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Wiscon Readings and Programming Sign-ups are open now, and are scheduled to close on Sunday March 22nd!

There is some really great programming this year, check it out! You can sign up as "interested in attending" a panel or program item, which is part of how programs get picked and also room sizes chosen.

Please signal-boost if you are so inclined. You can copy/paste this post.
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There's a new show on Comedy Central, "The Nightly Show", which I've been enjoying on Hulu. I'm overall impressed by their exploration of issues, and how they have a range of activists and comedians on the panels offering viewpoints. WELL. Last night (Monday), Marianne Kirby [ profile] therotund was on the show! She talked about fat acceptance and looked glamorous.
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Shayla, a friend from WisCon, is looking for some financial help and for someone to foster her cats for a while. Details are here.
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Words and Deeds Love Meme 3: May 31st - June 13th; Hosted by J.J. Hunter at Dreamwidth

[Banner and link for the Words and Deeds love meme, hosted by jjhunter. It runs May 31st to June 13th. The Banner features a Monarch butterfly.]

love meme

Oct. 20th, 2012 10:56 am
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[personal profile] littlebutfierce has a love meme going on here. Please check it out and feel free to put names in. :)
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ReaderCon Fail link to Kate Nepveu's jounal.

Turns out their "zero tolerance" policy towards harassment is not so "zero" after all.
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Festibility! A fanworks fest for positive portrayals of disability. Hosted by us at [community profile] access_fandom, the fest will run from July 15 through September 15. Come check it out!

Hat tip to [personal profile] toft for the name of this festible.
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[personal profile] liv: Non-fannish friending meme on/for Dreamwidth

[personal profile] were_duck: WisCon Friending meme

Johanna Eeva talks about Vegans of Color blog at Bitch Magazine

[personal profile] erda: Dreamwidth Anniversary Fest: Three Weeks for Dreamwidth. If you are participating in this event, please tag your entries "three weeks for dreamwidth". Please signal boost!


If you are maintaining two reading lists, you may as well read me at Dreamwidth. I am planning to add content here for the Anniversary Festival. Invite codes can be found at [site community profile] dw_codesharing. Large batches of invite codes (for communities or RP groups) can be had by contacting [staff profile] denise or [staff profile] mark.
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Check out [personal profile] erda's idea Six Weeks for Dreamwidth. The idea is a festival to generate new content for Dreamwidth's 1st anniversary.
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[ profile] mystickeeper is hosting a carnival for WisCon panel generation!

So far my favorite idea is this one:
Teamwork: Feminism is more than just a belief that men an women should be treated equally. At its core, it requests a change in power dynamics that allows all people to be equal.
How do characters work together or separately in SF/fantasy?

Are the characters we admire most ones who are solitary warriors, or are they constantly helping/teaching/learning?

Go check it out and suggest ideas!


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