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Been away for a week! Not planning to catch up on social media.

I saw Rogue One and enjoyed it. I did start to get a headache (due to driving too long, probably) while watching it, which definitely reduced my enjoyment. The last act was excellent and reminded me of

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My parents and I have picked up the American Jewish tradition of going to a film on Christmas day. A lot of other people seem to be doing this; we've run into neighbors at the theater and there was a decent crowd. It's a great tradition, but I wish the studios would release more happy, upbeat films to coincide with the holiday. Last year we saw Concussion, this year we saw Fences. Neither of these were particularly happy films. We would have loved to see Hidden Figures, but it doesn't come out for another week.

I don't know what I thought of "Fences." It was very much a play put on film. As a story about a family with problems, it wasn't really my kind of thing. But the cast and performances were excellent.

My dad and I watched a couple of episodes of "Vikings" on cable, but found it to be too violent for our tastes.
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I will take writing prompts for December if you like! Add a specific date or just do a general prompt-- I'm feeling footloose and fancy free.

Thanksgiving was a bit stressful for me and my dog. I wore the wrong shoes and my legs, hips, and feet ached the whole time. With 6 small children present it was noisy and chaotic. Sorcha had no where to retreat to (she isn't comfortable going up the staircase on her own), so she got really stressed. I think part of the solution might be to get her a travel crate.

Anyways, we are both happy to be home and I am happy to catch up on the internet.
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Today I saw these On the rocks drink chillers in a store. Basically you freeze the granite rocks, put them in your scotch, and you won't water down your drink.

It seems like there's a design flaw here. If you tip your glass too far, aiming to savor that last bit of aged, expensive scotch, the stone could slide down the glass and ---crack!--- there goes your tooth.
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~I've been playing too much Glitch and ignoring other things! Ack.

~My friend [personal profile] wyoluvr could use some financial help due to various life circumstances. If you have money to spare, she has a paypal button on her journal profile page.

~My job is going well.

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