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I went to a rock and mineral show today. My mom asked me what was the coolest thing I saw. I said, the people. Perhaps I should have just planted myself in a chair and watched people go by. Old guys, hipsters, long beards, a kid in a minion costume, a young lady with purple hair using a wheelchair and digging through a box of rocks, men with jewelry and fanny packs, a guy in a dirty shirt busting open geodes. A guy named Karsten whose store is called "Karstones". It felt like a Sci Fi convention, a bit, but just dealers, info tables, and maybe 2-3 demos.

I feel overwhelmingly exhausted today. My knees and ankles hurt. And my face. Iced my knees this evening. Tried to read but couldn't concentrated; watching TV instead.

Oh and I think I left my phone charger in Minnesota UGH.

Grateful for netflix, hulu, and my roommate's cooking, and wool sweaters.
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--Dried mango
--Trail mix
--The marshy area I drive by on the way back from the pharmacy. Sometimes it looks very wild and alien
--Internet friends


Apr. 6th, 2014 01:46 pm
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I had a lovely day yesterday!

-Sorcha woke me up early so I did my laundry early
-Comics Club at the library
-Extra long walk at the dog park
-Repotted some plants because it was so nice out
-My roommate cooked dinner and we ate it outside. She is rarely both home and awake so it was nice to catch up with her. Also the food was delicious.
-Watched the Badger Basketball game
-Read most of "Boxers" by Gene Luen Yang
-Read a bit of fanfic

Today I am pretty tired, and it is really nice out. I will most certainly not be as productive but I'm hoping to enjoy the weather a bit.
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By lucky timing, Sorcha and I happened to be at Mounds pet store when the Greyhound rescue folks came in to table and do a meet and greet. So, we stood for a while and were breed ambassadors with two other greyhounds. People admired her scarf and very soft fur.

Later I went to comics club and had a very nice time.
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1. I bought the new Neko Case album today. I got the deluxe edition. ^__^

2. I gave away three plants by setting them out on the curb with a sign.

3. [personal profile] were_duck got me a watering can in the shape of a baby elephant. It is super cute.

4. Under the cut, a picture of Sorcha wading in the lake.

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1. Sometime in June I decided to put plastic sheeting and duct tape over the open car window of my neighbor's car. It rained a lot in June, and it bothered me every time I parked my car, seeing this nice car with its window down, the owners nowhere to be seen, and rain coming in. I also put some plastic lids with baking soda on them inside the car to try and reduce the smell.

Today my neighbors returned from their long vacation in Europe. They thanked me warmly for taking care of their car, saying they don't know what happened with the window. They gave me a box of Belgian chocolates. The man had talked with me before about Minnesota-- I am from MN, and he'd lived in the Twin Cities while getting his degree. So when I said, "No problem, it seemed like the neighborly thing to do," he said, "Maybe the Minnesotan thing to do."

2. I went to a Disability Pride Madison festival. It was cold, but fun. I met a few folks.

3. I gave away some spider plants by setting them on the curb.
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1. I went to the dog park twice today. My feet and legs hurt badly, but I still was able to walk around in the sun, and had a nice time with my dog. One man I was talking to (a dog park regular) asked if Sorcha ever wags her tail. "I can get her to wag her tail," I said, standing up from the bench. I danced around for a moment, waving my arms around, singing her name and generally making a fool out of myself. She wagged her tail.

1.5 I found my dropped mitten at the dog park. My mom made those mittens! :o

2. I caught up on Elementary and am still enjoying it. It will be nice when the election is over because, no more political ads for a while.

3. I plan to stay in and read fan fic tonight.


Does anyone have advice for hurting feet/ankles/legs etc? I have the pains I'm used to dealing with: my face, head, shoulder, and stomach/gut. These other ones, I'm not used to and they are kinda rough. I am going to PT for the knee, but right now my feet hurt way worse than my knee, and all the walking I'm doing, which I thought would help (it usually does help my knee), isn't actually helping my feet.
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1. I've been really stressing about money (btw thank you to those of you who bought my gift cards); but my family has been quietly helping me out without me even having to ask. This is really humbling. Also, it's weird to think about how I was making it before the Scott Walker pay cut to state workers. And now, it's harder.

