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Source Code. 2011, 93 min.

LOVED this and not sure why I hadn't seen it before. A science fiction thriller by the director of "Moon". Air Force pilot Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) wakes up on a communter train not knowing where he is or what is going on. A woman is talking to him and calling him "Sean". He goes to the restroom, looks in the mirror, and sees someone else's face. Some similar themes to "Moon" about how technology can be used to exploit people.

Okja. Netflix, 2017.

I didn't like this; it seemed like a message move whose message was garbled. It's a science fiction movie with poor world building and the script needed a few more edits. Okja is a "super pig" being raised by a teenage girl in the mountains of Korea. The project is run by a corporation trying to create and market new meat products that are supposedly beneficial for the environment. From the beginning it didn't make sense: why would a food animal take 10 years to mature? That would be way too expensive and is completely unrealistic. Do some research if you're going to write about meat production.


Apr. 29th, 2017 01:50 am
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I tried a couple of shows out and rejected them:

Hap and Leonard (on Netflix)
I wanted to like this because the guy who plays Omar on the Wire (Michael K. Williams) plays a gay Vietnam vet. But after a couple of episodes, I didn't like any of the characters. Williams' character, Leonard, was OK, but everyone else was mean and horrible.

Limitless (on Netflix)

A movie spin-off. Brian thinks of himself as a loser and a disappointment to his dad, even though his dad is supportive. He takes a drug called NZT, which temporarily turns him into a super-genious. I enjoyed the pilot because he used his genious for a bunch of things, like diagnosing his father's illness, solving a murder, playing music really well in a park, and talking to people about their problems (social intelligence!). But in the 2nd episode, it's clear that this is just another procedural about a white guy who is a rule-breaking genious for the FBI. He gets away with his rule-breaking because he produces results (and also b/c privilege). The science in the 2nd episode was also pretty bad: an engineered flu strain that was supposedly used for assasinations. Riiiiight. I stopped watching.

I settled on an addictive, violent, perhaps overly dramatic, gripping show on Hulu: BLACK SAILS. This has lots of queerness and is very pretty.
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I'm angry about episode 4.3. I wish this show would stick to its strong suit, and write about women, children, and childbirth, and stay away from "Very Special Episodes". This episode gave me a real life stomachache.

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I read the first two volumes of "Sex Criminals" by Fraction and Zdarksy. I was annoyed because it has a great concept but could have been so much better than it is.

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Just for the record, I hated "Ex Machina". It was a science fiction movie about straight male fantasies come to life and gone wrong. It was gross.

This blog post gets into some of the racist stuff in the movie:
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Consolidated notes on Queer movies that I've seen over the last six-ish years, as people seem to look for recs from time to time. Since I wrote these a while ago, some may no longer be on Netflix. Will edit this from time to time. Adding stars to ones I especially recommend.

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Top Five

Dec. 27th, 2014 01:11 am
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Top Five, written, directed by, and starring Chris Rock, rated R, 2014

This is a tightly written film about a comedian named Andre Allen, who reluctantly agrees to do an interview with Chelsea Brown (Rosario Dawson). They spend the day together talking as Allen does press for his new film and attempts to handle his reality-star fiancee (Gabrielle Union). There are lot of threads and characters, deftly handled, as the two wander around New York. They discuss addiction and recovery and Allen takes stock of his career, which is at a turning point.

This film has a lot going for it-- fun cameos, a lot of honesty from Chris Rock's character, and good pacing. However I cannot recommend it to my friends, and here's why.

There are two major sex scenes in the film. They are both disturbing and yet played for laughs.

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Chris Rock seems to be savvy to a lot of issues, particularly involving race and snappy dialog, but he fails on this one.

Zuko I am disappoint!
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Short-term 12

Recommended to me by [personal profile] jesse_the_k; this indie film is about a short-term care facility for foster kids. It's from the perspective of a young woman who works there, Grace, who is a survivor of abuse and spent time in foster care. She is dating a fellow employee, Mason. They and their fellow employees clearly care deeply about the kids they are working with, and there is a lot of inherent drama and reality in the situation. I loved the way this film focused on relationships and the struggle to express oneself after experiencing abuse and trauma. It is a quiet film that focuses on hope, while not shying away from reality. I think this would make a good TV series too! Content notes for: self-harm (on screen), discussions of incest, discussion of abortion, physical abuse.

