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Nerve block #3 today. It went well.

The doctor had a resident with her again, and she explained everything she was doing. I think the combination of that and the fact that I had a vasovagal reaction last time, made me a little nervous. But I did OK and only had to lay there for a couple of minutes before I could get up and go. The whole thing was fast and pretty easy. I felt sort of euphoric; my pain lowered dramatically and it was easier to breathe. The resident said that my case was the most interesting one of the day.

I am waiting for the headache to come, the one that follows after the nerve block. My mouth hurts but so far, no terrible headache. I think it's just on the edge though. I bought a bunch of popsicles and plan to keep eating them.
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Saw a PA yesterday at the pain and headache clinic. In my experience PAs are better than doctors for dealing with chronic conditions. For one thing, they seem to have more time.

Things I'm going to try:
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I liked season 2 of The 100 much, much better than season one and watched it really fast.

In dog news, I finally got Abbie to sit on the couch with me. This is amazing as she's been scared of the couch for a long time. It's really nice to cuddle on the sofa with a dog!


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