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One of my highlights of WisCon 41 was the [community profile] wiscon_vidparty. There were 19 premieres, discussed at a panel the next day. Tweets of this panel in storify form:

There was also a new-to-me vid, Gloria by sweetestdrain, Sarah Connor Chronicles, that I absolutely adored:

What is amazing about the vidshow is the intense feeling of being in community and enjoying the vids together with people I love; being at a party but not having to socialize; and singing along with abandon. We were also in the biggest room this year!
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Vid Discussion Panel with myself, [personal profile] metatext, [personal profile] brainwane, [personal profile] were_duck, and [personal profile] cyborganize. For a list of all vids, please see

These notes are from memory; any mistakes are my own and please correct me! We mostly talked about the premier vids.

We discussed brainwane's premiere, Pipeline, quite a bit. Brainwane has written about her vid on her journal including sources. This was brainwane's first vid and she did a lot of research into how to use still footage and how to make a multivid; she was very pleased with people's response to the vid. Women used to make up a lot of the tech world but have been pushed out. Similarly, women are recruited into tech but then are pushed out due to hostile work environments. Someone in the audience said that in Mongolia, Ghengis Khan had his daughters inherit power in the capitol city and his sons took over the outlying territories. But when the daughters died, the sons came in and literally scratched the daughters' names off of the stone because it was shameful to them to have women in power.

I don't remember what we said about garrideb's Pretty Deadly vid, "Hope in the Air", except a lot of Ooooh, it is beatiful, and great song choice! Brainwane said that the still techniques were different than what she had researched for her vid.

For starlady's vid, "Just a Dream Away", people joked that hardcore ST fans will brag about seeing "everything" in the Star Trek universe but will not have seen the animated series. But what is great about the series is the camp, and the way it uses animation to do things that traditional film cannot (such as tentacles), and this vid celebrates that. I loved the humor in this vid, and the way it centers women.

For seekingferret's vid "Cassavetes", metatxt explained that Cassavetes was a controversial, prolific film maker who did not share credit easily. The band here, Le Tigre, is a feminist band, and the question they pose in the song is one we struggle with in fandom: how do we react to problematic characters? No person is all good or all bad; when we elevate them, what does that mean? A very WisCon-appropriate question.

Other vids that the panelists and audience mentioned as being particularly note-worthy:
Roxane Samer's Orphan Black vid, Gold Rush, which intercuts footage with intersectional feminist quotes
Silent Fandoms by Ghost-Lingering. were-duck liked the vidder's subtitles which were quite meta and contributed to a community, in-the-moment feeling
Repeated use of the song "Blank Space" in 3 vids (Pipeline; Purple_fringe and such_height's Dr. Who vid; and sleepygeeky's Power Rangers/Fair Use vid). Interesting to note how the meaning of the song seems to change in each vid.
Losing my Religion by rhoboat. Such intense feelings and the song really stood out for people, as it is a cover of a familiar song.
Pressure (Quantum Leap/vidding) by the California Crew. A spotlight on vidders, in the VHS/analog age. were-duck mentioned that when you see what they are actually vidding, you can see that it is in the service of smut, which is so great.


May. 13th, 2014 09:51 pm
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I started a list of conventions/conferences with accessibility policies a while back At the Geek Feminism Wiki.

Anyone can edit this wiki. If you know of cons I can add, please suggest them!

I would just like to say that doing vid show warnings / content notes is actually quite simple.
Here are some examples:


ao3 dot org

I'll have more to say on this later. Context if you ask for it.

Some vids

Feb. 19th, 2013 10:21 am
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A fanvid of Brokeback Mountain to Adele's "Someone Like You".

A unicorn chaser:
Some soldiers in Afghanistan did a dance video to "Call Me Maybe" in the style of the Dolphins cheerleaders.

Some Recs!

Jun. 9th, 2012 11:07 am
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1. Twings has a new Avengers story and it is GREAT!

[personal profile] thingswithwings: Stark, A.E., and Banner, R. Bruce. (2013). "Biodosimetric Tools for Measuring Induced Isomeric Transition in Inverted Paired States." International Journal of Radiation Biology 89.9, 43-85.

Tony Stark/Bruce Banner/(The Hulk)

What I especially love about this story is this might be a spoiler )

2. What it means to be well read and how SF helped me stop caring about it

This blog post made me cheer in agreement. YES.

3. All the stuff lately at [community profile] vidrecs has been great, but this one especially:

Terminator Salvation: A Perfect Lie by meivocis.

