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1x03: Flushed

I really love this episode. We are introduced to Max as a disabled character: she has seizures and takes trytophan to help control them (this plot line is dropped in S2).

Max is being crabby because she doesn't feel good. She's lying to her friends and "borrows" the payoff money for the building, so they think she's taking drugs, and they flush her trytophan pills down the toilet. When she tries to steal more, she gets caught and thrown in a lockup.

There she meets my favorite of the guest characters: Break, played by Abraham Benrubi (also of "ER"). Break forms an instant friendship with Max. We learn he's in lockup because he hung a poster on his shop window, protesting police brutality.

There is a great moment when Logan is looking for Max and confronts Cindy at Jam Pony. She blames him for Max's drug problem. He corrects her and says, she has a neurological condition that she "wouldn't exactly want to advertise, would she?" He assumes Cindy knows Max's secret. Cindy gives Logan this LOOK, like, why does this fool know more about her than I do?

Cindy is super brave and goes into the lockup to help rescue Max. We see two queer people talking to each other! (Cindy and Break). Lots of minor characters reappear in this show, but sadly we don't get to see Break again.

There's also a subplot here about Max feeling guilty regarding someone she didn't help out in her past, and subsequently rescuing an abused child from the Warden, while escaping Lydecker and hiding her abilities from Cindy. There's a lot going on.

The episode ends on a nice note where Max is hanging out with Cindy and Kendra, and contemplates telling them everything about herself. She decides against it.
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