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These two episodes are kind of boring compared to the first three, but there are some notable points.

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I can't sleep so here are some things!

I saw Brave and mostly I liked it, with some reservations.

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I maintain that Monsters, Inc is the best Pixar film. I'm not that excited about the sequel, though.

We saw previews for The Hobbit and a couple of animated monster films. The one about Hotel Transylvania, while it looked cute at first-- a male vampire raising a baby!-- quickly went into squick territory because it became about a father trying to control his teenage daughter's sexuality. [personal profile] laceblade looked at each other and snarked.

On Sunday I watched a few episodes of "Push Girls" on a friend's DVR. This is a reality show about women in L.A. who are wheelchair users. Three of them are paraplegic and one is quadraplegic. They are all attractive, middle class, femme women. I found it kind of boring mostly because I am easily bored by reality shows: I like unreality in my entertainment. The main annoyance is that they repeat content in a "Dateline NBC" style, where they show a scene as a teaser, and then show it again a few minutes later as part of the narrative. UGH. The target audience for this show is not, I suspect, radical disability activists like myself, because I already think disability is normal and that people who use wheelchairs can be beautiful, etc.

Autie was my favorite person on the show. She is 42, married, and a dancer. She is funny and says that she comes from a rough background. Her relationship with her husband is super cute. Angela and Tiphany live together. Angela seems like the most emotionally intelligent person of the four, and is trying to restart her modeling career while going through a separation from her husband. Tiphany is bisexual (also she refuses labels) and I don't remember what her job is. Mia has an office job of some kind. I like that some of them are people of color and that Tiphany's relationship with a woman is completely normalized.

In an early episode, Angela hires a photographer to do some head shots or something. This guy is clueless and heinous about disability and says something to the camera like, "She's like an armless man who wants to be a pitcher." My friends and I totally snarked this, saying "Oh, because she's a vampire and her picture won't show on your film!". But Angela was pretty gentle with him and didn't fire him. She patiently explained things to him.

In one episode, Mia's mother visits. Mia's mom is terrible and awful and says all kinds of ableist bullshit. But Mia is brave and patient! Mia confronts her mom about her alcoholism and ableist attitudes. She introduces her to the other push girls. Mom starts to come around a little and see that Mia has things figured out pretty well and that Mia's life really isn't that bad.

I don't think I'll watch any more of this show, mostly because it's boring to me. I don't find it that interesting to watch something where the entire premise is: it's so WEIRD and INTERESTING that conventionally pretty women use wheelchairs and have pretty normal lives!!!


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