Jan. 15th, 2015 10:44 pm
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I didn't do much today but it was a Twitter success day: re-tweeted by @Karnythia (29.8K followers) and Saladin Ahmed (24.1K Followers). If you care about that sort of thing. I used to have a locked twitter, so.

I watched the film "Pride" (2014) with some friends. I quite liked this film about a group of gay and lesbian activists in the UK who support striking miners. It's great to see a film about activists and politics; it reminded me a bit of "Milk" but was better because it focused on a group of people instead of one individual, and it focused on the politics and not on the drama of their relationships. It's a hopeful movie about the power of community activism.
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Saving my tweets on this as I think it through.

The "Man of his time" argument assumes that everyone in that time period felt the same way. Erases nuance and difference.

It also erases experiences of dissents and marginalized people. Those people existed even if history has forgotten them. (For example: I learned from Rachel Maddow tonight that Vince Lombardi was pro-gay and had a gay brother. He was a famous football coach that lived from 1913-1970).

Me and my friends don't hold the prevailing views of mainstream society. I don't think of us as "products of our time."

This argument also assumes that society progresses forward thru time, that people in the past were worse. Which is not true. (History does not go forward in a upward line. It's more like a sine wave maybe.)

We are all influenced by our time and society, but we can all think critically and listen to our consciences re right and wrong.

Saying that someone was "a product of their time" is usually just apologism for their bad behaviors.

If something is wrong today, it was wrong 100 years ago. (Ethical behaviors, possibly, have some standards across societies and times, even if morals are relative. Have to think on this more.)

Just because people in power endorsed it, doesn't make it OK for everyone else in society to do so.
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I am angry lately! Anger can be good, but also exhausting. I got into a tiff with Saeed Jones on Twitter earlier this week, and I am still upset about that. He is a popular Twitter personality, and LGBT editor for Buzzfeed. He was mocking women at the Met Gala on the red carpet. I criticized him for it; he said "The exit is this way." (I also made a storify.)

I guess I have high expectations for public LBGT figures. He's anti-racist, so I expect him to be feminist. I expect feminists to be anti-racist. I expect intersectionality from people. It doesn't happen.

I admit I might be wrong about the particular issue: criticizing famous women/the way they dress on the red carpet. But I don't think so.

I can see where people might think it's "punching up" type of comedy or making fun to snark at these women and their dresses, because they are actresses, musicians, etc, and they have a relative amount of money and power compared to the rest of us.

But women don't have power in the entertainment industry compared to men. Men hold the power there and as a feminist I want to support women who are trying to make it in Hollywood.

I also love women, so you know, it's fun to just like looking at women in pretty dresses, you know? I don't enjoy cutting them down.

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Somewhat out of boredom and a desire to look at shiny things, I seem to be using Tumblr a bit more, despite the fact that I find it frustrating to use. I have two Tumblrs: WomeninGlasses and Sashafeather.

How do I change which one is the default, so that when I reblog something it goes to SashaFeather first?

How do I get tags to automatically wrap?

How do I block things on Tumblr?

While I'm at it, how do I block people on Twitter? (It's none of you.)


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