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My face is hurting despite the nerve block. I suspect it's allergies / congestion. Weirdly cool and humid today.

What more is there to say about pain? Nothing.

I tried to read "The Charioteer" from the library, but the text was small and not very crisp. Gave up.

Tried to read a Sarah Glidden graphic memoir, but the text was too small. Set it aside for the time being.

Now charging up my Kobo-- fanfic is the way to go!!!
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I read an article about mosquito research a month or so ago. The author used a phrase that really stuck with me: "Like many people, I feel uniquely persectued by mosquitoes," was how I remembered it.

I looked up the article and it's acutally:
"I don’t have a phobia, exactly, but like a lot of people I feel uniquely hunted by mosquitoes. "

I thought, that's it. That's it exactly! It feels personal. Rather than just being creatures that exist in the world, they are out to get me. And me especially, somehow-- an illogical and demonstrably false belief.

This summer and last summer I've been chased inside by these beasts. I haven't gardened nearly as much, nor sat outside reading. They get into the house and my car. We kill them and a surprising amount of blood results, leaving small gory streaks on the apartment walls.

I fancy myself a nature lover. But lately I've been more about spending time indoors. Autumn will be welcome.
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At a local dog park the other day, I looked out at the rise and fall of the land. The oak savannah giving way to open farmland. The sun shining on dandelions' happy faces. I felt an expansive joy that landscapes and nature give to me; a sense of peace. Almost an aching kind of happiness.
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Possibly overdid it today.

Started my new shift at Humane society, which will be Tuesday 1-3, sorting donations. Really liked the woman doing orientation, and enjoyed the shift. She explained things well and was friendly. She told me a little about her former job (before she retired) which was doing labor audits, investigating things like overtime and child labor violations.

I went to the vet to pick up more Apoquel for Abbie (this helps her allergies).
Next I stopped at the post office and waited in line about 20 minutes to mail a couple of things.

I forgot about swimming until I got home, and decided I would lay down for a few minutes before hand. Well, I fell right asleep and slept right through swim class. I'd set an alarm but turned it off. Abbie woke me up to go out a while later, at which point I watched a little TV and changed into my PJs.

Even after being sick for years, it's very difficult to gauge my energy. I'm hoping by writing down my activities I'll get a better idea.

It is very cold today; I'm grateful for central heating and indoor plumbing and warm wool clothes. I think about our ancestors surviving this weather (and worse) and I think about homeless people.
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It's gotten cold, and there's something exciting about the wind and the snow, the bundling up and layering yourself, fortying yourself against the cold, lacing your boots, doing up your zippers, tying your scarf. The feeling we're all in it together, us against the cold.

[personal profile] jesse_the_k gave me Carhartt overalls in blue-gray. They are everything. I put them on over my jeans and liners, put on my wool sweater and coat, hat and mittens, two pairs of socks and boots, and I was almost too warm for my night dog walk with my friend R. Abbie wore all her layers too.

The dry cold air is not great for my sinuses and breathing, but what are you gonna do. At the pool on Tuesday, the warm humid air was a blessing.


Jun. 18th, 2016 02:38 pm
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currently blooming:

Pink campanula (volunteer perennial)
Peace Lilly (house plant)
African violet (house plant)
Orange day lillies

Lettuce is growing in the vegetable garden

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I'm tired. Really tired and not breathing great.

I'm watching the Fosters on Netflix, playing computer games, and chilling. The dog park is not great right now because it's super icy. And the last few days have been brutally cold. Today was warmer, so we went briefly, but it's tough walking over rough slush that's been frozen. This time of year, I wish for an indoor dog park. Abbie does too. I'm thinking of buying her an expensive coat. It's tough to spend money, but she could really use something to help cover her hairless thighs. The Greyhound people like this brand:

I liked this Teen Wolf story which also has some great art!
Tide Pulls from the Moon by paintedrecs


Apr. 6th, 2014 01:46 pm
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I had a lovely day yesterday!

-Sorcha woke me up early so I did my laundry early
-Comics Club at the library
-Extra long walk at the dog park
-Repotted some plants because it was so nice out
-My roommate cooked dinner and we ate it outside. She is rarely both home and awake so it was nice to catch up with her. Also the food was delicious.
-Watched the Badger Basketball game
-Read most of "Boxers" by Gene Luen Yang
-Read a bit of fanfic

Today I am pretty tired, and it is really nice out. I will most certainly not be as productive but I'm hoping to enjoy the weather a bit.


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