2. I went to Cheers with Queers last night and had a great time.

3. I wore my really awesome wool suit today.

4. I am finished doing recruitment and enrollment for my study at work!! \o/

5. A few days this week I've seen my friend Kendra at the dog park which was really fun. I know her from outside the dog park, and she just got a dog.

6. I really enjoy my Thursday lunches with [personal profile] jesse_the_k. This week we watched a film called "Wretches and Jabberers", which is about two men with autism who are activists. They travel around the world and meet other people like themselves. In the movie, they go to Sri Lanka, Japan, and Finland. I really enjoyed and recommend this film.

7. There was a good seminar today that I got to attend most of; about diagnosing disease before and after death (ie at autopsy). It was really interesting, and the pathologist who was presenting is a bit of a fuss pot and makes everyone laugh. For instance his power point appeared pink, and he complained, "Whoever is in charge, I am not going to be happy here, because the words are supposed to be white not purple!" My boss tried to soothe him, "It'll be all right," to which he responded crankily, "For you maybe but not for me!" (cue laughter). They figured out the color problem was due to a bad connection, so then the director of the whole program sat there with his hand holding the connection down, to keep the wires tight. Also he said the first case's name, which is a big no-no, and when the director chided him, "no names!", he sighed and said, "OK, this person is [PATHOLOGIST]!", saying his own name.

8. I got a free cookie at the seminar.
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My dog is a wonderful blessing and I am grateful for her every day. We went to the dog park twice yesterday and twice today.

Sick today with major sinus pain; watching a lot of the TV show "Alphas" on Netflix. I tried the pilots of a few different shows before settling on this one. I like that it is an ensemble show with good actors and good guest stars. There are women and people of color in the main cast. All the characters have back story. It is about a team of people with special abilities (basically mutant powers but not superheroes) who investigate crimes and track down other people like themselves.
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1. A neighbor who is moving out gave me some frozen chicken.

2. Sorcha is such a good dog! She is good with kids and getting bolder at the dog park (ie playing more with other dogs). A little neighborhood kid grabbed her tail and she didn't even flinch. She must have had a pretty good life wherever she was before because she doesn't have a lot of issues. Anyway I told this kid to let go, but he didn't, and then one of the other kids said, "He doesn't speak English". It makes me wish I'd kept up my Spanish education. Today this same kid was running away from his dad (who was in the community garden) toward the street and I didn't know the words for stop! come back! Oh neighborhood kids.

3. WisCon / fandom / DW teaches me a lot.


Dec. 23rd, 2011 12:49 am
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I am grateful that I have a beautiful and safe place to come home to in not one but two places. It was great to grow up around animals and in connection with the land, and now it's great to live in a wonderful little city with people I care about around me.

I'm grateful for the Archive of our Own and how easy it is to download fic to my Kindle. I've realized lately that novels just aren't interesting to me right now, and fanfic is, so I'm going to read long fanfic and lots of it.

I've been worried and stressed lately; my physical and emotional health just aren't so great. But things have been worse for me in the past and so I know I can handle it. I know I can make it through hard times. It is only pain: it can only hurt you.
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I have been feeling kinda down lately, and sick. Sometimes it helps to post about things that make me happy and/or that I am grateful for.

1. I have a new car! I think I shall call it Charlotte, just because. It's a gold colored Toyota Camry, 2002, and it is AWESOME. Even since my (gold colored) PT Cruiser got wrecked two winters ago, I've been driving a POS Neon that I haven't liked. The Neon was kind of uncomfortable and it had a hard time going fast. Now I finally have a car that I like!! It drives very smoothly, is very comfortable, and has remote control doors. It is GRAND.

2. I had a flying/floating dream this morning. Actually it was a little disturbing because I wasn't sure how I was going to land and it felt like I was just going to keep on flying/floating forever, and maybe suddenly I would come down in water, or I would land somewhere far away from home and have to walk all the way back. Still, it was a neat dream.

