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Personal bingo meme that people are playing on Twitter and elsewhere!

You can google "bingo card generator" and fill one out with your interests. Then you can use a photo editor to check off interests that you have too.

My card is also at Flickr:

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Oct 10 2005
I had a lovely weekend at home. It involved a night-time chicken-catching expedition: picture Sasha crawling around on a haystack, wearing an odd assortment of warmish clothes, clutching a flashlight in one hand and prowling for sleepy chickens. We gave a few hens away to a kid who wanted some (for his birthday) to round out his flock. My weekend also involved fun digital photography, banana bread, fudge, chinese take-out, clothes-shopping with mom, and general recovery and escape. Ack, I want to move back home.

Oct 11 2006
Some of my favorite science fiction and fantasy stories deal with connections between humans and animals, notably David Brin's Uplift series, Tamora Pierce's Wild Magic, and the books I am reading right now, Robin Hobb's Assassin trilogy.

Oct 12 2007
I am writing a lot today-- it is going well. I'm having fun with my story, and I think I might be able to actually finish it at some point, maybe even this weekend.

Today's word count so far is: 1,933
Total word count for story: 5,036 (10 pages in Word) [this is before I gave up writing fiction]
Things I'm learning:

--Some days it just goes better than others, but there is no way to predict which days these will be, which is like a lot of other stuff in life.
--It's easy for me to write about horses. The visual and sensory details are all right there in my mind, they are inherently interesting to me, and it puts me in a good mood.
--I lack practice in writing. This is what I need to work on: just building up some experience and confidence. This is also very similar to a lot of other stuff in life.

Oct 10 2008, writing a long entry about my abusive job:
Still. I'm coughing now, the mouth sores came back, and I'm punchy with exhaustion. I want out. Now.

Oct 10 2009
Maybe last week? I finally changed my OK Cupid profile to say "bisexual". [I now prefer "queer"]

About 2 or 3 months ago I changed my facebook profile to say "Looking for: Friendship" only and eliminated the "interested in" portion. (This also has the nice side effect of reducing dating ads in the sidebar.)

Oct 10 2010
--I really do have a lot on my plate. I am responsible for 3 studies and helping out with a 4th. I also write and edit papers (which I enjoy). The hardest, most exhausting part is talking to people I don't know, which I have to do a lot of lately, and that will get easier with practice. I am learning new software, learning to read medical charts, asking questions constantly.
--I am very sensitive to criticism
--I was very burned by my last job
--It's still a new job. I do really enjoy it! But I'm currently putting most of my energy into the job and need to rest and do self-care a lot. I'm pretty good about leaving on time and not going in on my day off. I don't make enough money for that.

Oct 12 2011, writing about a performance
Mostly what I got out of this show came during the panel and Q and A at the end: the panelists talked about how people of color don't have the luxury of leaving behind their families or their faith when they come out, because those institutions are so necessary when navigating a white supremacist society. Communities of faith, nor queer communities, aren't going away, and interstitial, compromise spaces are needed.

Oct 9 2012
I was super anxious at work today. Sometimes I get this fear/feeling that I am bad at my job, and I am going to get reprimanded or fired or something, and it makes me not want to go to work at all--self-destructive tendencies, etc.

I guess it's a good thing I have therapy this week.

Oct 8 2013
I am happy to be working again. So far work is not very social, and I stare at a computer too much. I will have to look around for people to talk to and places to walk. I don't know why sitting at a desk is so hard on my body.

Oct 9 2014
I met a very lovely Greyhound today that I will hopefully get to adopt. She is an almost-3-year-old girl, black, a bit timid. She has a playful side that I think will come out once she settles in. [personal profile] were_duck came along to meet her.

Oct 11 2015

Today is unseasonably warm. I'm farm sitting. It's quiet and peaceful, perhaps a bit lonely but at least there are plenty of animals around, and also the internet.
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[personal profile] were_duck gave me the letter P.

