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I slept most of the day (I think I had a mild vaccine reaction). Abbie gave this gentle, polite woof of a bark to wake me up at precisely 4:30 pm, meaning, it's time to go to the dog park. She is good at telling time.

Lately it's calming for me to describe things on Tumblr:

I try to keep it positive. (There is some NSFW stuff but it's tagged.)

I enjoyed this Dorian/Iron Bull fanfic
Come Forth into the Storm by zythepsary
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--Dried mango
--Trail mix
--The marshy area I drive by on the way back from the pharmacy. Sometimes it looks very wild and alien
--Internet friends
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Have headache, can't sleep.

Good things:

Going to the movies. I saw X Men Apocalypse at the cheap seats yesterday, and Star Trek Beyond today. Good way to escape the heat, and both were enjoyable films.

Pretty sunset tonight.

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A memory.

You know when they make you run in elementary school? Sometimes when I ran hard my bottom front teeth would hurt for a little while, in the same nervy way they do now. But now it's most all the time.

Good things:
Seeing Tempest today
Cooler weather
Working in the garden with my roommate
Reading a good comic book -- "O Human Star"
Seeing my dog park friends yesterday
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I got waaaay over tired this weekend. In my head I should still be able to do moderately physical things. And of course the weird thing is, sometimes I still can. But I helped my friend move, and the bending/leaning over involved in packing and such was just too much. On Saturday night I slept for 13 hours. On Sunday I went back and packed the fridge and freezer. I didn't lift any heavy items.

On Monday I picked up my computer only to find it still not connecting to the internet. I was still super tired and had a meltdown.

This week has been hard. I am feeling very impaired.

Good things:

While without internet, I read several comic books. I'm really enjoying comics club.
Abbie dog is happy and silly. And healthily plump right now; she loves her new flavor of dog kibble which is lamb.
Having my internet back at least provisionally!!!!
Wool socks!
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Mouth pain, 'nuf said. It's so exhausting and demoralizing.

Good things:

--Saw an old friend at the dog park, unexpectedly!
--Saw The Martian tonight with [ profile] trinityclare. We both liked it.
--Really, really enjoying Elementary. I'm in season three now because I watch it every day. There is a scene where Sherlock tells Joan that she shouldn't try for a conventional relationship, that it goes against her eccentric, adventure-seeking nature. She feels that her family wants her to have a conventional relationship but she ends up sabotaging her attempts at them. And that this makes her a more interesting person; it's a feature not a bug.

a nice day

Oct. 3rd, 2015 11:47 pm
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--I really enjoyed going to comics club today. Some of us had ice cream afterwards. It's a great group of people that I probably otherwise would not have gotten to meet. I took a pleasant, dozy nap afterwards.

--The weather is really nice and I can wear my jackets and sweaters.

--Do you ever look in the mirror and think, ooh, yay, I'm getting wrinkles! just me?

Good things

Aug. 2nd, 2015 12:49 am
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1. I've really enjoyed seeing my pals lately. I went to the cheap seats to see Mad Max (for the 3rd time); saw some friends and acquaintances at Comics Club today, and saw the film Mr. Holmes yesterday. Gabby is back in town which is great.

2. I got an awesome haircut which was a collaboration between Jesse and my neighbor Devyn, both of whom own clippers.

3. I read Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley and loved it. It features a talented, flawed woman as the main character. Katie is the main chef at a successful restaurant called Seconds, where she also lives. She wants to strike out on her own with a new restaurant, but is having trouble with that venture. Her ex-boyfriend is hanging around and things are awkward. When a young co-worker gets in an accident, party due to Katie's negligence, a house spirit appears and gives her the opportunity to fix it. Katie then gets addicted to fixing all the mistakes she can, and things start to go bad. This book is funny, charming, affecting. I loved it.
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I am very pleased by the cool weather and I finally slept well last night!

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My Kobo decided to start working again. Yay! I've been reading a lot of fic of the "Live Free or Die Hard" fandom variety.

Saw the Lego movie today and enjoyed it.

A few things I've been enjoying during this long, cold, lonely winter:

I can Has Cheezburger Feed for cute and silly pictures and videos of animals.

Humans of New York (which is a Tumblr, but you can also subscribe to on FB). Portraits of people with quotes attached. Super awesome. There's also a book which I bought for my parents.
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When I went to WisCon 31, I hardly knew anyone. I went to the first WisCon dinner and met several folks. The first person I really made friends with was [personal profile] fullygoldy. She was very warm and friendly. She was a construction manager--an unusual job for a woman, and she was pretty femme which didn't fit with my stereotypes at all-- a wife, a mom, a foodie, and a fan. She loved cooking for others and considered food to be a form of love. Her whole aspect was vivacious, wickedly funny, and caring. She cried and laughed easily.

I got to know Goldy when I was looking to make more friends and going to a lot of parties. I took a lot of photos and I am really glad to have those pictures. She came to our WisCon-themed book club and to various birthday and local parties. One of the last times I hung out with her, Goldy hosted a vid party/Teen Wolf party at her house with local fans, many of whom I didn't know before. She had really great food for us.

Goldy got me into SGA fandom, for which I will forever be grateful. She beta-ed fics and always left comments. She visited me at work one time in the Micro building, and she helped me move once. Basically, she was always saying and doing nice things for people.

How fitting that her final act was donating her organs to save other people's lives.

I'm grateful I knew her.

A picture of me and Goldy at WisCon 36 taken by [personal profile] holyoutlaw
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1. I've been really stressing about money (btw thank you to those of you who bought my gift cards); but my family has been quietly helping me out without me even having to ask. This is really humbling. Also, it's weird to think about how I was making it before the Scott Walker pay cut to state workers. And now, it's harder.

2. I went to Cheers with Queers last night and had a great time.

3. I wore my really awesome wool suit today.

4. I am finished doing recruitment and enrollment for my study at work!! \o/

5. A few days this week I've seen my friend Kendra at the dog park which was really fun. I know her from outside the dog park, and she just got a dog.

6. I really enjoy my Thursday lunches with [personal profile] jesse_the_k. This week we watched a film called "Wretches and Jabberers", which is about two men with autism who are activists. They travel around the world and meet other people like themselves. In the movie, they go to Sri Lanka, Japan, and Finland. I really enjoyed and recommend this film.

7. There was a good seminar today that I got to attend most of; about diagnosing disease before and after death (ie at autopsy). It was really interesting, and the pathologist who was presenting is a bit of a fuss pot and makes everyone laugh. For instance his power point appeared pink, and he complained, "Whoever is in charge, I am not going to be happy here, because the words are supposed to be white not purple!" My boss tried to soothe him, "It'll be all right," to which he responded crankily, "For you maybe but not for me!" (cue laughter). They figured out the color problem was due to a bad connection, so then the director of the whole program sat there with his hand holding the connection down, to keep the wires tight. Also he said the first case's name, which is a big no-no, and when the director chided him, "no names!", he sighed and said, "OK, this person is [PATHOLOGIST]!", saying his own name.

8. I got a free cookie at the seminar.


Dec. 23rd, 2011 12:49 am
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I am grateful that I have a beautiful and safe place to come home to in not one but two places. It was great to grow up around animals and in connection with the land, and now it's great to live in a wonderful little city with people I care about around me.

I'm grateful for the Archive of our Own and how easy it is to download fic to my Kindle. I've realized lately that novels just aren't interesting to me right now, and fanfic is, so I'm going to read long fanfic and lots of it.

I've been worried and stressed lately; my physical and emotional health just aren't so great. But things have been worse for me in the past and so I know I can handle it. I know I can make it through hard times. It is only pain: it can only hurt you.


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