern last time. I said that the baby's movements had continued to dwindle, gradually but persistently, in strength and frequency. He listened to the baby's heartbeat for 15 seconds, multiplied that number by 4, and told me everything was fine.

At the next visit, Dr Tippin (*spit*) yelled at me for not knowing that the baby had stopped moving forever.

That's Dr Steven B. Tippin (*spit*), still practicing with Associates in Family Medicine in Fort Collins, CO.

I do realize that Dr Tippin (*spit*) was yelling at me to drown out whatever small noise his stunted shriveled conscience was still capable of making, but you know that moment in Prince Caspian when Susan has to acknowledge that she saw Aslan, she knew they were going in the wrong direction, she didn't fight for what she knew because... she doesn't even know anymore, but something feeble? That's me.

[*]If you are ever pregnant and worried about whether the baby's movements are decreasing, do kick counts. http://www.countthekicks.org/faq/
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So I have this iPod speaker dock that I honestly forgot I had and which has become pretty irrelevant in my current set-up. It is perfectly functional, just not something I ever use. It's the old style iPod connector, not the lightning--the 30-pin (so apparently up to like 4th generation iPhone, and I had a 5th generation iPod nano that used that connection?). It is rechargable--it comes with a power cord, but after you charge it up you can unplug it and take it wherever. It also has a little bitty remote control. It's Logitech, and I believe it was in the range of $100-150 when it was new.

If anyone wants it, I'll part with it for $25+shipping (to be calculated from your zip code and the weight of the thing boxed, approx 3.5lb). iPod not included.

Space Dorks

Sep. 4th, 2015 03:07 am
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Tumblr xpost.
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Posted in full at: http://ift.tt/1JRr8ov at September 03, 2015 at 03:33PM
“We’re going riding in my pink Cadillac.”

[Randomized screenshot series: 33/?]

Tags:stargate atlantis, teyla emmagan, 05x08: the queen, mischief gave me this harddrive full of screencaps and now i'm picking random ones and giving them captions, ptdw
Tumblr xpost.
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I made a podfic this week and realized I had two other shorter podfics from the last year that I hadn't posted here. Here they are!

Title: Her Masterpiece Is the Mess Inside You (text, download, and streaming links at the AO3)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] teprometo
Fandom: Merlin
Rating: NC-17
Ships: Gwen/Morgana (noncon, Gwen/Arthur
Size: 5.2 MB, 5:37 minutes
Summary: "There's an ugliness in Arthur."
Notes: Mind control/noncon, see AO3 tags for more content notes. This was a gift at an anonymous fest so I didn't put my name on the recording. It's locked to AO3 users because I feel kind of weird about that but, uh, can't seem to be bothered to fix the recording.

Title: The Mechanic (text, download, and streaming links at the AO3)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] i_claudia
Fandom: Merlin
Rating: NC-17
Ships: Gwen/Everyone
Size: 5.2 MB, 5:36 minutes
Summary: The grease gets under Gwen's fingernails and works its way so deep into her skin that even a dedicated scrub can’t clean her up completely.
Notes: I made this as part of the Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology V, February 2015!

Here's the new one!
Title: Someone Special (text, download, and streaming links at the AO3)
[livejournal.com profile] teprometo
Fandom: Merlin
Rating: NC-17
Ship: Arthur/Merlin
Size: 13/19 MB, 25:45 minutes
Summary: Merlin’s best mate’s older brother is really hot. It’s sort of a problem.
Notes: Underage/age difference and some other issues, see AO3 listing for details.
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So this happened.

Here's a screen shot:

You can type any email address in there, including ones not your own. Stratford doesn't track IPs so there's no way to tell whom the comments are actually from. I did raise my concerns with a representative and this was the reply I got:

As I mentioned below, we are unable to doing anything further.  
None of our systems were accessed to get your email. Someone went to our Contact Us page and sent us an email, using your email address.  Because your email address is public on your website it is available for anyone to access, so someone made a typo, or perhaps took it from there and used it.
I trust this clarifies.

The suggestion that that a typo was involved is a very bold and courageous hypothesis.

The Festival's comment page is here, if you have suggestions on how they might address this issue. Remember to use your real name and not, say, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein or William Shakespeare (unless of course you're actually named Mark Twain, Albert Einstein or William Shakespeare).

Home, and, um, wheee!

Sep. 3rd, 2015 05:09 pm
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So yesterday brought my Athenian odyssey to a close. My body was ready for it, I've pushed it rather further than it was really happy with, but there's always that element of reluctance to end a holiday (particularly when flying from mid-30s to 16C).