Something I hate: Pants that don't fit right (more just a regular irritation these days). Politics in America might be more accurate.

Something I love: Pickles! Pop. Puppies. The word "precipice."

Somewhere I've been: Portland, Oregon

Somewhere I'd like to go: Panera bread for a nice bagel

Someone I know: I am somewhat acquainted with [personal profile] pennyplainknits.

A film I like: Pitch Black

A book I like: Paladin of Souls by Lois McMaster Bujold.

Feel free to ask for a letter if you'd like.
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I don't want to schedule posts, but if you want to leave me prompts for the December posting meme, please do! I will do my best to answer them in what is left of December!
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[personal profile] holyoutlaw asked: what are your optimistic dreams for the future, from your hoped-for life span through a few years after?

I think it's harder to be realistically optimistic than pessimistic, which is why I ask this.

I've been thinking about this and having a hard time with it, so I'm going to be unrealistically optimistic.

For myself:
My health will improve dramatically.
I'll become much more financially secure.
I'll figure out what I want regarding relationships, work, and my life in general! Magically things will just kind of work out! I will live close to nature but also close to my friends, in a charmed and happy life; a life filled with service to others.

For the world:
Suddenly humanity figures its shit out! We enter a golden age of peace, justice, creativity and problem solving. We work on healing the planet and ourselves. Art and research thrive.
Health care is free.
We send missions to Mars.
People can sleep as much as they want, if they want to.
No one lives in poverty.
In no country or place on Earth is it illegal to be queer, brown, or an immigrant.
Violence? What violence?
Negative carbon impact, clean water, etc.
Universal access for PWD for all public buildings!
No more kyriarchy!

How's that. Let's get started!
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[personal profile] meganbmoore asked about my favorite Studio Ghibli movies.

The first one I saw in the theater is my favorite: Ponyo.

I'd seen maybe 1 or 2 Ghibli movies before, but this one really made an impression on me. It is so beautiful and magical, and watching it (similar to other Ghibli movies) feels like dreaming. After seeing this one I watched a bunch of others, but sometimes I get Ghibli movies confused in my head and can't remember which title goes with which plot. Well, the plot is not the most important thing anyway. I should rewatch some of them.

These movies tend to have themes I enjoy: a focus on women and children, relationships, beautiful animation, domestic scenes, and a respect for the land and environment.

Ponyo herself charms me greatly. She is a little girl, born in the sea, who wants to join humans on the land. She finds a family and has a sibling-like friendship with a little boy. I read a review of this movie that posits Ponyo herself a metaphor for a kid with autism-- she doesn't quite get the social rules, and looking after her is a lot of responsibility (so says her new brother). Anyway you choose to look at it, it is a great movie!

Ponyo loves food, especially ham. "HAAAAAM!"

I just don't remember the other films as well, but I would say My neighbor Totoro is my next favorite!
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[personal profile] quarter_to_five asked: December 9th - what's your idea of a perfect rainy-day book?

I don't read many books any more, and I still don't know why, but I do read a fair amount of fanfic. So if I were to read for a good chunk of time I would probably want a long fic, or several medium-length ones, to settle in with. Fan fic just seems to scratch the itch for me lately, and perhaps it doesn't matter why. But I think it has to do with reading about queer characters.

I did recently read Malinda Lo's Adaptation, mostly all in one day. I particularly liked that one because of the queer characters having adventures! I have a warm memory of lying in my parent's bed, probably when my dad and brothers were away on a scouting trip, reading The Wizard of Oz-- I had an edition with beautiful illustrations. Oh Oz! <3
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[personal profile] sophinisba asked: What do you like about the place where you live? Do you ever think or daydream about moving somewhere else?

