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A read a fanfic, Soulmate Theory for Dummies, by piffle, where Bucky is a plant hoarder like I am and has a cat.

There are a lot of plants, he admits silently, his eyes traveling over all the variously shaped leaves, just to make sure Stark didn’t touch anything. He still likes them, and doesn’t think he’ll ever give them up. They were the first living things he’d been able to lay his hands on after leaving HYDRA, the first things he hadn’t destroyed, and he’s grown fond of them since, adding to their number whenever he happens across one that he doesn’t already own.

He doesn't take anything toxic to cats. I think eventually he'll get a dog, so nothing toxic to pets generally.

I imagine he starts out with:
African Violet
Spider Plants (inspired by Black Widow; easy to grow) (Chlorophytum comosum)
Boston Fern
Burro's Tail (Sedum morganianum)
Friendship plant (Pilea involucrata)
Ghost Plant (Secum weinbergii) (because he's a ghost get it)
Wax plant (Hoya carnosa)

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Decided to try using Tumblr a bit more.

I put up a couple of WisCon-related / disability posts at my Wordpress blog:
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My premise here is that female gaze barely exists in media, and where it does, in exists in opposition to (in a space empty of) male gaze.

I will start with some background reading. I refer back to these a lot and have learned tons from them.

Bonehandled Knife at Tumblr has a series of amazing posts, focusing on the film Mad Max: Fury Road, and its cinematography.

Mad Max: Center Frame

Eyes Up Here: Composition and Gaze

Mad Max and the Male Gaze (Mad Max eschews the male gaze while other popular fandom films do not).

it’s a choice each time to frame women in one way and men in another.

Composition Choices

Another Tumblr post from Superhuman Disasters:

Filmmaking Intent vs. Theory

This gets at the training and tradition of film making. Some "male gaze" techniques may be so ingrained as to be unintentional.

The 2 hour making-of video with cinematographer John Seale beyond confirms this. Seale is obviously a true artist, but he repeatedly mentioned his frustration with the “on the nose” rule, because it undercut his instinct for rule-of-third framing and more focus on the beautiful women in the back of the cab. Not because he was intentionally trying to be sexist, but because that’s how he’d been trained, both as a filmmaker and a man.

100% of art is manipulation (of the funnest kind) of what the audience receives. We choose where to draw your eye in visual art, where to draw your ear in musical art, where to draw your curiosity in written art, where to draw your emotional response in all of them. It is ALL part of a plan - every bit of it. The better the clarity of purpose, the better the impact of the art.

So... that is quite a bit of reading. BUT I HAVE MORE.

[personal profile] thingswithwings is brilliant and makes brilliant vids and has things to say about what she notices when makings vids.

Many thoughts On Manpain

Gunn and Sayid's manpains are explained to the audience via the camera saying "some white men are sad." Because I guess if there wasn't a white man there, we wouldn't have anyone to identify with.

Briefly, in this post:

The Making of the Yuletide Vid

1) We learned that people of colour are actually filmed differently, in terms of framing, than white people, or at least this was our anecdotal experience; it was often easy to get two white characters, especially two white male characters, in the same frame, but people of colour are by comparison much more isolated, cinematographically - often appearing in one-shots.

And in these tweets which I have storfied, in which [personal profile] thingswithwings and others talk about the challenge of trying to vid for women and minority characters:

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Vid Discussion Panel with myself, [personal profile] metatext, [personal profile] brainwane, [personal profile] were_duck, and [personal profile] cyborganize. For a list of all vids, please see

These notes are from memory; any mistakes are my own and please correct me! We mostly talked about the premier vids.

We discussed brainwane's premiere, Pipeline, quite a bit. Brainwane has written about her vid on her journal including sources. This was brainwane's first vid and she did a lot of research into how to use still footage and how to make a multivid; she was very pleased with people's response to the vid. Women used to make up a lot of the tech world but have been pushed out. Similarly, women are recruited into tech but then are pushed out due to hostile work environments. Someone in the audience said that in Mongolia, Ghengis Khan had his daughters inherit power in the capitol city and his sons took over the outlying territories. But when the daughters died, the sons came in and literally scratched the daughters' names off of the stone because it was shameful to them to have women in power.

I don't remember what we said about garrideb's Pretty Deadly vid, "Hope in the Air", except a lot of Ooooh, it is beatiful, and great song choice! Brainwane said that the still techniques were different than what she had researched for her vid.

For starlady's vid, "Just a Dream Away", people joked that hardcore ST fans will brag about seeing "everything" in the Star Trek universe but will not have seen the animated series. But what is great about the series is the camp, and the way it uses animation to do things that traditional film cannot (such as tentacles), and this vid celebrates that. I loved the humor in this vid, and the way it centers women.

For seekingferret's vid "Cassavetes", metatxt explained that Cassavetes was a controversial, prolific film maker who did not share credit easily. The band here, Le Tigre, is a feminist band, and the question they pose in the song is one we struggle with in fandom: how do we react to problematic characters? No person is all good or all bad; when we elevate them, what does that mean? A very WisCon-appropriate question.

