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Raising money to pay a medical bill. Paypal info below the cut.

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eta: unlocking this post

OMG thank you friends ILU you are the best :D :D :D
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Given how stressed and sick I've been, I guess it's no surprise really that my period is 10 days overdue. Normally it's very regular. (no I'm not pregnant).

It's been a stressful summer.

I'm back on Prednisone for a few days and already feeling somewhat better. Getting hit with the RA/asthma truck has been no picnic.

I'm following the Ferguson news on Twitter. It's difficult to read, and difficult to not read.
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This has been one of the more stressful few weeks of my life.

I am pretty sick. All-over achy and tired. I took two days off of work (yesterday and today) but not sure how much it helped. I'm afraid that I am under-performing at work at that shit is gonna hit the fan. Well, it won't be the first time that has happened I suppose. Being chronically ill and trying to work and survive on your own is something that there is not a lot of room or support for in society. Right now I am really longing for a different way to live.

This week on the WisCon ConCom list I got really angry, fought with people I respect, and well, made myself sick I guess.

Possibly I am not eating enough protein.

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me in various ways. Thanks also to everyone who writes about things like:
Tone argument
Gas lighting
Concern Trolling
White woman's tears
Victim blaming
because I've been listening and learning.
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Sorcha is still whining incessantly. I see from my journal that this has been going on for more than a month -- probably more like six weeks. I'm taking her back to the vet on Wednesday to get her thyroid levels checked.

Other things we've tried:
I moved my bed so she can see me better from my crate.
I turned a night light on overnight.
Sitting with her on the couch to watch TV and movies. Three feet away in my chair isn't close enough-- I have to be like, touching and petting her to stop her whining. And I can't type with her on the couch because she paws at the screen and keyboard.
Distracting with treats.
A thundershirt. (Had to take a break from the shirt today because I may have left it on too long yesterday.)

The worst is when I try to lie down for a nap and she won't let me sleep.

I posted on the Greyhound bulletin board-- run by the rescue group-- asking for advice. So far, no help.

She does not seem to be in pain, not that I can tell. She still runs hard at the park, some days, and still hops in and out of the car, walks fine, etc. It seems more like anxiety, but that strange thing it how it started relatively recently.

Any ideas??
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First: my dog is A-OK!

On Saturday during WisCon I went home for the dinner hour and Tiptree Auction, thinking I'd have a little rest, walk the dog, have a light supper at home, and just take a relaxing break. Ahahahah, yeah right!

The main dog park by my house was closed for the Brat Fest, meaning the gates were open to let people park there. So I took Sorcha into the small dog park next to it, which has fence on 3 sides and a creek on the 4th side. We walked all the way down and started walking back, when she went down to the water. I thought she was sniffing it or taking a drink, but suddenly she jumped in and started leaping/swimming across the creek! I stood on the bike path yelling at her, but she kept going all the way across and up the other bank. I've only had her for five weeks: I had no idea her interests and talents included swimming in filthy creek water.

I yelled at a man standing there, "Can you catch her?" But he couldn't? I contemplated leaping into the shallow water after her, but instead I walked all the way down to the bridge and crossed the creek. By that time she was long gone. I texted my roommate who called back and said he'd come help me look for her. Crying, I asked every passing bicyclist and pedestrian if they had seen a dog. The first people had; everyone else said no.

I walked all the way down to Lake Monona when my phone rang; some bicylists had found her! My number is on her tag on her collar. The man stayed on the phone with me while I walked over to the railroad tracks where they were. Apparently she had been running in traffic on a busy thoroughfare while people honked at her! When I got her back on leash, she did not appear scared though-- just wet, dirty, stinky and bedraggled. I was so grateful I gave the good Samaritan a hug. My roommate met up with me and called Sorcha "the devil's mistress": "She is so calm and sweet, but secretly she is up to no good!".

When we got home I immediately made her get in the tub for a shower.

Then I took a shower myself, had a little snack and an outfit change, and it was time to go back into WisCon.

ETA: Google maps tells me that her route of running is a little over a half mile; the whole thing probably took less than 20 minutes (but felt longer).
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I went and saw Thor. It was as expected: silly, fun, and definitely worth the $2.50 I paid for the cheap seats matinee. Surprisingly good actors populated this movie. Four, Four, femail characters appeared in this movie and it's a surprise Bechdel pass for a couple of scenes where Natalie Portman talks with her research assistant, Darcy. Lady Sif and Darcy have no love interests! And there are two people of color that we see in Asgard: Tadanobu Asano as one of Thor's buddy warriors, and Idris Elba as the guy who guards the gate and operates the magical wormhole device. Not bad.

Today I slept a lot and went to a board game gathering. I avoided working on the paper of doom that has been weighing over my head for a long time. Unfinished projects, argh, why must you be so stressful. I had previously used a free trial of EndNote, but that's expired, so now I think I'm going to switch over to Zotero. Re-enter the references. *sigh*
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1. How does one work in 2 Dreamwidth accounts simultaneously without logging out? I know there is a way, within DW, without using separate browsers. Does anyone know?

2. How do I allow anonymous comments in my community? I have poked around and then gone AAAAAAAAAH.

3. Why am I getting 2 notifications for every comment in that post?! (I have filed a support request).

Grumpy face!


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