What I love about the place I live is that I have a lot of great friends here! We have a nice fan contingent going, and some of my friends here I've known for years now, and it took a while to create those relationships. It's a medium-sized city, which means I don't have to drive very far to get to the edge and see fields and woods, and I don't feel overwhelmed or trapped by the city, and traffic isn't too bad. (I'm not really a city person). But I am close to people and things that I like, and I am close to work. There are lots of nice parks and green spaces. In my neighborhood, I am close to a library, a grocery store, and "my" dog park. Also, Madison is known for being accepting of people who are queer; although on the negative side we have problems with racial segregation and school achievement.

When I day dream, I fantasize about living on a space station or space ship. Why not go for broke, eh? In the hospital and clinics where I've worked, this feels easy to imagine since they are big sprawling complexes with skyways, sky lights, internal shops and cafeterias, etc-- like cities unto themselves.

If I lived in a space station, I would probably still do scientific or medical research like I do now. The research questions that interest me are how living in a closed environment affect people's health and well being. Controlling infectious diseases would be pretty important since they would spread easily, much like they can do on a cruise ship. It would also be interesting to work in the green house or botany labs. A space station would be a small town, but it would be a port town, with people constantly coming and going. The challenge for me on a space station would be the separation from nature, but as with anywhere, perhaps there would be ways to incorporate nature into the built environment. Another area for study and work! :D

This comes from watching a whole lot of Deep Space Nine at a formative age. :D
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Today I woke up feeling off. I completely forgot what day it was, missed an appointment, and was late for another appointment. (My face and shoulder are hurting a lot and it's hard to think.)

This is not totally unheard of for me; even though I'm normally a very reliable person, when I get especially stressed or sick I tend to forget dates and times and miss appointments. It's one of my indicators for how well/badly I'm doing. I feel bad about it, though.

Anyways, Reading meme:

Recently finished

The Nao of Brown, graphic novel, by Glyn Dillon.

I loved this and think nearly everyone should read it! The watercolors are amazing, with lot of reds, white and gray, and realistic faces and bodies. Nao is a half-Japanese, half-white woman living in England and working at an upscale designer toy shop. She has a form of OCD that manifests as intrusive, violent thoughts. This book is about her friendships, her Buddhist practice, and her relationship with a washing machine repairman. I loved it!!! Content warning for suicide ideation, some violent imagery, mentions of past rape.

ATLA: The Promise by Gene Luen Yang et al.

I enjoyed these as a continuation of the TV show. Light and fun, but with real political weight concerning colonies and mixed-nationality families.

Air by G. Willow Wilson (comic)

I didn't get much out of this. Meh.

Currently Reading

Far From the Tree by Andrew Solomon.

This book is about children who have different identities than their parents. "Vertical" identities are those such as race that are passed down. "Horizontal" identities are those such as queerness and, often, disability that are not passed down but are different from one generation to the next. He has chapters on various disabilities, a chapter on transgender children, one on children conceived through rape, one of children who are criminals, one on children who are prodigies. This book is 700 pages long; I am on page 34 and am reading slowly to try and absorb a lot of complex musings on identity. The author is gay and writes some about that; he also is dyslexic and Jewish; he interviewed more than 300 hundred families for this book. It's a lot of food for thought.

What do you think you'll read next?

I still have huge pile of comics out of from the library.
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Recently Finished

James Tiptree Jr: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon by Julie Phillips

This took me weeks to read, but I enjoyed it a lot. I especially enjoyed the correspondence between Tip/Alli and Joanna Russ, Ursula LeGuin, and her other pen pals. The way they responded to her revealing her identity as a woman was GREAT. I would have liked more of this and perhaps less of Sheldon's earlier life, but that's my own preference. The book is remarkably well researched. I want to go back and read or re-read some of Tiptree's stories now.

I read this book with my girlfriend (on some of your recs-- thank you!) and she enjoyed it a lot even though she's not into SF. It's interesting to me that Sheldon tried a bunch of different things in her life and didn't go back to school until she was 41. I also really enjoyed reading about the WAAC.