Other vids that the panelists and audience mentioned as being particularly note-worthy:
Roxane Samer's Orphan Black vid, Gold Rush, which intercuts footage with intersectional feminist quotes
Silent Fandoms by Ghost-Lingering. were-duck liked the vidder's subtitles which were quite meta and contributed to a community, in-the-moment feeling
Repeated use of the song "Blank Space" in 3 vids (Pipeline; Purple_fringe and such_height's Dr. Who vid; and sleepygeeky's Power Rangers/Fair Use vid). Interesting to note how the meaning of the song seems to change in each vid.
Losing my Religion by rhoboat. Such intense feelings and the song really stood out for people, as it is a cover of a familiar song.
Pressure (Quantum Leap/vidding) by the California Crew. A spotlight on vidders, in the VHS/analog age. were-duck mentioned that when you see what they are actually vidding, you can see that it is in the service of smut, which is so great.
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Age of Ultron challenge

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I said earlier on twitter that I hate the internet meme-speak that goes, "you're all fired for not telling me about" X thing.

I could probably write hundreds of words about why I hate this phrase, some of which have to do with how I was fired and how horrible an experience that was. Some of which have to do with guilt, and entitlement, and how instead we should be supporting each other.

I'm going to skip over that and say: thank you to all my friends, acquaintances, and internet strangers who alert me to cool things. Thank you to those of you who post reviews, recs, and anti-recs of media in your journals and on Twitter or Facebook or Pinboard or anywhere else. Thank you to those of you who maintain and moderate communities, web sites, and blogs such [community profile] fancake and Geek Feminism. Thank you to people who run fan works challenges. Thank you to those of you who code, or work on anti-spam, or tag wrangle for these websites that I use and love. Thank you to people who help run conventions.

You're not hired, or fired, because most of you do this for fun-- without any kind of material compensation. I don't consider it your job to tell me about something that I could, after all, look up myself (but it would take a ton more time, and I might never find that awesome fic!). You do this to contribute to your community, and because you feel passionate about the things you like and love, and I appreciate and value that.

Just so you know, I would never fire you. ^_^


May. 13th, 2014 09:51 pm
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I started a list of conventions/conferences with accessibility policies a while back At the Geek Feminism Wiki.

Anyone can edit this wiki. If you know of cons I can add, please suggest them!

I would just like to say that doing vid show warnings / content notes is actually quite simple.
Here are some examples:


ao3 dot org

I'll have more to say on this later. Context if you ask for it.
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This is from the SMOF Con program (publicly available here: (Click on "Full Program" for the PDF.)

Song of the South Ate My Life
Meg Frank (m), Colin Harris
Social media may be a great boon to communication - and thus to fandom. But the rapidity at which
information spreads can carry the seeds of potential capacity, causing rancorous explosions and hurt feelings (to name a few possible outcomes). Twitterstorms are one such phenomenon - and are, in fact, an
increasingly common problem faced by the fannish community. Two fans braved the storm before last
year’s Worldcon, and helped get such a crisis under control: hear their story.

(Bolding mine)
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(Skipping Day 3)

Day 4

In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts

1. Long Fic recs that I can put on my Kobo. I really appreciate you folks who make reccing a practice! Most of what I read comes from Dreamwidth posts. Lately I'm most interested in XMFC snd the Losers. I like happy stories and AUs.
I will also read:
Tony/Bruce or Tony/Bruce/Pepper Avengers fic, or Natasha/Clint fic, or good fic with other pairings, but I'm not into Clint/Coulson, unfortunately.
Original slash
Sherlock BBC
Things that are super excellent that are in other fandoms.

2. Watch vids with me! I love social fan time. If you are not local, maybe you can come to WisCon!

3. Leave feedback on my work. You know this makes any creator happy. :D

4. Transform my work. This could be anything from using one of my photos for a podfic cover or icon base, to recording podfic of my stories, or simply chatting with me and getting ideas that spark new ideas! I love that stuff.

5. Netflix streaming recs! I watch a lot of Netflix. :D I sometimes write about what I watch, which you can read about via my netflix tag.
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I really appreciate that [ profile] hc_bingo has changed its prompts to reflect events rather than identity categories (for instance "loss of vision" rather than "blindness").

Thanks, mods.
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Because I'm trying to figure out what is going on:

bc holmes, July 27, has extensive links about ReaderCon, harassment of G. Valentine by R. Walling, and subsequent fallout:

Rose Fox, 9/8/12:
Done Like a Done Thing

I am deeply dismayed and disheartened by the ways that most con-runners appear determined to run their conventions into the ground, but I don't personally care enough about most conventions to try to stop them. So I'm done. Readercon always has my heart. The rest: ciao.

