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I am taking my computer in for service so I will likely be offline for a few days. See ya'll later!
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Wiscon Readings and Programming Sign-ups are open now, and are scheduled to close on Sunday March 22nd!

There is some really great programming this year, check it out! You can sign up as "interested in attending" a panel or program item, which is part of how programs get picked and also room sizes chosen.

Please signal-boost if you are so inclined. You can copy/paste this post.
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I am on a bit of an enforced internet/computer break for about a week. I plan to live like it's the 1990s and watch movies, read paper books*, go outside, etc. I have already watched a couple DVDs from the library. Best way to reach me right now is via text message.

I am also thinking about changing jobs. Working from grant to grant is stressful. Advice on this front welcome.

*My Kindle 2 is borked. It lasted a long time but the little LED light fell out and the screen is frozen. Since it's past warranty, a friend said that the company would probably just offer me a discount on a new one rather than repair this one. I don't know that I want another Kindle necessarily; but I sure miss reading fanfic on it!
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I am going out of town this weekend; see you on the flip side!
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...and anyone who may be in the vicinity!

[personal profile] fullygoldy is having a fan meetup on August 26th at her house.

Details are here!

Please join us!
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Marijuana is not a narcotic.

Yahoo Answers
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I'm going to a wedding, leaving very early Thursday morning, and will be away from keyboard until at least Monday night.

Also, who I am to ignore my readership? Not gonna shave my legs. I have it on good authority that Vermont is a state where hair is in style. It's also flooded, yes, but I imagine we'll make do.


Jul. 28th, 2011 08:46 pm
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I did a fairly brutal trim of my subscription list. This does not mean we are not friends, yadda etc. It's always amnesty day around here: to paraphrase someone else I read (auburn?), this is not bad magazine subscription you're stuck with.

Also, DW invite codes! I gave most of mine away at [site community profile] dw_codesharing. You can too!


May. 15th, 2010 10:23 am
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I am super busy with analog life right now and am taking small break from the internet. My best friend Jaemus is visiting me. :)
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All my fanfic is now up at Archive of Our Own!

Yay AO3!

Also: the tag cloud will never stop being funny as long as Angst is the biggest one.


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