3. I've been watching a lot of good movies on Netflix. Review post to come!
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1. I'm caught up on True Blood!

2. I finished watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, including all episodes I'd missed the first time through (when I was actually watching it live). This show is so amazing. It's available on Netflix (including streaming), episodes are 30 minutes, and there are 3 seasons. You should watch it. I adore all of the characters, the worldbuilding, the strange animals, the religion and magic, the art and music. ADORE. Watch the TV show, skip the movie please.

3. I spent a lot of time outside yesterday and it was lovely. Hot, bright, so incredibly green, a wonderful summer day. I am only a little sunburned.

4. Today I read In Search Of by [personal profile] toft, Mythbusters RPF, apocafic. Highly recommended. This is an emotional relationship story in addition to being a survival story, and there is a baby. I loved it a lot.
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1. This post by general_jinjur which is about podfic, emotions, embodiment, meta, fandom, diversity, and joy.

2. Going for walks makes me happy! Going for walks has become my go-to thing to do when I am anxious, restless, angry, bored, tired, or just unsure what to do with myself. My neighborhood has many trees, at least one blonde (palomino? tawny?) squirrel that I keep seeing, one house with rainbow flags, a community garden, a dog park, and a river/stream.

3. Taking photos! I just love taking photos! [community profile] shutterspeed makes me happy.

4. I spent some money to get a stereo (that I already owned) installed in my car. Now I can listen to CDs while driving. This has improved my quality of life immediately.

5. Janelle Monae. Aw yeah.

6. TRUE BLOOD, but I am not caught up yet so please don't spoil me.
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1. I polished up my book review of The Rejected Body and it is posted today at FWD/Forward.

2. I got an ARC of A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend by Emily Horner, and I finished reading it today. I got it from the author, [personal profile] owlectomy. This book is great and I recommend it, especially if you are into YA literature. This book has FOUR gay/queer characters, and some discussion of coming out and identity! It has bike riding! It has a play called Totally Sweet Ninja Death Squad! It has Quakers! What else do you need to know? Oh also, it has an interesting alternating-chapter structure that makes it a real page-turner. What a wonderful book, and my only regret is that I didn't have this book when I was 15.
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1. I started a prompt-based photography community on Dreamwidth: [community profile] shutterspeed. Please join and/or subscribe!

2. Talked with a good friend from college tonight! I haven't talked to him in years. We reminisced over an old mutual professor crush and other things.

3. Figured out some major crap in my life! I seem to be communicating more as a result.

4. Ate a delicious dinner that [personal profile] oliviacirce cooked! Also wine.

5. Started reading an Advanced Reviewer's Copy of A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend by Emily Horner. :D :D :D
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comment if you'd like a color. then list ten things that you like/love which are that color.

[personal profile] izzy gave me dark brown

1. Dark chocolate
2. This sweater which I've had forever
3. Soil for growing things in!
4. Leather. All kinds, but specifically my Dansko shoes, and harness/tack leather used for horses.
5. Horse hair. Someone's photo of a horse on Flickr
6. Brown eyes, ie, ladies with brown eyes.
7. My brown wool coat. It is falling apart.
8. Otters.
9. Junior Brown. One of his albums is called "12 Shades of Brown".
10. Wood. Check out this image of cellos I found on Flickr.
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My good friend [personal profile] jesse_the_k bought me a NEW CAMERA!! It is a Nikon CoolPix L22, dark red. It is super sleek and awesome. A world of picture taking awaits! We also had some really great Italian Ice after our shopping expedition.

I have two volumes left of the graphic novel series Strangers In Paradise by Terry Moore. It is 19 volumes long, beautifully drawn, with excellent characterization. It's taken me a while to read because of the emotional involvement. Having a bit more graphic novel reading experience now, I find myself paying much more attention to the art style, the way the people are drawn, and what, if it were a movie, I would term "cinematography"-- the way the frames are set up.



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