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Jun. 26th, 2017 08:35 pm
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Jesse and I went to go see "My Neighbor Totoro" at the theater. We get there and it's very nearly sold out; we get the last two tickets that someone was refunding. Neither of us are quite trained into the new system where you are supposed to always buy your tickets ahead of time, having lived our whole lives as spontaneous movie-goers.

I get some snacks and we settle into our seats. The movie starts, the cute song and the little girl walking. Soon we realize, we are seeing the Japanese version with no subtitles. Someone alerts the staff and the movie plays on. I'm happy to watch it this way-- the story is very simple and to me, not understanding the words only plays into the dream-like quality of Miyazaki movies. But not long into it, the movie pauses and the manager comes in, to apologize. He says that they got the wrong version, and they will be playing the English dubbed version. Some people in the audience object. My friend a row below us calls out for people to clap if they want the dubbed version vs. if they want the Japanese version. It's about evenly split.

Well, they must have decided to do the dubbed version because they stopped the film. We decided to leave and get our refund.

Anyways, that is our Totoro story!

Night Vale

Mar. 23rd, 2014 11:41 pm
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I had a great time yesterday going to see Welcome to Night Vale in Chicago with a bunch of friends, old and new.

Seeing the show in a full theater was like nerd church-- a huge crowd of *our* people, feeling similar things along with us, all rapt attention. Well, that's what I imagine church might be like for people who are religious. Cecil had us shrieking, laughing, and gasping on cue, and also reflecting on life, death, and other mysterious subjects. Dylan Marron (Carlos) is the cutest person ever.

Today has been a total exhaustion and rest day for me. I slept most of the day.
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Yesterday when I came home, I saw some people I didn't know in the front yard, and one person sitting on the stoop in front of my apartment. This is a little odd but not totally out of the ordinary, and when I looked a little closer, it looked like one of the management people was showing an empty apartment in our building. It was an unusually nice day so they seemed to be lingering in the lawn and on the stoop. I took the dog out for a walk, and when I came home I noticed some garbage out on the stoop and went to clear it. There was an apple juice bottle and a pocket book on my window sill; I assumed these had both been left absent-mindedly by the people seeing the apartment.

I called the phone number I found in the wallet and left a message. When the woman called me back, she said that her wallet had been stolen from the Walgreens store down the street! I went over and returned it to her; the money and debit card were missing but at least she got her driver's license and a few other items back. She had already cancelled her card and filed a police report. She also lives in the neighborhood.

I call my managers, left a message, and talked to them this morning. The woman who showed the apartment was "Yeah, I'll keep that in mind if they send in an application, huh", and she's going to talk to her boss about it. Clearly she knows who the people are since she has their contact information and spoke to them.

Not that I would ever steal someone's wallet, but even I know that if you do that shit, you're supposed to drop it in the trash! Good luck renting an apartment now.
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I went to the park fairly early this AM. I don't know why I got up so early!

When I walked in, a man warned me and some other folks, "Don't go into that corner," (gesturing), "there are some abandoned dogs and a Pitt Bull attacking other dogs...." he rambled a bit and I couldn't understand entirely what he was getting at or why I should avoid the corner. Another lady almost got in a fight with him, accusing him of Pitt Bull prejudice (lolz). He said Animal Control had already been called.

Anyways, I am the sort of person who will go directly to the corner I'm advised to avoid by a slightly incoherent stranger, because I am curious and concerned. Indeed there were two dogs there: a small, white, shy dog that was perhaps a Terrier of some kind, and a very large un-neutered male brindle Pit Bill, limping a bit, who was super sweet and friendly. Attacking other dogs? Huh. He limped up to me for an ear scratch, then returned to the gate to whine pitifully. It broke my heart.

I just could NOT leave those dogs there alone. Other people went by and said "That's a shame," then walked on, when I told them. But I waited for twenty minutes or so with them. One other woman stopped to make sure they were OK. Me and Sorcha greeted the van with the woman from animal control, watched her catch the dogs, and I helped lift the big Pitt Bull into his crate.

They have gone to the Humane Society. I hope they either return home or find nice new homes! They were sweet.


Jan. 11th, 2013 10:29 am
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I've been working with Sorcha patiently and it seems like things have been getting better. I use a cheese lure (actually a trail of cheese) to get her out of her crate, then herd her out of my room. From there she jumps up onto the couch. At this point it's much easier to convince her to go outside. At other points when she whines, I'm a little firmer with her about telling her to lay down and go to sleep (in the middle of the night). If she doesn't want to eat I lead her to her bowl with the leash, then I sit by her and pet her until she eats.

