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"What thing, Gee? You never said."

"Oh." Gerard breathed out dumbly, and then decided it was probably better to demonstrate, anyway. He slid to his knees and reached for Frank's belt, cold under his fingers. "Okay?" He looked up once he'd tugged it open.

He thought Frank's mouth was open the tiniest bit, but it was hard to tell. His mouth was dark and maybe a little bigger than Gerard thought it should have been. But Gerard could tell when Frank's teeth bit his lower lip and he gave him a shaky nod of consent to blowjob.

Awesome. Gerard was glad, really, really glad that it was okay to suck Frank off, because he had maybe thought about it so many times, he'd lost count of all the fantasies. Now it wasn't fantasy, but his fingers working Frank's pants open, then skimming them down to Frank's knees. Frank's fingers fumbled alongside his and together they got his briefs down as well, and then Frank's half-hard cock was right in front of Gerard's face, all 'Hi, I look delicious! Please suck me off immediately!'

- [livejournal.com profile] mrsronweasley's Party Games (Eureka!)

Happy birthday sperrywink!

Oct. 24th, 2016 10:03 pm
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I don't know when you'll see this but I hope you're having a great day and that the traveling isn't too exhausting.

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Title: Koi-iji: Love Glutton
Original Title: こいいじ (Koiiji)
Author: Shimura Takako
Publisher: Kiss
Genre: Josei
Status in Japan: 4 volumes, ongoing
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations feat. Migeru
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: 31-year-old Mame has been in love with her childhood friend Souta ever since she can remember. Despite multiple rejections, her love has stayed constant. It's become a habit more than anything, but is it one she'll ever be able to break and get on with her life?

Chapter Summary: A second date with Kawada-san.

Chapter 10: Before Sunrise

And this brings us to the end of another volume, so here's a full volume download for those who want it.

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Oct. 24th, 2016 06:12 pm
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(hello folk who normally see me on IRC, the Internet connection I'm using til Friday doesn't like ssh and I can't face using WebIRC or whatever, so if you want me then e-mail/grab me on Telegram/send me a message/etc <3)

2016 Reading List

Oct. 24th, 2016 01:06 pm
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Update from April, since I passed the 50 mark last week. (Woo!)

& author is a woman
+ author isn't white
% author is L, G, B, or T

January: (2)

  • Shadowshaper (+) -- *****, makes 99% of other "urban fantasy" look like the boring mayonnaise bullshit it is

  • Black Iris (%) -- **, turns out that people being transcendently terrible to each other is not that fun to read about?

February: (3)

  • Tales of the City (%) -- ****, so short and satisfying

  • Tessa Masterson Will Go To Prom (&) -- **, STRAIGHT PEOPLE MUST BE STOPPED.

  • His Majesty's Dragon (&) -- ****, I forgot how good these were

March: (5)

  • Nimona (& %) -- *****, literally the best

  • Two Boys Kissing (%) -- ****.5, made me cry like the enormous gay baby I am

  • Doctor Who: The Ancestor Cell () -- **.5, SO. FUCKING. SEXIST.

  • The Tomato Thief (&) -- *****, A+++ would go on a journey with kickass old women and weird fucked up gods in the mythical desert again

  • Smut Peddler (+ & %) -- ***.5, the five-star ones are really five-star, the rest are uneven

April: (2)

  • Midnight Riot () -- ****, gorier than I like but not bad

  • Elvenbane and Elvenblood (&) -- **, mostly for nostalgia

May: (10; 4 short)

  • Lumberjanes v. 1 (& %) -- ***** for what it is (a little young for me). I just did google searches on the author list, and all four have the same gay haircut.

  • A Queer And Pleasant Danger (& %) -- ****, finally finished! Manic in the best way.

  • Statistical Decision Theory and Bayesian Analysis () -- selections for a class, I'm counting this, sorry not sorry

  • A Safe Girl To Love (& %) -- *****, win

  • Fire Above, Fire Below -- **, boring fantasy nonsense

  • For Want of a Nail (&) -- **** AI lesbian romance in spaaaaaace

  • A Study In Emerald () -- ****, very short. Do like.

  • The Shape of My Name (%) -- ****, trans time travel

  • Brown Girl In The Ring (+ & %) -- *****, dystopian fantasy, maybe? I like the optimistic stuff, and this surprisingly is.

  • Welcome To Night Vale (%) -- ***, sometimes underwhelming---like the show.

June: (4)

  • Whatever.ODT (%) -- ***, so-so trans memoir

  • In Salt-Sea Tears (& %) -- ****

  • Julio's Day (+ %) -- ****

  • Giovanni's Room (+ %) -- ****, what I call "lit-lit": unlikable, self-destructive characters.

