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At a local dog park the other day, I looked out at the rise and fall of the land. The oak savannah giving way to open farmland. The sun shining on dandelions' happy faces. I felt an expansive joy that landscapes and nature give to me; a sense of peace. Almost an aching kind of happiness.
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I have never in my life owned a console gaming system. That has changed today!

At St. Vinny's yesterday stood a whole shelf full of Xbox 360s. I bought one for 35 dollars. With a few games I spent about 50 dollars, including controller and cord. The first one was faulty, so I went back today and exchanged it, and this one seems to work. My roommate and I just tried out Lego Harry Potter, which is silly and fun.

I have found over the last few years that gaming is a great way to cope with pain and fatigue. Sometimes it's the only thing I have energy for, or the only thing that can really take my mind off my pain. Some games are too technically hard or require too much dexterity, or are too stressful. Ones that I really enjoy are silly and not overly difficult.

I'm super excited!! We are still figuring a few things out and I need to get an extra controller yet. Happy new year to me!
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To help myself fall asleep I told myself a story about two queer dragon riders and their dragons.

Dragon 1 is Iris and her rider is Avery. They do search and rescue and Iris got injured protecting Avery from a rock fall and lost her right wing.

Dragon 2 is Tailwind. Her rider is Geneva. They are an engineer pair who come to the hospital to consult on making a prosthetic wing for Iris.

I don't know if I have the energy to write this story but I'm enjoying thinking about it.


Jun. 18th, 2016 02:38 pm
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currently blooming:

Pink campanula (volunteer perennial)
Peace Lilly (house plant)
African violet (house plant)
Orange day lillies

Lettuce is growing in the vegetable garden

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Your jokes have brought you fortune and fame
but today you should be feeling some shame
if your punchline is "fat"
get off the damn mat
and come back when you've brought your A game.

CC commons licence, share and share alike, 2015
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I went with some friends to WtNV last night at the Barrymore. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I recognized a lot of people there. I was really stoked to see Dessa as the musical guest.

I've seen Dessa in concert, and some nice things about seeing her as part of a WtNV show are: it's not quite as loud as a music concert. One can sit rather than having to stand. (Although I enjoy dancing, my body is not quite up for it these days.) You don't have to deal with opening bands if those aren't your thing. And it's a shorter set, she did maybe 6-7 songs all together. The disadvantage is there isn't a full band-- it was her and one other musician who did percussion and background vocals.

For the Night Vale show, we got to see and hear Carlos, Kevin, Tamika Flynn, and Meg, in addition of course to Cecil. It's always striking to me how much better and different it is to see the actors live rather than just listening to the podcast. Cecil can hold the attention of a huge auditorium full of people. Carlos (Dylan Marron) is just the cutest person who ever lived; he seems like he is made from sparkles and sunshine.

The venue's main problem is that there is one small bathroom in the basement, so for people using the women's room the line goes all the way up this set of stairs (I don't know if there is an elevator or not).

Tons of queer people at this event! Two adorable, fat gay guys sat behind us. They were probably in their 40s, friendly and fun. A kid over to my left held her book in the air when Tamika talked about the power of reading. The show involved a bit of audience participation and the crowd felt really into it.

This show is recommended, even if you are not caught up with the podcast (which I'm not).


May. 5th, 2015 06:06 pm
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Wow! A DW user randomly gave me six months of paid time under the sponsor-a-free user program! This is so great! I got my icons back and can post polls!


Mar. 6th, 2015 10:28 am
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Hey, it's my birthday! If you like, post something in comments that pleases you, whether it be cool, funny, joyful, satisfying, goofy, or soothing.

To get you started, here is a Percheron horse and a cow making a funny face. Photo by Flickr, Comité Départemental du Tourisme Orne.

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Flat Out Bolli (her racing name) hails from Mobile, Alabama originally. She is a small black Greyhound with some white on her. She has a cowlick on her neck that makes it seem like she has a mohawk. She will be 3 in December. She is super chill and is already napping on the rug on the living room floor. She is interested in toys.

I plan on changing her name; I don't really like "Bolli" as a nickname. Taking name suggestions in comments!

Photo Album at Flickr
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I had a fantastic time going to see Neko Case on Wednesday evening. This is the 3rd time I've seen her. I went with [ profile] trinity_clare who was a good sport.

My new favorite song of Neko's is "Calling Cards".

you tube clip )
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My Kobo decided to start working again. Yay! I've been reading a lot of fic of the "Live Free or Die Hard" fandom variety.

Saw the Lego movie today and enjoyed it.

A few things I've been enjoying during this long, cold, lonely winter:

I can Has Cheezburger Feed for cute and silly pictures and videos of animals.

Humans of New York (which is a Tumblr, but you can also subscribe to on FB). Portraits of people with quotes attached. Super awesome. There's also a book which I bought for my parents.
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[personal profile] wild_irises asked: What's the best thing about Sorcha?