Of course, just when things seem OK, we are presented with a new challenge! Today some restoration people came to work on the problem of water in the walls and floor. This is good news because it's been an ongoing issue in the apartment. They inspected things and laid down some neat looking mats with hoses attached to dry out the wood. Unfortunately they attached a shop vac to these hoses, and this vac is going to run ALL WEEKEND. Also we had to move the furniture out of the way.

Naturally I am not happy about this, but I can deal. My dog, however, is much more sensitive to noise and to change. We have to walk past this obstacle to leave the apartment. I am trying to think of places we can go to get away from it for a while. Obviously there is the park, and it's fairly nice out (39 degrees F, about 2 degrees C), but we can only stay there so long even so.
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First: my dog is A-OK!

On Saturday during WisCon I went home for the dinner hour and Tiptree Auction, thinking I'd have a little rest, walk the dog, have a light supper at home, and just take a relaxing break. Ahahahah, yeah right!

The main dog park by my house was closed for the Brat Fest, meaning the gates were open to let people park there. So I took Sorcha into the small dog park next to it, which has fence on 3 sides and a creek on the 4th side. We walked all the way down and started walking back, when she went down to the water. I thought she was sniffing it or taking a drink, but suddenly she jumped in and started leaping/swimming across the creek! I stood on the bike path yelling at her, but she kept going all the way across and up the other bank. I've only had her for five weeks: I had no idea her interests and talents included swimming in filthy creek water.

I yelled at a man standing there, "Can you catch her?" But he couldn't? I contemplated leaping into the shallow water after her, but instead I walked all the way down to the bridge and crossed the creek. By that time she was long gone. I texted my roommate who called back and said he'd come help me look for her. Crying, I asked every passing bicyclist and pedestrian if they had seen a dog. The first people had; everyone else said no.

I walked all the way down to Lake Monona when my phone rang; some bicylists had found her! My number is on her tag on her collar. The man stayed on the phone with me while I walked over to the railroad tracks where they were. Apparently she had been running in traffic on a busy thoroughfare while people honked at her! When I got her back on leash, she did not appear scared though-- just wet, dirty, stinky and bedraggled. I was so grateful I gave the good Samaritan a hug. My roommate met up with me and called Sorcha "the devil's mistress": "She is so calm and sweet, but secretly she is up to no good!".

When we got home I immediately made her get in the tub for a shower.

Then I took a shower myself, had a little snack and an outfit change, and it was time to go back into WisCon.

ETA: Google maps tells me that her route of running is a little over a half mile; the whole thing probably took less than 20 minutes (but felt longer).


Aug. 6th, 2011 11:23 am
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Me: Don't touch those, they're nettles.
Ogre_911: They're what?
Me: Nettles! They'll sting you!
Ogre_911: I've never heard of them before.
Me: Did you not go outside as a kid?
Ogre_911: Not really.

A few minutes later I am paid back for my teasing when I am stung twice by wasps after accidentally kicking a nest. Ugh, the pain is not diminishing. I think it will be an afternoon of movie watching.
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I had a good day. I got up and went to a work class early, which while I had been dreading, turned out to be really good. The teacher was entertaining and patient, and since I already use the software in question daily, it was good to learn new things about it.

After working a little bit more, I decided to head downtown for the rally/protest against Governor Walker's proposed budget bill. This is the first time I've been part of such a huge protest. Thousands of people converged on the state Capitol, many with signs, many chanting. I took some pictures and posted them to Facebook and Flickr. Firefighters, many union members, high school students and teachers, many UW students and staff were there protesting-- people of all ages. Very thrilling! The Capitol here is an open public building, and people packed inside to chant and sing. I hear that some are still there for a sleep-in! And there is talk of a sick-out tomorrow for local schools as teachers go to protest. I stayed for a little while, until I got tired of the crowd and ducked out a side door.

I met up with F. and walked back down State Street. We ran into at least five people that she knew. So far, I have to say, it is nice to walk around holding hands with a woman. I could have gone back to work but I was feeling tired and stressed out by work so I hung around in the student union for a little while, then rode the free bus back to the parking lot (effing buses though, they are overcrowded and make me feel sick). I ducked into the Pharmacy school to use the bathroom and look around a little-- I love exploring campus buildings. I like having days where I am not rushed all the time, where I can walk around and look at things, talk to people, take photos, sit and do a crossword, attend a protest, have time to think. Most days at work are not like this at all! They are rush, rush, rush, which is part of why I get stressed and anxious. I need to remember to slow my pace and take things easier.

When I got home I felt extremely tired and I napped really hard. I still feel kind of sick.


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