The History of Future Folk: Anti-Rec

I thought I would love this: a silly comedy about a space alien whose plot to colonize Earth is foiled when he discovers music. Unfortunately, the writer, John Mitchell, is one of those people who apparently thinks that stalking is romantic. Don't watch it.

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Some things I've been reading:

Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh. Really enjoyed this! Some of the comics were emotional, so I read it in short bits. The one about the toy parrot made me laugh so hard I gave myself a coughing fit. Some of these I had read before on the web; some are new material. The comics about depression are in here, and may be difficult for some readers.

Blue is the Warmest Color by Julie Maroh. I hated this a lot. The art and colors are gorgeous but the story was not for me at all. I don't need to read about dysfunctional lesbian relationships where the people seem like unhappy liars and then one of them dies. This is a love story?

Stand Fast in your Enchantments by [personal profile] devildoll. I loved this Teen Wolf story a lot! I just started reading TWoof even though I don't watch the show much-- I've really been enjoying fanfic and looking for new things to read, and this is what my friends are into. This Derek/Stiles story is largely about communication. At first Derek can't speak because he's trapped in wolf form, and then later because he's just bad at talking about his feelings, or bad at talking, and I can relate to that a lot (it seemed like/reminded me of selective mutism). Luckily, Stiles is a very good problem solver. This fic also keeps going after the point where a lot of stories would end, and I loved that-- it deals with the consequences of a traumatic event in their lives, the fallout, and they really have to live with the complexities of being in a relationship. It's not easy for Stiles and Derek, and the ending is earned. Totally excellent.
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If you haven't already seen "Taken" with Liam Neeson, don't see it, it is awful.

The plot is "Damsel in Distress," and so it may as well be a video game plot. The hero's daughter is kidnapped and his quest is to get her back. Seriously, that's it-- the quest never widens out to anything like rescuing all the other young women also kidnapped by this gang, uncovering corruption, or confronting demons from the hero's past.

The damsel, Kim, is an object for the men to fight over and has little to no agency.

The supposed hero does really awful things like torturing someone. He also shoots a woman who is uninvolved in the kidnapping plot, in order to control her husband, and defends himself by saying "it's a flesh wound." More women as objects/property. Also, there are children in the house when this happens, but they mysteriously don't wake up?

I haven't even gotten to the racism and xenophobia yet. The buyers in the sex rape trafficking ring are Arabs. The sex rape traffickers are Albanians. The original danger for the daughter was leaving the States to go to... PARIS.

If you want to watch a better action movie with righteous violence, I recommend "Safe" instead.

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Upon reflection I think that Captain Vorpatril's Alliance was pretty sexist and I'm disappointed in LMB, who I have previously considered to be a (generally speaking) feminist author.

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The Incredible Hulk Edward Norton version
This was surprisingly good! I had low expectations because of the badness of the Ang Lee one from a few years previously. But I LOVED Edward Norton as Bruce Banner. While talking about this with someone, I did realize that Betty gets kind of an obnoxious role as his girlfriend; she mostly says his name lovingly a lot. But I sort of liked their relationship and I liked the way the story cut to the chase without wasting time on the backstory. The effects and scenery were good too.

Imagine Me and You. 2005. Lena Headey, Piper Perabo.
This lesbian film came recommended, but I was disappointed in it. It's about woman who, on her wedding day, has an instant connection to the florist-- an at-first-sight kind of love. She then must wrestle with having to leave her husband, who's a really decent guy. It's a sweet movie with good actors and a happy ending, but it was about 20 minutes too long. It inexplicably has an R rating despite zero sex scenes (perhaps for language?). My main complaint is that I felt the absence of queerness in this movie, by which I mean queer politics and queer community. For instance, in one scene Lena Headey's character (Luce) is explaining to a kid that she will likely spend the rest of her life with a woman. "Oh that makes sense. Doesn't mean you're a lesbian or anything," the kid responds. And Luce *laughs*. AARGH. In her shoes I would absolutely correct the child. In several other scenes, a womanizing man hits on Luce repeatedly and it's played as cute and funny. I don't think most lesbians would respond this way! This film does get points for the happy ending, and for Anthony Steward Head being funny, but it loses points for other factors.