July: (2; 1 short)

  • Ancillary Sword (&) -- *****, these books are killer

  • Combustion Hour (+ %) -- ***, if you read this right after mainlining Ancillary Sword, it will be Ancillary-verse fanfic.

August: (7; 2 short)

  • Magic's Promise (&) -- **, oh goodness, bb me.

  • Saga v. 6 (&) -- *****, the grandma is my absolute favorite sometimes, this time is no exception.

  • The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species (+ %) -- ****, I was hoping this was going to be about alien gambling practices.

  • Homecoming (% &) -- ***

  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (&) -- ***, fine, slashy

  • The Internet is My Religion -- ***, very fast read, but the audience is properly class-privileged straight white men (aka, most of the tech industry)

  • Magic's Price (&) -- *, yikes.

September: (9; 4 short)

  • Not My Father's Son (%) -- ***, I almost literally read it on the beach

  • Rat Bohemia (% &) -- ****, helped me understand the deep despair of the height of AIDS, and how apocalyptic it felt (was) at the time

  • Three Points Masculine (+ %) -- ***, even trans authors can have unsuccessful metaphors for gender policing (or am I just mad that I thought both characters were GNC trans women and they're actually both dudes?)

  • Each to Each (% &) -- **, another underwhelming Seanan McGuire short.

  • Ancillary Mercy (&) -- *****, GR9

  • Lumberjanes v. 3 (% & +) -- ****, I like the bear woman

  • Love is the Plan, the Plan is Death (&) -- ***, gross, don't read when carsick

  • The Other Side (& % +) -- *****, the good ones are really good!

  • Stonebreaker 1 () -- ****

October: (7)

  • Yes, Roya (& % +) -- ****

  • Lirael () -- ****, reread but I'm counting it because it wasn't on my goodreads before

  • Oath (& % +) -- **, the bad ones are really bad

  • Paper Girls v. 1 (+) -- ****, this is Stranger Things if Stranger Things had mostly female characters and wasn't so fucking hetero all the time.

  • Goldenhand () -- ***, he's an average writer with good ideas

  • The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal Omnibus (&) -- *****, some incredible comics work

  • The Just City (&) -- ****, if fanfic of all the historical lesbians hanging out in Atlantis doesn't exist already, I'm gonna be really disappointed in the internet.

Count: 51 (11 short)

Books by (at least one) person of color: 13 (25%) -- +10% since April; can do much better though.
Books by (at least one) woman: 28 (55%)
Books by only straight white men: 9 (18%)

(Reminder that I'm on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/640561-levi)
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Posted by Jay Livingston, PhD

Originally posted at Montclair SocioBlog.

Most people agree that when this election is over, Trump will have changed American politics. Bigly, perhaps. But one of the more ironic changes may be that he caused the most conservative sectors of the electorate to relax their views on the connection between a politician’s private life and his fitness for public office. (Yes, “his.” Their ideas about the importance of a woman’s private sexual life may not have evolved in a similar way.)

Call it “motivated morality.” That sounds much better than hypocrisy. It’s like “motivated perception” – unconsciously adjusting your perceptions so that the facts fit with your ideology. But with motivated morality, you change your moral judgments.

For religious conservatives, Donald Trump presents quite a challenge. It’s the sex. One of the things that conservatives are conservative about is sex, and Trump’s sexual language and behavior clearly fall on the side of sin. What to do? Conservatives might try for motivated cognition and refuse to believe the women who were the recipients of Trumps kissing, groping, and voyeurism. That’s difficult when Trump himself is on the record claiming to have done all these things, and making those claims using decidedly unChristian language.

Instead, they have changed their judgment about the link between groping and governing. Previously, they had espoused “moral clarity” – a single principle applied unbendingly to all situations. Good is good, evil is evil. If a man is immoral in his private life, he will be immoral or worse as a public official.

Now they favor “situational morality,” the situation in this case being the prospect of a Clinton victory. So rather than condemn Trump absolutely, they say that, although he is out of line, they will vote for him and encourage others to do likewise in order to keep Hillary out of the White House. For example, in a USA Today op-ed, Diann Catlin, a “Bible-thumping etiquette teacher” says:

I like God’s ways. … I also know that he wants discerning believers to take part in government. … God has always used imperfect people for his glory.

God uses people like Trump and like me who are sinners but whose specific issues, such as the life of the unborn child, align with his word.