I checked out of the hotel about 10:30, waddled down to the Megaro Moussikis metro with bags on the chair (given a couple of kerb-cut-less corners), bought my 8 euro ticket to the airport and then had a 20-odd minute wait for a train going that far. I initially didn't think there was a wheelchair space (I'd worked out they were the first and last carriages, but not all trains had them marked, and the airport service was one of them), but then realised I was sitting next to it, it just  happened to have had most of the wheelchair symbol scuffed away. I'm not sure the three tourists standing in it realised what they were doing, but it would have been a faff to access, so I just stayed where I was.

I got to the airport just gone noon, unfortunately my flight wasn't til four, so I had time to waste, in fact Ryanair sent me away again the first time I tried to check my bag, but eventually I got myself checked in and again I was allowed to keep my own chair as far as the gate. Assistance turned up as scheduled and I got my first experience of boarding via an aisle chair - not a fan! (Mostly I was using assistance to avoid being trampled in the rush to board, technically I guess I could have walked aboard, but without sticks or crutches it was easier to take the ride, and no need to explain myself).

Straightforward flight back to the UK, the pilot kept putting the seatbelt sign on every half-hour but we never actually had any turbulence. Then assistance off at Stansted, which was interesting. I could have taken over once they got me off the ambulift, but with no idea where to go I let the guy pushing take charge, and he only had one speed, flat out. I'd assumed with the flight due to land about 6PM I'd be lucky to be on the Stansted Express before 7:15 at the earliest, he got me on the 6:15... (okay the flight landed half an hour early, but I was still last one off the aircraft). One slight complication when we managed to trap part of the ramp onto the train between wheel and pushrim, but fortunately it came free when I had him reverse. Then Stansted to Tottenham Hale to Stratford to Stratford International to Chatham, separate trains for each leg, longest gap between legs about 7 minutes, arranging assistance on the fly, and not a hitch - they only seem to screw things up if you give them time to! A last taxi-ride up the hill and that moment of relief when you realise the house is still standing.... (What? Doesn't everyone assume it'll have burnt down/blown up/blown away in their absense?)

And the wheee!? I checked my email before heading down for breakfast at the hotel, not assuming there would be anything there, and there was an email I wasn't expecting until later, and it wasn't the 'sorry, but' I'd conditioned myself to expect. It seems I'm through to the second round of Pitchwars, with author KT Hanna and editor Jami Nord helping me beat Graveyard Shift into better shape for attracting an agent's attention over the next couple of months (1500+ entries, 125 'mentees' going through, I ended up with two mentors as KT had two pitches she couldn't decide between, mine and another, so got a wild-card space for me with Jami co-mentoring, I've yet to hear their thoughts on what needs changing, though KT noted in one of the emails she loves the voice, but thinks it's too wordy in places).

Done list

Sep. 3rd, 2015 02:57 pm
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* watered garden in the morning; ate a cherry tomato. There are already another few dozen ripe ones. omg.
* bought tickets to Philly a bit last-minute to see Sam for longer this weekend. <3 Our plans include watching both sad gay movies and happy gay movies and cooking together a lot.
* cold shower when I got home because the weather is awful right now and my bike commute wasn't helping
* returned Sam's library book; picked up Calling Dr. Laura
* Julia texted me about needing some company, so I brought spring roll ingredients and we cooked together;
* and then she sent emails and I searched for therps!
* and we both volunteered to build bicycles for second grade gym classes. (sadly it looks like the times are all during the weekday... I might take a day off work for that, tbh?)
* I did a second day in a row of 750 words, and used it to come up with some ideas for Legend of Korra RP characters. And then I responded to Jamie's fb message.

I use 750words intermittently; I was thinking I might try it regularly for this month (and maybe try to use it for more fictional pursuits, like furthering that Withnail & I/Doctor Who unfinished NaNo), but I've also noticed a weird correlation that when I do write 3 days in a row of 750words, I have a minor anxiety meltdown on the third or fourth day. I don't know which side is causation, but I could believe that thinking too much about stuff makes me feel better in the moment but isn't actually good for me.

* heard back from one person I emailed; wrote back to her with times. woooooot.
* been pretty productive! I think I might finally be climbing out of my anxiety pit!!
* Left work at 5:15; gooooo meeeeeeee
* Yoga at 5:30? it would be super nice to. Got there just in time for the last spot---and they wouldn't let me in because I hadn't replaced my ID yet. Gah. I got a new ID though, so maybe next week.

Today to-do:
* tonight is SAS night. DONE! (turned down Jamie's RP invite and Julia's blues dance invite, oh well.)


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