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I slept most of the day (I think I had a mild vaccine reaction). Abbie gave this gentle, polite woof of a bark to wake me up at precisely 4:30 pm, meaning, it's time to go to the dog park. She is good at telling time.

Lately it's calming for me to describe things on Tumblr:

I try to keep it positive. (There is some NSFW stuff but it's tagged.)

I enjoyed this Dorian/Iron Bull fanfic
Come Forth into the Storm by zythepsary
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[Abbie, a black greyhound with a gray face, looking alert. She has a dusky pink bowtie around her neck.]
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I'm tired. Really tired and not breathing great.

I'm watching the Fosters on Netflix, playing computer games, and chilling. The dog park is not great right now because it's super icy. And the last few days have been brutally cold. Today was warmer, so we went briefly, but it's tough walking over rough slush that's been frozen. This time of year, I wish for an indoor dog park. Abbie does too. I'm thinking of buying her an expensive coat. It's tough to spend money, but she could really use something to help cover her hairless thighs. The Greyhound people like this brand:

I liked this Teen Wolf story which also has some great art!
Tide Pulls from the Moon by paintedrecs
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Saw a PA yesterday at the pain and headache clinic. In my experience PAs are better than doctors for dealing with chronic conditions. For one thing, they seem to have more time.

Things I'm going to try:
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I liked season 2 of The 100 much, much better than season one and watched it really fast.

In dog news, I finally got Abbie to sit on the couch with me. This is amazing as she's been scared of the couch for a long time. It's really nice to cuddle on the sofa with a dog!
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Cute little milestone.

Abbie laid down in the creek to cool herself off. She oh so carefully sat her haunches down, then experimentally, slowly sat down into "sphinx pose" with her head just above the surface.

She zipped around the narrow side park, running in loops. Someone walking along the bike path on the other side of the creek stopped to admire her run.
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Lt. Abbie (dog) and I had our first "Manners" class on Saturday. I enjoyed it. It's led by two middle-aged women and there are 9 dogs in the class. We learned basic things such as: when you say your dog's name, and she looks at you, give her a treat. When you walk on a loose leash and stop, wait for her to look at you, then say "good dog" and give her a treat. If a dog jumps on you, turn your back to it. Etc.

I didn't bring treats to the class: I thought about it, and decided against. So, anxious and embarrassed, I had to go up to one of the instructors and ask for treats, in order to work on some of the skills. I wish they had told me to bring treats during the initial phone call or in an email. Anyways, I will next time.

Abbie was anxious but well-behaved. She is attentive to me, but won't sit or lay down for a treat. When we are at the park, I can get her to jump up onto her hind legs for one.

She's anxious about a number of things, but it's only been about 6 months. I'm hoping that teaching her some tricks will channel some of her energy that is otherwise going into being anxious.


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