Letting It Go by Miriam Kitin. Graphic Memoir.

This is obviously the 2nd book and I haven't read the 1st, so I felt a little bit of a gap in my knowledge but not too bad. The author is a Holocaust survivor and artist living in New York with her husband. Her adult son tells her that he's decided to live in Berlin with his girlfriend. Miriam has terrible associations and does not take this well, but decides to visit Berlin anyway. It is drawn in beautiful colored pencil. I could especially relate to the author's physical reactions to her distress. I am astounded my memoirists-- how brutally honest they are in laying everything out on the page. This was great and makes me want to read her first book.

Now Reading

I just barely started The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. I mean that I'm still in the introduction and haven't really decided if I'm reading it yet.

Recently acquired

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, which I picked up from the library today.

In Search of Our Mother's Gardens: Womanist Prose by Alice Walker. Lent from a friend.

I seem to be in a non-fiction mood.
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The Highest Frontier by Joan Slonczewski

I wonder if I will be able to spell her name by the end of WisCon 37? I am about 6 chapters into this book and really enjoying it. Notably, the protag has "public mutism", a disability similar to mine. Internet advancements have enabled her and others like her to be able to instantly text other people they are enacting with. There are a lot of ideas packed in, a lot of biology and some politics.

Just Finished

Fire by Kristin Cashore -- I finished this about a week ago and really enjoyed it. A reviewer on Goodreads said something about it being "anti-marriage propaganda" which means it's just the kind of thing I will love (lol). I loved the character arcs and the horses.

Our Cancer Year by Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner, art by Frank Stack. An unflinching, unsentimental look at cancer. Sometimes funny, always honest. I liked this.

Reading next

I'd like to read Bitterblue, the next Kristin Cashore book.
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I'm between things right now. I started an XMFC fanfic but it's not really working for me so I don't think I'll continue with it. Some of the AUs I read just feel so... paint-by-numbers.

Just finished

This is a good reminder to leave feedback on fic I read on my Kobo!

Friend Request, by rumpleghost. A Yuletide story based on the movie Weekend, Glen/Russell.

I quite liked this; the character depictions were spot-on and it gave them further adventures together in a mostly realistic way. Well written and the tension between the characters really came through. Recommended.

Lust Over Pendle by AJ Hall. Harry Potter fandom, Neville/Draco, Hermione, Narcissa, Emily Longbottom, others.

I loved this! A comedy of manners and an adventure, the characters really sing. Today I was thinking about how utterly awesome Draco is in one scene opposite an original character. It also centers some female characters such as Narcissa DeVries (nee Malfoy), Emily Longbottom, and Hermione, who are each powerful witches and people, and who all deserve such attention. I will read more of this author. Highly recommended.

Planning on reading

More fanfic. :)
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The "Ehrmagerd" meme needs to die.

Perhaps it is making fun of the way certain disabled people talk, in which case it is mean-spirited and ableist. Perhaps it is making fun of Valley-girl speech, in which case it is misogynist and still mean-spirited.

I am not humorless: I love memes; I just think they work best when pointing fun at those in power, not those who already lack power. In other words, I don't like it when humor is use to reinforce existing oppressive structures.

Feel free to link this post.
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Meme: Please fill out this survey so I can get to know you better. Old friends, fill it out too! Even if I know you well, I may find out something about you I never knew. Feel free to spread this around so we can all get to know each other. If there is a question you don't want to or don't know how to answer, just tell me something else instead.

Name: Sasha
Preferred gender pronoun: she/her is fine. I don't feel strongly about this.

Skipping the birthday and where do you live questions. :p

What are you studying/What are you working as: I'm a study coordinator for Alzheimer's disease research. My background is epidemiology / microbiology / infectious diseases, but I've been a study coordinator for a while and the skill set is the same for whatever area one is working on. It's science, but with face-to-face people interaction, which is nice. I like the diversity of the tasks I do: some working with data, some logistical things, some working with people, some writing and editing.