There are so many good things about Sorcha! She is a very loving and affectionate dog, and when I am around her, I think that I am a more loving and patient person. (Not that she doesn't try my patience sometimes! But her challenges are pretty minor ones.) She brings a lot of simple happiness to my life. She is a good cuddler, sometimes lying on the couch with me and putting her chin on my wrist or leg. She makes cute sounds like clacking her jaw when excited (a Greyhound trait), huffing air through her cheeks, or little growls and yips when she is dreaming.

I've been around animals most of my life, so all this isn't unexpected; but, it is a surprise how easily she fit into my life when I got her. It's like she's always been here.

There are some ancillary benefits to dog ownership: A pet is a neutral topic of conversation to bring up with co-workers, family members, and strangers, unlike a lot of my other interests (which most people think are weird, or which at least require some explanation).

Walking at the dog park once or twice a day has been very good for me and Sorcha, it's a nice routine, it's social, it gets us out in the fresh air, and I've met some very nice people there. The kind of small talk that happens at the dog park is very non-demanding and seldom stresses me out, unlike small talk almost anywhere else-- often we talk about dogs, sometimes about work or the weather.

Having an unusual, recognizable dog means that people will approach you in the neighborhood when you are out walking. This could be good or bad, depending on your circumstances, but for us it's fine since Sorcha is generally very calm. So, I've had some nice interactions with my neighbors and gotten to know more of them.

Oh, and she takes a good photo. :)
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Shopping for Access Craft supplies with my pals which was super fun. In lieu of dinner or the readings I took a nap for two hours.
Then, Geekeoke! Met [personal profile] such_heights! Sang a duet with [personal profile] jackshoegazer. Yelled and screamed a lot.

I am very grateful to [ profile] JacquelynGill for taking over blue tape responsibilities at WisCon! It's a big weight off my shoulders.

Friday I went to the Gathering, which I don't do every year due to noise, but this year I checked out the Hypnosis station (cool) and the clothing swap where I found a gray tuxedo jacket. [personal profile] meloukhia took the other tux jacket which was white. I wore the tux jacket for the next two days! It fits me about perfectly.

I tried to go to a panel but I was too anxious. I went to Natt Spiel for supper with some pals: laceblade, dimensionwitch, Jack, and Jaq. Then we had Opening Ceremonies, and the vid show. I attended almost the entirety of the vid show, and was in home and in bed by 2 AM. Dimensionwitch was my houseguest.


On Saturday I ate at the hotel restaurant for lunch with some of these same buddies; I ordered a BBQ sandwich which was good but too spicy.

My 1 pm panel was lightning talks. I talked about Graphic works by women and very briefly about chickens. Another talk I really liked was by Kat Sweet who talked about using 3D printers for making sex toys. One person talked about Git Hub. The other talk was about shapes and emptiness in the universe, and how shapes are repeated large and small, over and over.

I panel surfed the 2:30 pm panels; not finding much I wanted to sit thru.

Next I attended "Food in Spaaace" which was super fun! The panelists all had great things to say. When going into space, would we pack food along? If so, how? Would we grow food on the ships? Who would grow the food and cook it? What about an edible space ship? What about having soil and mushrooms and trees on ships? Etc. There was some discussion of using 3D printers to make food. One person asked about how Star Trek replicators are supposed to work; I don't think there was a clear answer on this one. There was some discussion of military rations, of submarines and living at the South Pole / McMurdo. An audience member had been a cook at McMurdo and described that. It takes a large support staff to support 1 scientist. I asked about the ethics of vat-grown protein vs. eating a real cow, a la several books I've read, and the panelists had good things to say about that. Rich people might want the hand-raised real cow. Middle-class people might get the vat-grown protein but be lied to about where it's coming from. Also, what is the source of the original cells making up the vat-grown protein? It's hard to know the ethics of a tech that doesn't exist yet. "Firefly" came up a couple of times: food as currency, the plain food being eaten over and over again but improved with spices, the fresh fruit being high value. FUN panel.

I went to dinner at Himal Chuli with [personal profile] futuransky and her partner. We mushed together with some other fan people at this tiny restaurant.

I sat in for part of the Tiptree Auction, then went to the Glitch Memorial Panel. This was bittersweet but I appreciated it a lot. We talked about why we loved the game. There was a screen up and a computer; our avatars were shown and different screen shots. We all liked the whimsy, humor, and non-violence. Many of us who played are non-gamers, and we enjoyed the easiness of entry. It didn't require much hand-eye coordination, and there were no negative consequences to falling or dying. One panelist thought that the marketing failed: Glitch should have been marketed to non-gamers. Many of us discovered it by word of mouth. We all enjoyed the music and art. I especially enjoyed how there was no gender unless you wanted there to be, and the humor was not offensive. It was cooperative instead of competitive. Even the "griefing", such as tree wars, seemed minor and amusing. Conflicts such as people stealing herbs from community gardens were engineered out of the game. Altruism was built in.

