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Just for the record, I hated "Ex Machina". It was a science fiction movie about straight male fantasies come to life and gone wrong. It was gross.

This blog post gets into some of the racist stuff in the movie:
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I'm going to write about seeing Mia Mingus! She is so awesome, has so many great ideas, such great open energy. By culture and personality, I am somewhat conflict averse, and yet also drawn to things that involve cognitive dissonance, which is a problem. Mia has this way of being hungry for the conflict, of digging into with enthusiasm. Like, YES, let's TALK about that uncomfortable thing! And it is just honestly such a relief.

I went to a small group session where we talked about a couple of her essays from her website:
1. Changing the Framework: Disability Justice

2. Access Intimacy: The Missing Link

3. Moving Toward the Ugly: A Politic Beyond Desirability

The third one really blew my mind. LOVED it. Here is another way of resisting respectability politics: embrace magnificence instead of prettiness. Be memorable, own the way you look and are.

We talked a bit about being uncomfortable with "body positivity", and the intersection of disability and fat politics. This is an exciting area to me and I'd like to see more people talking about it. These are both highly stigmatized categories and activists from the two groups seem to want to avoid each other due to this stigma, even though the intersection between the two groups is pretty readily apparent. Think of fat activists emphasizing "health at any size" and talking about how they are healthy and active at their weight--centering health, which is not exactly friendly to those of us who are not in good health. Meds can cause weight gain or loss; weight (high or low) itself can be associated with certain illnesses; etc. Anyways, Dave Hingsburger writes about this a bit (mostly the stigma of being a fat wheelchair user). And I always, always rec The Fat Nutritionist, especially this post: You have no obligation to be healthy.

Mia Mingus talked about how when we are so committed to the social model of disability (or any kind of social model), we can run up against the wall of our bodies. And so we need to talk about embodiment. I think part of loving and caring for our bodies is acknowledging that being embodied can totally suck sometimes. It is ok to feel negative.

During her key note, Mia Mingus talked about transformative justice and her work using it to address child sexual abuse (often adult survivors of same). She works with Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective. One of the themes of her talk was building alternatives to our state institutions, because how can we depend on the state to address violence when the state uses violence and oppression against us?

This event was part of the Gender and Women's Studies 40th anniversary event on campus. I went to some of the events the next day, but they were... much more academic and kind of not my thing.

some links

Feb. 20th, 2015 11:22 am
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A friend of mine had an article published in the Atlantic, exploring the "watchmaker" metaphor used by some people interested in intelligent design. A Failed Metaphor for Intelligent Design by Adam Shapiro. This information-packed article explores how the metaphor suited the British society from which it arose.

A really thoughtful, wonderful article by a woman who chose to have a double mastectomy (vs. a single). Contains some partially-nude photographs. shirts off, underwear on: play out, breast cancer and gender expectations by Melanie Testa.

Doing Science Sitting Down, and other thoughts about Universal Design by [ profile] jacquelyngill.


Jul. 8th, 2013 11:39 am
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1. Dustin Hoffman gets choked up over Tootsie. Interview from 2012, clip at the Mary Sue.

"I have been brainwashed."

2. I enjoyed this NY Times Magazine piece about a man who reinvented himself after getting fired from two famous rock bands:

A Rock and Roll Casualty Who Became a War Hero
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[personal profile] futuransky: Radical queer agenda panel notes/transcript

Me in access-fandom: Masked vs. Blind


I have been watching "Call the Midwife", which is a really lovely show. S1 is on Netflix; Season 2 is streaming on However: episode 2x04 is a Very Special Disability episode, about a baby born with spina bifida. I did try to keep an open mind here, but this ep need content notices for: Discussion of euthanasia of disabled babies, forced institutionalization of disabled babies and children, and lots of processing of abled people concerned PWD, including how difficult their lives will be, etc. There is also a character with anxiety, although I liked and related to her arc. The episode does actually end OK.
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3 Links I found really interesting!

James Sheldon: Intelligence as a Compliment, Stupid as an Insult: Rethinking Normal, Rethinking Attraction, Rethinking Society.

The question, though, that I have for geeks is … can you give up your need to have been right, the self-righteousness that comes with putting down those who were putting you down all those years for being geeky? And what are the consequences that come with attempting to judge others’ intelligence. Many people process information differently or have different perceptions than you do. And there’s a long history in our society of those people being marginalized and oppressed for being that way.

Ta-Nehisi Coates at the Atlantic: Through the Lens of Disability

But here is what I think: so much social justice writing is about what society owes those who we perceive as getting the short of end of the stick. It's called social justice for a reason. But what I like about this post is that it isn't simply about what the world should do about physical disability, but how a physical disability shaped a person's life, regardless of societal responsibility.

