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Seen on Tumblr, posted by chameleonchild:

"Being chronically ill and having to stay at home a lot doesn’t mean I have more free time. The chronic illness occupies that and the rest of my time."

Bit of an "aha" moment for me.
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Possibly overdid it today.

Started my new shift at Humane society, which will be Tuesday 1-3, sorting donations. Really liked the woman doing orientation, and enjoyed the shift. She explained things well and was friendly. She told me a little about her former job (before she retired) which was doing labor audits, investigating things like overtime and child labor violations.

I went to the vet to pick up more Apoquel for Abbie (this helps her allergies).
Next I stopped at the post office and waited in line about 20 minutes to mail a couple of things.

I forgot about swimming until I got home, and decided I would lay down for a few minutes before hand. Well, I fell right asleep and slept right through swim class. I'd set an alarm but turned it off. Abbie woke me up to go out a while later, at which point I watched a little TV and changed into my PJs.

Even after being sick for years, it's very difficult to gauge my energy. I'm hoping by writing down my activities I'll get a better idea.

It is very cold today; I'm grateful for central heating and indoor plumbing and warm wool clothes. I think about our ancestors surviving this weather (and worse) and I think about homeless people.

Many steps

Sep. 3rd, 2012 12:47 pm
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One of the reasons it can be hard to Get Things Done is because we don't always realize how many steps are involved in a task. For instance, on my to-do list for a while has been: get photos framed for art show.

This is what the task really breaks down to:

1. Contact art show person (done by email)
2. Select photos (done)
3. Print photos at Walgreens (done)
3.5 Ask neighbor how he gets his photos framed (done)
4. Go to craft store and get frames with wiring on back (done yesterday)
5. Carry frames in from car (I haaate carrying things in from the car)
6. Frame photos
7. Contact art show person again to see where/when to drop them off, inquire about how to price them, etc.
8. Transport them (carefully) to the library for the show.

Today I broke one of the 4 frames while it was in the car, so I will either simply submit 3 photos instead of 4 (easier), or I will go back to the craft store for another frame. While running errands yesterday I also apparently left a different package at a store because I was hungry/tired. I am undecided about whether to go back for it-- it was just some postcards.

I don't really remember what things were like before I was disabled by illness, but I know things weren't this hard to accomplish. It's good to have several days off in a row right now.
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I feel like crap today; I intend to lay in bed, nap, and read fic.

Here is a collage I made last week. It didn't turn out exactly like I wanted, but then again, it's the first art I've done in ages. I think I will do some more collages because it was quick and easy to make and I liked the result.

I have been trying to read A Dance with Dragons for a while now, but it is so slow. I'll finish it eventually... surely by the end of the year!


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