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I noticed that the default status for DW is to disallow anonymous comments. I recently changed mine to allow them. I feel a little silly because basically I've been making it impossible for people to comment on my fic unless they are DW users.

I suppose this is a good time to say I really appreciate all the comments that I get! I don't deserve them. Sometimes I forget to respond but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate comments!


I missed the internet SO MUCH you guys. I love my dwircle like woah. And yes I just got a paid account, so likely SILLY POLLS will be appearing soon. Be afraid.

ALSO! I went through and checked the box that said "This journal should be viewed with discretion." Because really, shouldn't everything be viewed with discretion? But now I have a little "NSFW" red box that appears on my entries. :( I think I might uncheck that.


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