I went by a couple of parties and then went home. My dog was a little stressed at being left alone all day.


Sunday I ate lunch in the Con Suite with [personal profile] j00j and Claire I think.

At 1 pm I was on the "A Very Special Disability Panel." I shall rely on others to report about this.

At 2:30 I sat in on a spontaneous programming panel re mental health disability things.

At 4 I was on a great panel that I proposed called "Radical Queer Agenda"!!! With Timmi DuChamp, Mary Ann Mohanraj, Victor Raymond, and JoSelle V. This was super awesome. Futuransky was taking notes and I think someone else was tweeting it. (#RadQueer)

This was too many things in a row for me and I nearly melted down afterwards. I fled to Jesse's room for a while. Then we ate lunch in the restaurant.

I went to the Guest of Honor speeches but got restless and left before Kiini's speech. I wandered the parties for a while and ate delicious foods. At the Clarion West party I met a woman who has written for TV, and it turned out she wrote the vampire episode for Murder, She Wrote. I find it a little awkward when writers ask (at parties) if I am a writer. "Uh... no not really." "So what do you do?" "Uh...." Maybe I should work on that.


Today I went to Sign Out and had Ellen Kushner re-sign Privilege of the Sword, which she'd signed for me in 2007 (my first WisCon!). LOL. One thing that was neat about my first WisCon was that I had just read a bunch of these books and suddenly these authors were right there in front of me!

I ate at Noodles with the fannish crew and went to the end-of-con panel and party before heading home.
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One day at the park, we lucked out and encountered a bunch of other Greyhounds all at once. Here is a picture of Sorcha right in the middle of of three others; she is the white one, grinning to split her face. One of the fawn colored ones is called Gracie; I don't know the other fawn or the brindle. Not pictured are a black one named Hal, and a Whippet named Bucky.

A pack of greyhounds

Dog update

May. 2nd, 2012 07:39 pm
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Sorcha and I go to the dog park every day. She is pretty timid and likes it best when there are not a lot of other dogs there. She also likes it when she has multiple people paying attention to her. Today was the Best! Day! Ever! because we met another Greyhound. The other dog is called Zeebee and is a brindle. A young couple are her humans and they've had her for a bit over a year. The dogs ran together and then we walked a lap around the park. Sorcha seemed much more secure having another greyhound and several humans around her. She ran quite a bit and smiled a lot. We also talked to a guy and his dog that we met there the other day, and an older couple who used to have a Greyhound, so she got lots of attention.

I took a couple of rather bad photos and posted them here:

It was very hot and bright out today. My browser widget says it's still 74 degrees F! Now Sorcha is on the sofa with me, laying on my feet.

It's nice; even when I come home from work feeling like crap, I go for a walk with the dog and I feel better. I also talk to all kinds of people when I am walking her. I've met some neighbors with dogs, for instance, and people at the park. I talked to some Hispanic guys at the soccer fields yesterday and I think one of them had a prison or gang tattoo on his face (something by his eye? lol I'm so innocent). My roommate's boyfriend talks to me a lot more now that the dog is around. Dogs get people to talk, even me.
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There were hardly any dogs at the park today in the late morning when we went, so I decided to let Sorcha off the leash. She did great! She walked beside me for a little bit, and then when she saw other dogs she galloped off to them. She is really beautiful when she runs. She did come back to me which I was relieved about. She snapped and growled at the other dogs when they sniffed at her, but the other dog owner was like, "Oh, she's just putting them in their place." And Sorcha cozied up to that woman and wanted to get pet. I think Sorcha likes people more than other dogs. This woman was like, "Are all Greyhounds *so soft*??" I said I didn't know. It's true her coat feels like rabbit fur.

We also went to the vet for a quick check-up paid for by GPA. This is called a CVI and is required by state law to make sure I'm not getting a puppy mill dog apparently. Even though she's 8. She weight about 59 pounds. It's hard to imagine this couch-loving, people-loving dog in a big barn in a crate all day long. She is napping right now, stretched out on the sofa in "roach pose".


Apr. 20th, 2012 10:02 pm
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My life feels so much more right now that I have a dog. She was dropped off at my house at about 7:45 this evening. Her name is Susie but that is probably going to change. Thorin Oakenshield? Neko? Feel free to make suggestions.

SE's Double Take aka Susie

A nearly all-white greyhound sleeping on the grass. She has a little light brown (fawn) color on one ear. This photo is from the adoption folks.
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This here is a happy making post for [personal profile] laceblade!! She is having surgery tomorrow. Things that would be great to post in comments would be fic/fic recs, art/art recs, cute and funny pictures, jokes, or whatever else you can come up with.

Here is a list of some of her general fannish likes and dislikes from east asian fandom gift bag. She also likes Glee and feminist SF novels, Hello Kitty, and Buffy.

Also, feel free to link to this post! Thanks so much!


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