She includes the “we’re all sinners” trope that’s so popular now among the Trump’s Christian supporters (funny how they never mention that when the topic is Bill Clinton’s infidelities or Hillary’s e-mails). More important is the implication that even a sinner can make good governmental decisions. That’s an idea that US conservatives used to dismiss as European amorality. In government, they would insist, “character” is everything.

It’s not just professional conservatives who have crossed over to the view that sex and politics are separate spheres and that a person can be sinful in one and yet virtuous in the other. Ordinary conservatives and Evangelicals have also (to use the word of the hour) pivoted.

Five years ago, the Public Religion Research Institute at Brookings asked people whether someone who had committed immoral acts in their private life could still be effective in their political or professional life. Nationwide, 44% said Yes. PRRI asked the same question this year. The Yes vote had risen to 61%. But the move to compartmentalize sin was most pronounced among those who were most conservative.


The unchurched or “unaffiliated” didn’t change much in five years. But White Catholics and mainline Protestants both became more tolerant of private immorality. And among the most religiously conservative, the White evangelical Protestants, that percentage more than doubled. They went from being the least accepting to being the most accepting.

As with religion, so with political views.

People of all political stripes became more accepting, but when it came to judging a privately immoral person in public life, Republicans, like White evangelicals, went from least tolerant to most tolerant.

What could have happened?

Flickr photo by Darron Birgenheier.
Flickr photo by Darron Birgenheier.

There’s no absolute proof that it was the Donald that made the difference. But those White evangelicals support him over Hillary by better than four to one. Those who identify as Republicans favor Trump by an even greater margin. There may be some other explanation, but for now, I’ll settle for the idea that in order to vote for Trump, they had to keep their judgment of him as a politician separate from their judgment of his sexual behavior – a separation they would not have made five years ago.

Jay Livingston is the chair of the Sociology Department at Montclair State University. You can follow him at Montclair SocioBlog or on Twitter.

(View original at https://thesocietypages.org/socimages)

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Posted by sarcozona

Anna Eidt wrote recently about the “migraine personality,” an old and sexist idea that still influences how migraines are perceived and treated. It’s a succinct discussion and debunking of the idea.

The “migraine personality” was coined in the early 20th century not long after Victorian doctors thought migraine to be a purely psychosomatic phenomenon. Headache researcher Harold G. Wolff believed that people with migraine fell into a certain category of high-strung, perfectionist, anxious worriers and the like.(1) Without much scientific understanding of migraine aside from the dilation of blood vessels, these personality traits became generally understood as the underlying cause of migraine (especially as they were applied to sexually repressed housewives) and the “migraine personality” gained mainstream popularity by mid century.(2) For perspective, keep in mind this was time in the history of neurology when lobotomies were still performed by the thousands in the United States… (i.e. neurologists had a seriously long way to go in understanding how the elusive human brain works).

I also highly recommend Joanna Kempner’s Not Tonight: Migraine and the Politics of Gender and Health, which goes into this idea, its history, and its effects in much more depth.

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Daily Happiness

Oct. 24th, 2016 01:49 am
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1. I hired two new stockers today, which if they work out will bring us up to having a full crew again, so I really hope they work out, because I'm so tired of how many changes in employees we've had lately.

2. It rained a couple times today! And there's a chance of rain for the next few days, too.

3. There was a curry demo at work today and all day I was smelling it and it smelled so good, so I made curry when I got home tonight and it was delicious and now we have tons of leftovers. :D

4. Chloe just loves playing with this pen!

Kelly Sue DeConnick playlist

Oct. 23rd, 2016 11:20 pm
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[personal profile] metatxt posting in [community profile] wiscon_vidparty
In case you haven't heard: Kelly Sue DeConnick will be a Guest of Honor at next year's WisCon!

This also means we have a Guest of Honor whose work is primarily a visual text and that means many opportunities to vid. In fact, [personal profile] garrideb submitted a Pretty Deadly vid to our Premieres show just the Vid Party before last.

To celebrate Kelly Sue DeConnick, we would very much like to have a playlist of vids focused exclusively on her work. This playlist would include previously screened vids, new non-premiering vids, and premieres.

While WisCon 41 is many, many months away, I bring this to your attention because two fandoms nominated at Festivids this year are Kelly Sue DeConnick fandoms: Bitch Planet and Captain Marvel (vol 7+8).

If you signed up for Festivids, but you have not yet offered to make a vid for Bitch Planet or Captain Marvel, please consider including these two fandoms? :D

If you have not signed up for Festivids, it is a fantastically supportive community to make a vid and you should try it!

Even if you choose not sign-up...you can always make a treat for Festivids!

And it goes without saying, you could always make a PREMIERE for the super-special Kelly Sue DeConnick playlist.


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