What makes you happy/hobbies: Walking my dog, working with plants, taking photos, watching fanvids with friends, sitting on porches, being outside. The internet. Reading.

An interesting fact about you: I used to show chickens, and when I graduated from 4-H I organized the local poultry show for a couple of years. I went to the national livestock show for poultry judging one year in high school.

Are you in love/have a crush at the moment? I probably have minor crushes on some of you right now. :p

Favorite place to be: Outside, around plants and animals. I love the back pasture at my parents' place, and pretty much any wild place. I also have a particular fondness for dark movie theaters.

A word to describe yourself: tired.


Favorite Fandom(s): I'm going to steal whump's answer and say that the meta parts of fandom are my favorite.

OTP/OT3: Charles/Erik; the SGA OT4; Sherlock and John. Probably lots of others since I read in several fandoms.

Celebrities you flail over: I try not to do this because celebrities usually disappoint me somehow. I flail over my friends instead.

Favorite music: Neko Case FOREVER! Janelle Monae, REM, older U2. Been listening to fun. all the time lately.


One thing you like about DW: Cut tag expandrrrrrrrr, and all the little ways the site is designed to be user-friendly

Two things you like about yourself: I'm thoughtful and compassionate, most of the time

What House in Hogwarts are you in/would you be in? Hufflepuff pride!
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I was busy all day today and am tired! I want to update my blog anyway. I worked and then went downtown for the protest. It was awesome. The best part: Firefighters in formal dress, with bagpipes out front, marching around the Capitol. They were followed by state union workers. Painters, welders, sewer workers, teachers, grad students, veterans, kids-- many many people out at the Capitol today. Felt like a party. We are getting coverage from NPR, NY Times, and MSNBC. Facebook and Twitter and are political right now! I made a comm, [community profile] wisconsin, and [personal profile] laceblade has posted some links there.

From [personal profile] toft
Here is a meme! It's ridiculously hard. A CHALLENGE! Leave a ONE WORD comment that you think best describes me. It can only be one word. No more than one word. Then copy & paste this post to your own journal so I can leave a word about you (not obligatory).
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Tonight we were playing a game, "What character from X TV show/fandom are you?"

My picks are
BSG: Felix Gaeta
Firefly: Simon Tam
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Dr. Julian Bashir
Stargate Atlantis: John Sheppard, but the particular version of him that doesn't like to talk (there are many John Sheppards.)

This list needs more women. I'm going to think on some cowgirls to add to this list.

I'm also in Hufflepuff House.

pictures below the cut )

Feel free to post your picks in the comments or in your own journals! For whatever fandoms. :)


Mar. 7th, 2010 10:23 pm
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1) I finally watched White Collar up to episode 13! I see what you are all talking about! What I particularly like about this show:

The way Neal Caffrey moves, he swaggers, it is almost ridiculous. Sometimes it is like he's approaching an affected limp, and yet it is beautiful. Swagger, Neal, swagger some more!

I like the set designs, particularly Neal's amazing apartment, the lighting and general color palette, the clothing choices, and what I have come to term "visual interest" of the show.

Every character interests me so far at some level, although most of the minor characters are undeveloped. It's a light and fluffy show, but that is welcome in my life right now.

2) TRUE BLOOD. I have 2 episodes left in season 1. THIS SHOW, OH WOW. I have fallen head over heels for this show. I want to make everyone watch it. It is so smart, so beautiful, so captivating! I will have more to say about this show as I go on but for right now, LOVE. Sookie Stackhouse, ILU.

3) I have given up on Fringe for the time being, sorry friends.

4) Here is a meme if you would like to play: pick 5 or 6 words that you associate with me. And/or you can do one of your own. meme sheep baa!
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First I would like to signal-boost [personal profile] rydra_wong's idea: Post something to a comm on DW!