I watched this movie because I love the Terminator franchise, and I did like most of the movie, but the ending ruined it. The poster at vidrecs says another ending was originally proposed for the movie, and the vid seems to reinforce that:

on endings )
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I've been invited to present a themed vid set at WisCon's vid party this year. My theme is, loosely, vids that address the problematic nature of guns, war, and violence in our media. I have a bunch of vids already in mind, but would really like to get some vids that are outside of my viewing knowledge, so to speak-- vids I've never seen before, older vids, rare fandoms, that sort of thing.

So I would like recs! If you know of a vid that you think fits this theme, even loosely, please point me to it! I would like to take a look.


Jan. 22nd, 2012 12:13 pm
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Hi internet hi!

I just spent a lovely couple of days with [personal profile] thingswithwings and Rorshcach the dog, and on Saturday we managed to spend most of the day watching Festivids! In the evening we met up with [personal profile] were_duck and watched some more.

So far my favorites are:

Maru the Cat (both vids)
Stand by Me
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air: Baby I'm a Star
How to Train Your Dragon: I'm Still Here
Independence Day: Doomsday
The Middleman: Do it Like a Dude
Moulin Rouge
MythBusters (both vids)
Newsies: Express Yourself (watched this 3 or 4 times already!)
Plata Quemada
Rise of the planet of the Apes
Pride and Prejudice - What a Man
Starship Troopers

Aaaaand there are so many more to watch!!!

:D What a great holiday this is.
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Please let me know if you have any additions or corrections.

120: Vids with Something to Say
Alexis, Skud, Gretchen

Probably my favorite panel! I arrived a few minutes late, but in time to speak about LC's "Me and My 424" vid. I posted about this vid here; what I said was something along the lines of how technology plays a huge role in these people's lives. Logan is a person with a disability, and for PWD, tech can be life or death, movement or no movement. The vid shows him as a geek that likes to fiddle, that likes to be wired in. So, tech is great, but it is also subject to failure and damage, and to being outdated, as the lyrics remind us. What happens if no one makes the parts for your wheelchair anymore? "Nude descending a staircase" was a painting that came about because of a leap in technology: photography. In the vid, we see moments of Logan and Max reaching towards each other, and moving away again, picking up their phones and putting them down. Max herself is a product of technology-- a genetically engineered super-soldier, and she too has this flaw; the seizures that come about because of an amino acid deficiency. Gretchen said that this vid is about Logan's frustrations and hardships, but he is also very independent in it; it's a great character study. I was surprised that very few people in the room were familiar with the fandom.

There was a lively discussion about Gianduja Kiss' "Shock the Monkey", a Hawaii 5-0 vid. Skud talked about how this show was rec'd to her as "light viewing" and she had to quit watching because of the police brutality/torture in the show. Someone in the audience talked about viewer expectations: there was laughter in the audience at the vid show during the prat falls, and you never know what provokes such laughter, it could be discomfort, but it was strange. Raanve said that the song is one she thought was silly nonsense until she watched the music vid and found it distressing. Someone said that the origin of the song is a scientific experiment where baby monkeys are put with two mama dolls: one is wire and has food, one is snuggly but shocks the baby, and the baby will go to the snuggly one. There was a pause. Gretchen said, "It's about being attached to things that hurt you, but you keep coming back anyway." Then there was a moan of understanding and dismay from the audience. I mentioned at some point that I read a racial critique from this vid too; since it is two white guys as the protags, and the bad guys are Asians and native Hawaiian islanders.

The panel also talked about "How Much is that Geisha in the Window", specifically about how the erasure of Asians from Firefly echoes the erasure of Asians from American history narratives.

There was also a bit of talk about literalism of metaphors and song choices.

Someone asked where to find meta; the Journal of Transformative Works and Cultures was mentioned. Also metafandom.
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Me and My 424 a Dark Angel vid by LC. This vid is about Logan and his obsessions. I've been asked to talk about it at WisCon, which I'm sure I can do off the cuff, but this is me starting to think about it in a bit more of an organized manner.

Me and my 424 lyrics )

Does anyone know the actual meaning of this song? Is a 424 actual obsolete tech that I should know about?

Nude Descending a Staircase No 2 - Wikipedia

image of Marcel Duchamp descending a staircase )

In canon Logan is obsessed with wanting to walk again once he is disabled. SF means help him get closer to being able to: blood transfusions from the mutants, the exoskeleton. There is an emotional distance between himself and Max because she is so much more physically able than he is, except when she is not: she has seizures that are poorly controlled (this very interesting plot line was dropped in S2).

