May. 5th, 2015 06:06 pm
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Wow! A DW user randomly gave me six months of paid time under the sponsor-a-free user program! This is so great! I got my icons back and can post polls!
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(skipping day 5 for the time being)

Day 6

In your own space, pimp promote three comms or challenges and explain why you love them.

[community profile] vidrecs
It's recs! For vids! I love vids.

[community profile] shutterspeed
We have restarted this comm, which involves taking photos based on prompts and posting them to the community. The goal is to take more photos and fuel your muse.

[community profile] netflix_dw
For Netflix-related discussions. I sometimes post recs there. I would like to see this community get more traffic.

[community profile] kink_finders
People post requests looking for fic (or books) that hit their specific kinks, which is broadly defined. I enjoy reading this comm and following links in comments to good fic.


Jul. 28th, 2011 08:46 pm
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I did a fairly brutal trim of my subscription list. This does not mean we are not friends, yadda etc. It's always amnesty day around here: to paraphrase someone else I read (auburn?), this is not bad magazine subscription you're stuck with.

Also, DW invite codes! I gave most of mine away at [site community profile] dw_codesharing. You can too!
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[community profile] common_nature photos and commentary on nature in our everyday lives.

[community profile] 25book_pwd for discussing books featuring characters with disabilities.

[community profile] disabledparents: If you are a parent with disabilities, a child of a disabled parent, a disabled person thinking of becoming a parent or if you just think this would be the right place to be, please do join the community.

All public posts tagged with "follow friday" or "followfriday" will show up in the tag feed:

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Hello and welcome, new Dreamwidth users!

Here are some people and communities I recommend following. I try to only include personal journals with public content in Follow Friday.

[community profile] boilingwater: for beginner cooks

[community profile] shutterspeed: photography prompts and cool photos

[community profile] metafandom: links to interesting conversations in fandom

[community profile] scansdaily: the old comm that got deleted off LJ! Scans of comic books and manga for girl geeks (and everyone).

[community profile] dark_agenda: a comm for promoting characters of color in fanworks.

[community profile] kink_bingo: A very active fandom challenge for kinky fanworks. NSFW.

[community profile] disability: general disability topics.

[community profile] queer_rage: What it says on the tin.

[community profile] style_salon: a great comm for discussing fashion and personal style. I love this comm and wish more people posted and hung out there!

[personal profile] thingswithwings: fannish squee, fannish meta, vid talk, thinky posts, a variety of interesting topics.

[personal profile] rydra_wong: links, fandom, links, stuff of interest.

Follow Friday Feed has all posts tagged with "follow friday" or "followfriday" in a 5 minute delay.

These recs were just off the top of my head! There are so many great things at DW. :D

eta [community profile] bechdel_test: discussing movies through the lens of the Bechdel test.
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[community profile] multibeautiful portraits, images of famous people of color, really awesome.

[personal profile] skywardprodigal posts a lot of artwork, very inspiring. If you are interesting in visual art I recommend her journal!

[community profile] shutterspeed is a very active photo prompts community, with the goal of encouraging its members to take more photos. Prompts are chosen by the members. Come join us: all skill levels are welcome.

All Follow Friday Posts
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Take 'em if you want 'em

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[community profile] create_my_comm: for the communities you wish existed on DW

[site community profile] dw_community_promo: Advertising communities! This one is essential!
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[personal profile] liv: Non-fannish friending meme on/for Dreamwidth

[personal profile] were_duck: WisCon Friending meme

Johanna Eeva talks about Vegans of Color blog at Bitch Magazine

[personal profile] erda: Dreamwidth Anniversary Fest: Three Weeks for Dreamwidth. If you are participating in this event, please tag your entries "three weeks for dreamwidth". Please signal boost!


If you are maintaining two reading lists, you may as well read me at Dreamwidth. I am planning to add content here for the Anniversary Festival. Invite codes can be found at [site community profile] dw_codesharing. Large batches of invite codes (for communities or RP groups) can be had by contacting [staff profile] denise or [staff profile] mark.
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Check out [personal profile] erda's idea Six Weeks for Dreamwidth. The idea is a festival to generate new content for Dreamwidth's 1st anniversary.
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Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth. That's it. No complicated rules, no "pass this on to 7.328 friends or your cat will die". Just introduce us to some new things to read.

[personal profile] rydra_wong: links and all kinds of interesting content about DW, fandom, books, feminism and anti-oppression.

[personal profile] coffeeandink: book reviews, antiracism, meta about TV and other topics of fannish and SF/F interest

[personal profile] the_future_modernes: anti-racism and anti-oppression content, youtube clips, music.

All Follow Friday posts that are tagged show up here:
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I use this meme to highlight interesting content on Dreamwidth. Normally I haven't been cross-posting Follow Friday posts, but I think I'm going to start doing so.

[community profile] dreamwidth_meta: META. About DREAMWIDTH. *rolls around*

[community profile] metaquotes: Humorous repostings of quotes seen around the site.

[community profile] queer_as_dreamwidth: So far a comm with not much activity, but I hope that changes.


Dreamwidth standing by its principles in the face of attacks by trolls

Dreamwidth's Diversity is its Strength article at LinuxPlanet
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Highlighting Interesting content on Dreamwidth since 2009!

[personal profile] dira: (D. Sudis) is an awesome fanfic writer in several fandoms, recently posted polls about who had the worst fanon childhood, and wrote an excellent post on fanfic and the suppression of women's writing.

[personal profile] kuwdora: is a vidder, likes Heroes (but is mad at it), is interested in politics, and wrote extensively about Iranian politics during the revolt.

[personal profile] toft: writes excellent fic in several fandoms (currently MythBusters RPF) and blogs about how history is awesome.

[personal profile] eruthros: I have really appreciated her posts lately on ableism. She writes about being a mod of [community profile] kink_bingo, meta-fannish topics, and other interesting things such as politics and language.

[community profile] holmes_watson: For Holmes/Watson fic!

[community profile] bechdel_test: Passing and Failing movies on the basis of whether or not women speak to each other (about something other than a man) during the course of the movie.

All Follow Friday Posts:
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Highlighting Interesting content on Dreamwidth!

[personal profile] damned_colonial: geekiness of several sorts, feminism, food, knitting

[community profile] queer_rage: For your queer rage *raises fist*

XKCD feed The comic with the stick figures and the geekiness.
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OK, so:


takes you to a list of all posts tagged with "follow friday" or "followfriday" and wow, there is some AWESOME STUFF.

I have just added to my circle:

National Geographic Photo of the Day Feed

Sex is Not the Enemy Feed Sexy pictures, and pics of people having sex (NSFW)

[personal profile] rageprufrock fanfic writer
[community profile] firefly

I also want to promote:

[community profile] metafandom which has links to interesting discussions in fandom
[community profile] scans_daily which is a comm for scans from comics and fannish interpretations thereof

[community profile] you_know_thats_right Psych fandom: A Shawn/Gus winter fic festival

[eta I have since taken some of these off! As I go through add and subtract phases from the subscribe list]


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