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These two episodes are kind of boring compared to the first three, but there are some notable points.

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Nico and I started a rewatch of Dark Angel. I've seen this show through several times, but not in years. I also watched the commentaries. The day I bought the 1st season on DVD was the day after I'd finished reading "Harry Potter" #5, and I was so sad about Sirius dying that I needed something to cheer myself up. So, that would have been summer of 2003; I had just graduated college.

Watching this show in my mid-thirties is an entirely different experience. I feel like an adult.

We watched the first two episodes.
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A vid you can't believe you haven't recommended yet

Big City Life by lithiumdoll. Dark Angel.

It took me several views of this vid to key into the use of text. Brilliantly done. I keep watching this vid and seeing new things in it. There are so many great character moments here, so many moments of connection.


There you have it, three weeks of vid recs! I enjoyed doing this meme, I hope at least some of you enjoyed playing along. <3
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A male Character study vid that you love

Me & My 424 by LC

Look how this vid is about embodiment and disability and assistive technology! I mean no wonder I love it. It is also about how Logan is obsessive and messed up, and about how Logan and Max fail to connect. But it keeps coming back to these fragile bodies and to tech: phones, computers, guns, Logan's exoskeleton device. Max is in there a lot but it about how Logan looks at Max and interacts with her: her power, her strength, also her vulnerability and her unpredictability, how they dance close to each other then push away. I love the song here and I love the subject matter.

*If you are new to vid-watching, use VLC media player (link takes you to a free download page), to watch these. VLC is open-source software and is GREAT.
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So I got a couple of my friends watching and re-watching Dark Angel! ([personal profile] were_duck and [personal profile] jesse_the_k.) I re-watched a couple of episodes too.

Things that I like include: Look how many people of color there are! And wow, there are actual poor people in the world, instead of TV-poor-people, like how Veronica Mars is supposedly poor yet wears a different outfit every week. There's a disabled character (Logan, in a wheelchair) in the main cast. There's a lesbian character (Original Cindy) in the main cast who is also a person of color.

I love Max as a character! In fact I love all the characters. Sketchy! Herbal Thought! Normal! Yes, they all have cool weird names like that, and they work at a bike messenger service. That's were Max works in her day job. By night she is a cat burglar with superpowers! She is a genetically engineered super-soldier who escaped her government compound when she was 12 or so. She's trying to track down her other fellow escapees (whom she calls her siblings), and also stay away from the baddies who are trying to recapture her. Logan, who is a rich dude with a cause, recruits her to help fight the corrupt government in exchange for helping her find her family.

You should watch this show! I should warn you, the 2nd season gets weird and sometimes quite bad. I am a true fan and I love it anyway despite the horrible plot arcs. It has Jensen Ackles in it! Really, the 1st season is what the show truly is, but it does end on a cliffhanger, so you probably want to watch the at least part of the 2nd season, and then why not just finish it off? I rather liked the series ender. Skip the S2 "Halloween" episode though. Oh man. Bad.

I forgot to say how pretty the people are. They are SO PRETTY! It's a good Science Fiction show and you should watch it!!

So! Does anyone know of good Dark Angel fic?


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