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The September Issue of Service, Support and Success, the newsletter for direct support professionals published by Vita and Hands: The Family Health Network. This month's issue is about supporting people with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. If you'd like a copy, or a free subscription, please email dhingsburger@vitacls.org and indicate if you'd like the single issue or a subscription.

Daily Happiness

Sep. 1st, 2014 11:00 pm
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1. Did a couple things I've been meaning to do and keep forgetting/putting off: order new jeans and set up and eye doctor appointment.

2. I'm still feeling completely overwhelmed at work with all the crap that needs to be done since the remodelling, but the storage area is definitely getting cleaned out little by little. And the big deliveries that usually come tomorrow won't come until Wednesday because of today being a holiday, so maybe I can catch up a little more tomorrow.

3. Speaking of today being a holiday, I did work today, so that means at some point I can take a day off in exchange for pay. Just have to find a time when I'm not super busy... (Ha!)

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Sep. 2nd, 2014 06:06 am
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dreams are so weird, transported instantly from shopping for tiny articulated dragon keyrings in a candy-coloured imaginary Belgium and then waking up in bed. I swear I landed with a thump, too.

Good things

Sep. 2nd, 2014 01:59 am
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Several people are embarking on a "post every day for thirty days!" challenge. I'm not going to officially declare that I'm doing that, between my follow-through record and the fact that Casual Job starts back up before the month is over. But for the record, since I haven't slept yet, I'm counting this as a September 1 post despite the time stamp.

Here, some random good things!

--I just finished a draft of a Newsflesh fic that I choose to blame [personal profile] jinian for (^_-), and got it sent off to [personal profile] wildpear for a beta pass. It's smut, and it amuses me tremendously, so I hope it'll amuse other people too. (The working "title" is "in which Shaun gets himself kicked out of bed". *g*)

--Between now and Casual Job resuming, on top of my usual freelance work (presumably--I don't currently have a work schedule from one of my manga editors), I'm going to be proofreading a short novel for Sparkler Monthly. Prose proofreading! I'm looking forward to it. ^_^

--[personal profile] scruloose and I had a short but fun visit with [personal profile] seangaffney, who'd never been to Nova Scotia before. During his few days here we fed him garlic fingers and took him to have SUPER TASTY FISH, and also introduced him to [personal profile] wildpear & family, [personal profile] seolh, and a couple other local friends. ^_^ I wouldn't say he wound up seeing a ton of the city, but [personal profile] seolh and I took him on a wander around downtown (including a stop for cupcakes and a meander through the Public Gardens*) and [personal profile] scruloose took him to the Saturday morning market while I stayed home and did some work.

I also showed him a semi-random episode of Warehouse 13--semi-random because I showed him a couple of clips (including the very beginning of part 1 of the Monsters and Men webisodes series) to show how good W13 was at product placement, and then he promptly went online and spoiled himself thoroughly for the entire series (in case there was any doubt at all that we have very different approaches to consuming media). So I showed him 3x02 ("Trials") so he could see the kittens' namesakes in action together for the first time. Hail The Claudia Donovan & Steve Jinks Show!

Coincidentally, Toronto friends [twitter.com profile] jondoda and [twitter.com profile] notnish were in town over almost exactly the same dates, so they came over to meet the kittens. Between them and [personal profile] seangaffney, that afternoon was almost like a mini con. A mini con with kittens, a bit of catching up, and peach crisp. Yes.

*Look, here's a picture of him with a helpful sign at the Gardens! (The sign says "Donation Boxes Not in Service. Waiting for New Locks." ^^;)

...and I think there were a couple of other things I was going to list, but it's 2 AM, so keeling over in bed seems in order.

Me at the FASS weekend

Sep. 2nd, 2014 12:44 am

One Glitch

Sep. 1st, 2014 09:21 pm
elf: Silhoette of autumn scene; one glitch sitting on a park bench, another leaping in the air (Glitch - Autumn Day)
[personal profile] elf posting in [community profile] glitches_of_ur
Forwarded message:
There should be one Glitch – one place that all glitchen come to in order to remember the place of the giants and to keep in touch with one another. Right now there are several sites of several types where this happens in different ways. The glitchen are dispersed. They miss what is going on in other places. Many sites do not have enough traffic to be lively and up-to-date. The glitchen drift away.