Plan B. Netflix streaming. Spanish with English subtitles.

[personal profile] were_duck and I watched this without knowing anything about it, and it is just hilariously bad. It's about a guy, Bruno, who is jealous that his ex-girlfriend is with someone new, so his plan is to seduce the guy away from her in order to break them up. You know the way these movies go; eventually he falls for the guy for real, then the guy finds out the deceit, everything goes bad, but they end up together anyway. Despite this thin and predictable plot that should have taken 30 minutes, the movie is an hour 45, because of long shots of scenery and shots of them staring into space doing NOTHING. Also, unexplained shots of them sleeping in the same bed in their undies (before they are together). There is no sex in this movie. "I think I am going to have to watch some porn afterwards, just out of self-defense," I said to were-duck, "because this movie is a giant cock tease." Also, we both hated Bruno, except in the opening scene where he is cuddling with a kitten (BEST scene. But WHY.).
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Here are some movies I've watched recently via Netflix.


What a disappointment! [personal profile] were_duck and I were looking forward to this one after really enjoying Tipping the Velvet; both movies are based on Sarah Waters novels and are historical lesbian romances. But Fingersmith was about people that we hated, was too long, didn't have kinky sex like the other one did, and was dreary. It's hard to care about a movie when you dislike all the characters-- they were lying manipulative people, every one! Boo. Also no captions!

Despicable Me

What a joy! This is a computer-animated film about a super-villain, Gru, who is trying to steal the moon. He adopts three girls in order to use their cookie-selling abilities to get into the fortress of his arch-enemy, Vector. Gru is never very evil, and he finds out that he enjoys being a parent. This is a creative, detailed, funny film.

Little Voice

"A telephone repairman (Ewan McGregor) and a music promoter (Michael Caine) play second fiddle to Little Voice (Jane Horrocks), a young woman whose beautiful pipes could pack a thousand cabarets. Trouble is, she can only sing along to records in her room. This British charmer was a sleeper hit among the indie set thanks to its winning mix of romance, hope and humor."

I loved this film and highly recommend it! It has somewhat of a romance (or perhaps only a friendship) between shy people, which is a soft spot for me. The parts with the emotionally abusive mother might be hard to watch for some people. Streaming.

Wilby Wonderful with Callum Keith Rennie, Paul Gross, Sandra Oh, and Ellen Page

I didn't know this had queer content! I only knew it was a "Canadian actors/CD6" film. I loved this little movie about a small town called Wilby and the people who live there. Trigger warning for multiple suicide attempts, but it is not a sad movie. I liked that it is about flawed people who are trying, and about relationships. Streaming.

The Way Back with Ed Harris, Colin Farrell, Jim Sturgess, Saoirse Ronan

I recommend this movie if, like me, you like tales of survival, epic journeys, nature, and landscapes. Several men decide to escape from a gulag at the beginning of WWII, travel South through Siberia and into Mongolia. Once there they decide to keep going into Tibet. It is the sort of journey where not everyone makes it and they have to eat bugs and things. I loved it. It has captions and is streaming.

Kick Ass with Nicholas Cage. Streaming.

This is about a teenager, Dave, who decided to try out being a superhero. Trouble is, he has no superpowers, just a costume and faith. He finds out that others like him exist, and that being a hero is really, really dangerous.

I like this film a lot but had some reservations. It's not a movie for people who don't like violence. I did find it well-written and engaging, and I like how it realistically treated the internet: the older gangsters didn't think of using the internet but the kids were all over social networking sites and youtube. There was a subplot involving Dave being rumored to be gay, which I thought to be the stupidest subplot ever. He reaps all the supposed benefits of this rumor (namely attention from girls) without any of the negative consequences! This film also emphasized how dangerous crime-fighting might be, which is not always apparent from other similar films. There is also a young girl crime fighter (Hit Girl), which some people criticized this film for having-- but people within the film also criticized her father (Nicholas Cage) for raising her that way. It was an interesting film.


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