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Jan. 31st, 2017 06:28 pm
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I dreamed that I was interviewing for a job with Barack Obama and former sec. of health and human services Donna Shalala.

If you had *asked* me who Donna Shalala was, I would have been like, uh, some politician? But apparently my unconcious brain knew this datum. (In the dream, we talked about rabies risk.) (Interestingly, she also used to be chancellor of UW - Madison and now heads the Clinton foundation. )

As part of this dream job, there was a uniform / dress code that involved wearing cashmere and leather (paid for by the job).

So, I guess that's my "dream job".


Oct. 23rd, 2016 05:46 pm
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I have several very nice, older-than-me friends at the dog park, many of whom are about the age of my parents. Today I ran into one of them who was walking with her friend, let's call them Ann and Sue (not their real names). Ann explained that she is moving and her new place isn't ready yet, so she is staying with Sue.

"It's really nice," said Ann. "like having a wife."

There was an awkward pause. "Except better, because... you know... she's my friend."

I had also run into Ann downtown on the day same-sex marriage was legalized and people were getting married in front of the city-county building. Ann was similarly awkward and funny during that encounter, complimenting some young man's funny t-shirt (I don't remember what it said) but then going "I mean... I'm not gay". He charmingly said back, "Oh don't worry honey, it's not catching."

Ann also mentioned today that she'd gone to a Joan Baez concert. When she mentioned it to her young employees, they had no idea who Joan Baez is. I said, oh yeah, I only know because my mom's a big fan. Ann and Sue both made faces at that.
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--I thought the moon was a planet.

--People seemed to pronounce wind chill as "windsheel", all blended together and soft, so I couldn't parse it and thought they were maybe saying "wind shield," even though that did not make sense.

--I thought that tourist meant someone who led tours (tour guide).

--I couldn't hear the difference between picture and pitcher.

--I didn't understand why "I" in the middle of a sentence should be capitalized.

--I didn't understand the subtle nuances that differentiated dinner and supper (this is still difficult because dinner means different things to different people).

What did you have a hard time understanding as a kid?
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So the AP has decided not to use the word "homophobia" any more, but to go with words like "anti-gay" instead, apparently, which has prompted some discussions around these terms. Whatever your feelings, I would like to remind you of one of the best Onion articles of all time:

Revolutionary New Homophobia Immersion Therapy Involves Lowering Patient into Tank of Gays
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Someone today directed me to "My Gimpy Life" on YouTube. It is GREAT and very funny! There are three episodes so far.

you tube clips under cut )
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Last night it was super cold so I wore some thin stretchy gloves to bed. At some point I woke up to go to the bathroom and found that not only had I taken the gloves off in my sleep, I'd rolled them up, together, like a pair of socks, and then tucked them into the pocket of my sweater, and then zipped the sweater pocket shut.

I heart you, sleeping self.


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