There should be one Glitch – but what form should it take? I think Slack is the answer. Details, explanation, and invite info inside. )


Sep. 2nd, 2014 12:19 am
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"Books people recommended to me that I am still bitter about having read" could be a whole series.
james_davis_nicoll: (Default)
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September is still the beginning of the year to me.

Only 4 More Months To Vacation!*

Sep. 1st, 2014 08:51 pm
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Thank all that's holy, this weekend is finally over. The 5k went fine Saturday morning - the last mile was run/walk, probably mostly because of the heat and allergies and exciting addition of exhaust fumes to my usual breathing challenges - and I technically took 3rd in my age group, but there were a lot of age groups, so it's not really that exciting. Saturday night involved way too much alcohol and way too little food planning and the expected misery, Sunday my hip was pissed off at me, probably because my whole body was and that was how it was manifesting or possibly it was that hole I stepped in mid-course during the 5k. Plus the allergy pill I couldn't take the night before wasn't helping anything. Sunday evening involved a fall on that same aforementioned hip and subsequent dragging by one arm for about 5 feet along some grass, so yeah. Today the alarm went off early again, this time for the annual Labor Day consignment auction, which I will make a separate post about as I even took pictures this year. Suffice to say it involves 5 auctioneers going simultaneously to auction off 2800+ lots in about 7 1/2 hours. Which does mean 7 1/2 hours almost entirely on my feet in the sunshine, yes. Then at least some of the things needed to be loaded up.

I'm now sunburned, exhausted, sticky, headachey, and sore all over. My hip stiffens up whenever I sit down and aches when I walk on it while my shoulder started to notice late in the afternoon how it was wrenched last night and has since not only kept stiffening up but isn't operating at full strength.

Today or tomorrow is the last day of the data bandwidth billing cycle so I was very glad to sit the hell down, not have to be turning a steering wheel, and veg out over Tumblr for 30 pages. There was food (my food consumption was weird as hell today, but probably involved enough calories at least), but I'm still sunburned, exhausted, sticky, headachey, and sore all over. I desperately need a shower or bath, but either sounds like soooo much effort. I really want to plan on just taking tomorrow off to clear out what feels like way too many open tabs piling up in my browser and the 50 million AO3 fic notices piling up in my email, but at the very least I have to can tomato sauce and beans. And I probably really need to pick beans, too, and maybe more tomatoes. And there's the hamburger in the fridge that needs cooking, theoretically into shepherd's pie, which will mean making mashed potatoes. And, oh right, I have to go get my allergy shot and a hair appointment in the afternoon.

Someone shoot me and put me out of my misery? Wait, I have to update these sales spreadsheets first.

* Harvest runs into/gives way to eBay busy season, which runs through Christmas. I'm really trying to avoid heart palpitations by November this year, but I don't have the greatest track record. Beans will hopefully be done this week and there's a wedding coming up this weekend, but after that I should have a breather. For given values of breather that include the qualification "Autumn Variation".

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Sep. 1st, 2014 08:40 pm
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I have Ancillary Justice feels!

(Meaghan: read, like, half of it, and if you still can't get into it, then, you should probably read the whole thing just to be sure?)

When I started it it seemed so dense and chewy, a book I could admire intellectually more than I could get into it emotionally, which is because I read so much YA and all the feelings are right on the surface, but then after a certain point I went "Wow, it is really smart what she did there with the parallelism of the two situations, and also, FEELINGS." Because, for such an intellectual book -- and a book that's really about colonialism and empire and identity and free will -- it also manages to mash a couple of my id-vortexy buttons right near the end.

I want to read the whole thing again because I'll understand it better the second time around but maybe I'll wait until Ancillary Sword? (Which is coming out in October? Which I only just learned about? And which I'm pretty excited for right now?)

I am also thinking about it as a response to The Left Hand of Darkness -- not just in terms of what it does with gender and pronouns, which I didn't really find to be the most interesting or radical aspect of the book -- but in terms of being a survival quest of two people thrown together who don't (initially, at first) care about each other that much, and come to see each other in different lights...


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