Tim Chevalier at Geek Feminism: Being a Better Ally to Trans People

Sometimes claims that trans people are “unnatural” are really claims that trans people are some sort of modern creation of medical technology, as if we didn’t exist before medical interventions that sometimes make our lives easier existed.
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Some folks in NZ taught some rescued dogs how to drive, basically as a way to prove to people how intelligent dogs are.
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So the AP has decided not to use the word "homophobia" any more, but to go with words like "anti-gay" instead, apparently, which has prompted some discussions around these terms. Whatever your feelings, I would like to remind you of one of the best Onion articles of all time:

Revolutionary New Homophobia Immersion Therapy Involves Lowering Patient into Tank of Gays


Aug. 29th, 2012 06:00 pm
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One of my stories (written for kink bingo) got nominated for an award at The Kinda Gay Awards, a Buffy femslash fic celebration. :D

Annaham writes about having fibromyalgia at xojane.
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A bad ass character is laying in a hospital bed and is badly injured, but they refuse pain meds or are reluctant to take them because they want to "keep their mind clear."

Guess what? Pain clouds your mind also. Sometimes all you can think about is pain and nothing else. The meds make it so you can actually function to interact with the world in somewhat normal way.

I am probably preaching to the choir here, but just once I would like to see a bad ass warrior character in hospital who is accepting of pain medication.


I seem to have this internal conversation with the world a lot; it goes something like this: "I know that I'm an outlier in a lot of ways, but seriously? Seriously?

One of the great things about fandom and the internet is that I can find the other outliers.

Here is a really great post about body and fat acceptance that I think can apply to anybody despite the title: Ten Rules for Fat Girls by Dianne Sylvan.
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Perhaps there is something happening in the global (or at least regional) consciousness:

Dated October 11:
Social Justice League / Fauxgress Watch: "Born This Way"

Nov 3:
[personal profile] thingswithwings: Who would choose this?

A couple of excellent posts
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[personal profile] megwrites: Don't mind me and my big gay book spam!

Megwrites compiled this list of LGBTQQIAA books from the Twitter hashtag #buyaBigGayNovelforScottCardDay which was in response to Orson Scott Card's homophobia. She's also taking suggestions in comments. Check it out! :D It made me realize how many gay books I've read-- a lot!


Jun. 16th, 2011 09:30 pm
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[ profile] haddayr: Walking, disability, walking some more part 1

Haddayr reflects on marked vs. unmarked states of disability. Being as I have facial pain, I often feel as if I am wearing my pain right there on my face. But this is not true at all: no one can see it.

[personal profile] thingswithwings: Mutifandom vid, The Price, and truly excellent meta about manpain. This, folks, is why I don't like Batman or Dr. Horrible and have problems with Pixar. Please read it.
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For my own references: 101 Disability Links... to be updated

with particular interest in intersectionality re queerness and disability

FWD: Do Disabled People Have Sex?

Questioning Transphobia disability tag

Dave Hingsburger: The Letter (coming out parallels)

links in comments VERY WELCOME.
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[ profile] zia_narratora: Rhetorically Constructed, or, We all write like White Men, Part 2 On the "I Write Like" meme, which it turns out has a list of 40 writers, all white, and only 3 of whom are women. And the maker of the software doesn't see race! Oh joy.

[personal profile] littlebutfierce: It is OK to ask for what you need on love memes and how they are awesome. Thank you for all the comments people gave me in [personal profile] petra's love meme, by the way! When I am feeling low I just click over to them. It is very needed this week.

[personal profile] zelempa: Living the dream: reading fic on the bus About putting fanfic onto the Kindle with formatting preserved.
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I want to link to a couple of posts on the hurt/comfort fandom discussions and disability in fiction:

[personal profile] annaham: Angry post is angry

[personal profile] trouble: I Know Where the Black Stork Comes From

[personal profile] livrelibre: (no subject) Link roundup for several discussions

[personal profile] dirty_diana: for what it's worth
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TJ Maxx (a store I like) is taking money for Autism Speaks! At least in my town they are! Please don't give money to Austism Speaks.


Aspitude: Austism Speaks does not speak for me


Also recommended: Hulu is running scare tactic ads for the HPV vaccine. As you may know I fully support the vaccine, but the ads are horrible.

[personal profile] cabell: Are you fucking kidding me, pharmaceutical companies?
mirrored at LJ: Are you fucking kidding me, pharmaceutical companies?
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[personal profile] liv: Non-fannish friending meme on/for Dreamwidth

[personal profile] were_duck: WisCon Friending meme

Johanna Eeva talks about Vegans of Color blog at Bitch Magazine

[personal profile] erda: Dreamwidth Anniversary Fest: Three Weeks for Dreamwidth. If you are participating in this event, please tag your entries "three weeks for dreamwidth". Please signal boost!


If you are maintaining two reading lists, you may as well read me at Dreamwidth. I am planning to add content here for the Anniversary Festival. Invite codes can be found at [site community profile] dw_codesharing. Large batches of invite codes (for communities or RP groups) can be had by contacting [staff profile] denise or [staff profile] mark.


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