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These two episodes are kind of boring compared to the first three, but there are some notable points.

1x04 C.R.E.A.M
This stands for 'Cash rules everything around me', according to Cindy. The A plot of this episode is not great. The B plot is fun though-- Max and Cindy rescue Sketchy from one of his irresponsbile schemes. Why do they help him? Who knows... My guess is they consider him family. Sketchy loses some money that he was carrying for gangsters. Max and Cindy dress up in super skimpy clothes, pretend to be airhead strippers, and rip off the gangsters' casino. They are *adorable* together and clearly should be girlfriends.

What do Max's friends and co-workers think of her? She can memorize long phone numbers by hearing the tones. She can predict where the roulette ball will land (but not the bounce). She can threaten bad people and she doesn't have a family. Hmmmm!

1x05 411 on the DL

Max reunites with Zach. We continue the trend of men being weird and awful to Max. At least Zach is also an abused kid and it's somewhat understandable that he is awful; he is her peer and family. There is a fairly defining moment where Max stands up to Zach. Zach, still the soldier, is about killing people who threaten the X5s, staying on the move, and being in charge. Max wants to stay in one place, form friendships, and not kill anyone. She views this as resisting Manticore and being the opposite of what they would want for her. (also of note for world-building purposes: Zach also takes tryptophan pills).

Logan is mostly awful still, but he has a moment at the end of this episode where he actually listens to Max's problems without judging.

Meanwhile, Bling, the physical therapist, appears to be living with Logan and doing his chores? Nico and I thought this was very strange and we wanted an explanation. Why is he polishing the apples?

Logan's ex-wife Valerie features in this episode, and I just can't stand her. I think it's her haircut and makeup and the way they dressed her, but she looks like a praying mantis or something. Yes this is very shallow.


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