The vid expands on Logan's character by showing him as a person who loves technology for tech's sake. Who will fiddle and repair things just for fun. But tech's weakness, as especially experienced by disabled folks, is that if something becomes obsolete when you are dependent upon it? You are SOL. Tech is also not able to fill the distance between Logan and Max: witness them hanging up their phones. They reach out to each other, sometimes they touch, sometimes they fail to. Embodiment, technology, disability, ability.
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This Chain of Days by beccatoria, Star Wars, set to the Neko Case song "At Last". About Shmi, Padme, and Leia. Short, but filled with a lot of emotion.

A Widow's Toast by chaila43, BSG, set to the Neko Case song of the same name. About Kara and grief.

I have been waiting for Neko Case music to be vidded! I am so happy to see these! Her music is so lyrical and haunting (but there are some upbeat numbers too), check it out if you aren't familiar.

I wish I was James Bond by [personal profile] kuwdora, ST: DS9. A super happy vid about Julian Bashir in all his adorable, awkward, dapper incarnations through DS9's run. I really identified with Julian when I was a geeky teenager, and it is wonderful to see a whole vid about him!


Harry Potter 7.1 Deathly Hallows )

I also watched The Boondock Saints today and liked it, very over-the-top story about vigilante justice in Boston-- guns, mafia, violence, a strange sort of humor. It reminded me of a modern-day Western.
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[make up your own question!]
A vid you can't believe you haven't recommended yet

Big City Life by lithiumdoll. Dark Angel.

It took me several views of this vid to key into the use of text. Brilliantly done. I keep watching this vid and seeing new things in it. There are so many great character moments here, so many moments of connection.


There you have it, three weeks of vid recs! I enjoyed doing this meme, I hope at least some of you enjoyed playing along. <3
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[Make up your own question!]
Women-Centric vids that you love

Around the Bend by [personal profile] danegen. A VividCon premiere this year. Multifandom.

Super sexy and awesome vid of women and their engines, women driving and flying, many women together, both fannish sources and real life images, current and historical. I love the song which was totally unfamiliar to me. A very empowering vid that cheers me up every time I watch it.

Ladie's Night by [ profile] counteragent. Multifandom.

A fun song with women dancing and having fun, and some images of men being impressed with them. What makes this vid stand out is all the unusual sources: His Girl Friday! Legally Blonde! Ugly Betty! Scrubs! Dr. Quinn! Along with some more "conventional" fannish sources. Two of the sources were movies I found kind of skeevy for one reason or another (True Lies and What Women Want), but this is the sort of vid that reclaims such movies for me, takes the source, cuts it up, analyzes it from the female gaze, turns it into something I can enjoy.

One Girl Revolution by [ profile] arefadedaway. Multifandom.

Women are awesome, fuck yeah. A gorgeous, stunning vid with tons and tons of sources. No power in the 'verse can stop me. I watch this one a lot.
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A narrative vid you love

Half the Man by [personal profile] isagel. Multifandom.

This is a vid done for [community profile] kink_bingo, what used to be the "amputee fetishism" square (which has now been incorporated into body alteration/injury). I recommend reading the warnings and notes at isagel's journal.

I love this vid for many reasons but partly because it's a great disability narrative. At the beginning, there is fear, horror, villains with hooks, violence. Moving onto living with a lost limb, darkness, despair, pain and isolation. Then the turn, shown in the putting on or taking off of clothing and prosthetics: owning one's body, acceptance, even pride. And the variety of the prosthetics here is awesome (chainsaws!). Then onto images of awesome, of romantic success, of conquering one's enemies, of playing the piano and the guitar, of enjoying life. This vid makes me want to cheer.
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A movie vid you love

Heart of Funkness by [ profile] absolutedestiny Apocalypse Now.

I hated this movie, but I love the vid. The vidder's description is priceless:
Things I tried to do in this vid? Well, for one I wanted to make a vid that was all about war equating to male sexual frustration, putting in as many phallus images, ejaculatory explosions and finally spiralling into some tribal, primal hell of fleshy frustrated insane homo-eroticism.... and animal slaughter.

Fever by [ profile] talitha78 Sherlock Holmes (2010).

There are several great Sherlock Holmes vids in my folder, this is just one of them. The Adam Lambert song is fun, the visual effects of this vid are incredibly well done and make it stand out.
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Day 18 - A vid that made you investigate that vidder's other work further

Seven Nation Army by [ profile] charmax. Multifandom. "The rainbow coalition vs. fascist robots."