And now, a meme. From [personal profile] thingswithwings:
comment and I'll give you three of your fandoms, then copy and paste the questions onto your journal and fill it out.

If you want to play this meme leave a comment saying so!

Buffy )
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[ profile] mystickeeper ([profile] laceblace) gave me 5 words for one of those memes that I like to do:
Intersectionality (of disability and feminism)
Farm/Country Life

Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.


Yah! I love horses. I had/have three to call my very own: Penny, Tiki, and Cassidy. I rode in 4-H as a teenager, mostly doing barrel racing and the like. I still have the boots and hat and Wranglers and all that. I don't ride enough any more. I miss it a lot.

Penny was an Appaloosa, 22 when I got her, and I was 11. She died my senior year of college, which means she was Very Aged by horse standards. She was this wise old gentle soul. <3

Horses horses horses! They are very smart, silly, brave, frustrating, and awesome. And the most beautiful creatures on earth. They even smell good. They're a gift. A blessing.


I wrote a review of my Kindle at kindledfans.

Kindle kindle kindle! I did go to look for Dangerous Liaisons today and Amazon only has it IN FRENCH, which is disappointing. My sites for free ebooks (like Project Gutenberg) do not have it either.

I love showing it off. I love listening to p0rn in the funny robot voice for a lark. Which, by the way, can be either male or female: my Kindle is gender neutral. ("Who would want a male robot voice reading to them?" [personal profile] general_jinjur asked me at WisCon. "Well, I guess it takes all kinds.")*

People asked me if it has a name, and I guess I'm not one of those people who name my inanimate objects. It just doesn't occur to me to do so.

[*She may have specified "reading p0rn", I don't quite remember. But there was someone at a fanfic panel I was at, at Another Con, who disliked having pr0n read to her by a female human voice. Interesting.]

Intersectionality (of disability and feminism)

[personal profile] jesse_the_k have talked about how oppression often works the same even when "the differences are different". For instance, take weird gendered comments, and weird comments disabled people receive ("Don't you need a license for that wheelchair?"), or the "where are you from" that some POC receive. They all tend to come from privileged people who are uncomfortable with someone who is different from them, or taking advantage of their privilege somehow. The privileged people feel they are entitled to comment on you, know something about you, invade your privacy, because you are obviously different in some way, and reduced to that difference. That difference is the most important thing about you.

I can't really separate some of the stuff I learn about into obvious categories-- it all feels the same to me, it all feels like an umbrella of "anti-oppression". Or at least ideally, it should be so. Especially because many of us fit into multiple categories. I see the connections pretty easily. But, I'm just beginning to learn about race and class, so I might mistakes on those things.

Farm/Country Life

Or why the heck do I live in the city?

I like chickens, and dogs, and sheep, all of which I grew up with. I like gardening. I like quiet pastures and fields. I like gravel roads and streams and woods. I like staring off into the distance and laying on the porch swing reading. I like going to the barn even in the middle of a blizzard to check on the sheep.

I don't like smog/air pollution, car alarms, crowds, noise.

I'm getting used to the city, and I like being so close to my friends. There are a lot of cool people here.

My four grandparents were farmers, my parents grew up on working farms and made a hobby farm life for themselves, and I have aunts and uncles who farm, and yet! Out of the next generation of me and all my cousins? I think there are only 2 who will end up as farmers. And one cousin is getting into CAFO (confined animal feeding operations), because it's the only game in town. And I think CAFOs are sad and wrong. It's just too hard for farmers to make a living anymore.


Er, thanks!? I should remind myself of this, because sometimes I feel like a big faker. Is that a woman thing? I know I'm smart but still I'm a little insecure about it? I like hanging out with people who are smarter than me, and I went to good schools on academic scholarship, and was interested in learning everything, but a part of me feels like I never worked hard enough or was never quite smart enough. Which is totally silly.

Also, I just finished watching S1 Leverage. ZOMG. <3


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