N K Jemisim, 9/8/12:
Things People Need to Understand, Issue 223.2

Jim C Hines, 9/13/12:
Crap people say about sexual Harassment

kehrli at LJ, 9/12/12:
Regarding ChiCon7

Well, that's plenty for now.
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Am I understanding this correctly?

1. There have been some recent scandals at SF/F and geek conventions regarding sexual harassment, as summed up nicely in this io9 article:
The Great Geek Sexism Debate

2. There is some kind of SMOF email mailing list in which people are making fools of themselves, calling victims harassers and that sort of thing. "SMOF" means people who run conventions; I always thought it was a joke since running conventions is in my world the sort of volunteer job one gets roped into. (I volunteer for WisCon).

3. People/unknown heroes of the revolution reposted some content of the mailing list on Tumblr:

4. SMOFs got upset.
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This post is to say that I really appreciate all of you who post recs for fic, art, vids, podfic, articles, or whatever. Even if you think, "Everyone's already seen this!", I probably haven't. I really like recs! It saves me from digging through for fic/fanworks on my own; it tells me what other people are enjoying and thinking about; it is how I get most of my internet reading material really. I especially love it when you say a bit about why you like or love the piece (I admit I don't always do this).

I'm going to take a moment to reiterate my internet pet-peeve, which is when people don't identify where the link leads. Maybe I already *have* seen the thing you are reccing, but can't tell, because you only say I really liked this X men fic instead of saying Slight Return, X-Men, AU, Charles/Eric, by aesc. It's also simply nice to know where the link is going to take me. People who are experienced, thoughtful reccers and linkers also include bits of html like style=light when linking to journals, or they link to the complete work in AO3. That makes me happy!

Some good reccers and comms to follow:

[community profile] fancake: Themed recs, anyone can participate.
[community profile] bestthingever
[personal profile] dodificus
[personal profile] bluemeridian

Feel free to direct me towards others!
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There is an article over at Utne reader written by SURVEY FAIL folks and promoting their hideous book.

Here is a link to the last page if you want to leave a comment! Things you could say might include: Why didn't the authors use an IRB in their research? Why were lesbians not included in this research? Why do the authors conflate animal and human sexuality? Why are the authors essentialist about gender?

An excellent review of the book can be found here:
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Tonight we were playing a game, "What character from X TV show/fandom are you?"

My picks are
BSG: Felix Gaeta
Firefly: Simon Tam
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Dr. Julian Bashir
Stargate Atlantis: John Sheppard, but the particular version of him that doesn't like to talk (there are many John Sheppards.)

This list needs more women. I'm going to think on some cowgirls to add to this list.

I'm also in Hufflepuff House.

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Feel free to post your picks in the comments or in your own journals! For whatever fandoms. :)
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I want to link to a couple of posts on the hurt/comfort fandom discussions and disability in fiction:

[personal profile] annaham: Angry post is angry

[personal profile] trouble: I Know Where the Black Stork Comes From

[personal profile] livrelibre: (no subject) Link roundup for several discussions

[personal profile] dirty_diana: for what it's worth
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Or, Why I'm not participating in [ profile] hc_bingo / [community profile] hc_bingo

Here is a list of the h/c (hurt/comfort) cliches used for the cards. Warning: many of these are upsetting and offensive.

Here is the fanlore wiki page for hurt/comfort for anyone unfamiliar with this fan fiction genre.

more reasons if you need them )

Important ETAs

The hc_mods are revising their trigger and warnings policies and have said they will be hosting an open discussion about prompts for their next round.

Please also see [personal profile] damned_colonial's post on this subject.
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First I would like to signal-boost [personal profile] rydra_wong's idea: Post something to a comm on DW!

And now, a meme. From [personal profile] thingswithwings:
comment and I'll give you three of your fandoms, then copy and paste the questions onto your journal and fill it out.

If you want to play this meme leave a comment saying so!

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I am having a fannish Christmas, or Yuletide, or holiday whatsit, and it's the best Christmas in while. Someone asked me my primary fandom, and [personal profile] oliviacirce helped me figure out that META is my primary fandom at the moment.

Interesting Links:

In lieu of life (fandom is) by [ profile] hesychasm

Mixed Feelings by [personal profile] jmtorres, a meditation on hair, beauty, and gender presentation, that really got me thinking about those things in my own life.

Yuletide Insta-rec:

Life, Stripped of All Luxuries

This story is based on The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold, is Cazaril/Palliar, set during the seige of Gotorget. It it is heart-rending, gorgeous, and you should read it immediately.

What Remains

Based on the novel Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. This is lyrical, moving story that makes me like the book better because of its particular insights into the characters. The voice is perfect and it fits the canon so well. Go read it!

I teared up while reading both of these stories! They are so well-written.

For a bit of cheer afterwards, watch One Night Fandoms, the Yuletide tribute vid by [personal profile] thingswithwings and [personal profile] eruthros!


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Eastwick, Neko Case, miscellaneous

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