I can't get enough of stories like these, about people living under and fighting back against SF-nal oppression, and this vid is so defiant and awesome. Also gorgeous. Multifandom vids are my favorite.

Eventually I found what seems to be the companion piece to this vid:
Unnatural Selection, also by Charmax, BSG/Sarah Connor Chronicles.

I freaking love this vid. I love the song, the use of text, the anger and horror and desperate hope.

Both of these vids have violence and disturbing imagery in them, particularly the second one.
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Day 17 - A vid you wish you had made

I'm not a vidder. I don't know anything about vidding! I admire the talents of all vidders.

So I'll answer this question with two vids that speak to me very personally lately, from an emotional and aesthetic level.

Compass Points by [ profile] newkidfan. SGA.

I haven't yet read the fic that this goes with, so my my interpretation of the vid is as a dream that Rodney is having. I love the color and focus changes, the feeling of slow exploration interrupted by quick moments of expression. What a gorgeous vid.

Evening on the Ground by [ profile] hollywoodgrrl. SGA, John Sheppard character study.

It's amazing how many John Sheppard vids I have in my folder. That means a lot of us (myself included) see ourselves in this character. This vid is about John's guilt, and it's pretty intense. It has some rapidly flashing images that line up perfectly with the rapid, building music, evoking a life that is desperate, on edge; that John is hanging on for dear life, that he is afraid of losing even more people than he already has, and he feels a tremendous responsibility to prevent that from happening. There is just so much emotion here, under the surface.
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Day 16 - A vid that told you something new about a show/movie you already loved

I am struggling with this question. Being a participant in fandom gradually changes the way I regard media, rarely is there an "aha" moment when I see something differently, such as watching a vid. Anyway, watching vids is an intuitive experience for me generally, only if someone explains it to me do I really consciously get what one is trying to say (if indeed it's trying to say something).

Well, I'm overthinking it. I'm going to rec two critical race vids, which I have had explained to me by various people in various formats:

How Much is that Geisha in the Window by [ profile] lierdumoa, Firefly. This is a vid that critiques racism inherent in Firefly.

I was lucky enough to hear [personal profile] deepad and others speak about this at a vid panel at WisCon in 2008. Deepa said, among other things (IIRC), that the shots of the railroad echo the history of the American railroads, and the erasure of Chinese people from American history, because after all it was Chinese immigrants who built the American railroads.

This vid brings background shots to the foreground, and shows that aspects of Asian culture are used as "set dressing" for the show.

White and Nerdy by [ profile] talitha78. Psych.

OK, this is not a show I love, mostly because I find Shawn annoying, but I have seen it and think it's kind of a cute show. This vid is great. It is both funny and cuttingly critical. Why is white synonymous with nerdy? How many TV/movie characters can you think of that are black and nerdy? I can think of 3, maybe, including Gus.

I also heard Francesa Coppa talk about both of these vids, and some others, in a video presentation about people who don't exist in the future, and how fandom can help. I can't find the link right now, will ETA if/when I do.

ETA: Things We Don't Have in the Future, and how Fanworks Can Help
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Day 15 - A vid (by someone else) that has defined a con or period of time for you

I have a crap memory for time, so not an easy question for me to answer. I'm going with On the Dance Floor (Too many dicks) by [ profile] sloanesomething. Star Trek reboot. A critique of gender representation.

This vid had just been posted when I attended Think Galacticon in Chicago in June 2009 (a leftist political SF convention). I was pretty hyper during that con, doing a lot of rapid personal processing in a relatively safe space, and it's weird to look back on that. I'm glad I had the con as a place to do that kind of thing. I remember excitedly talking about this vid to anybody that would listen. I still love this vid! It is great! And bascially, you know, nearly every Hollywood movie is like this-- I think it was [personal profile] coffeeandink said it is 5 men to every woman on the silver screen. Since my life is about 8 women to every man right now (yes, even at work), it's really weird to see so many men in my myths, especially because I am not very interested in men myself at all.

The vid has been talked about a lot:
Political Remix Video
A remix of the vid done to video game footage: Feminist Frequency

(eta; i forgot to unlock this earlier; now it is unlocked!)
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A mood vid that you love

What's meant by this? Don't all vids convey a mood of some kind?

Well, I'm going with There still remains the cocaine bottle by [personal profile] damned_colonial. Sherlock Holmes (2010). The music for this is gorgeous instrumental, the mood to me is intense, brooding, obsessive, dangerous. Holmes has moments of connection with others but the vid flashes back to him alone with his violin, starting into space, detached, alone with his thoughts and his addictions.


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