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Both [personal profile] eruthros and [personal profile] toft asked about my fashion decisions and clothing thoughts! Which is really flattering, and I echo what [personal profile] littlebutfierce said, in that my teenage self would be really surprised.

I confess I've been feeling weird about my clothes (and body) lately because I put on weight and went up a clothing size. This is probably because of a med I take, but it doesn't matter why, really. I have been slowly purchasing some new clothes, and anything that doesn't fit, I have either gotten rid of, or put in tubs and bags and into the storage unit in the basement. One has to be ruthless about such things: it is extremely important to only wear clothes that fit right and that are comfortable! That is the really the only rule in my book. Otherwise, I generally think that I, and anyone, should wear whatever the frak they want.

For this post I took a selfie in the work bathroom the other day.

I'm wearing a long gray wool skirt, a teal shirt, a gray jacket, one of my ever-present flat caps, tights from Lane Bryant, and Dansko boots (brown leather). My love of clothes really started with jackets and blazers and went from there.

I found some dress shirts that I like, finally, after much searching! Button ups nearly always gap over my b--bs, and I hate fussing with the colors. I also hate tucking them in.
The shirt I'm wearing in the photo has a sort of draped neck line (obscured in the photo). I have one other shirt like this and want to find more, because they are my favorite!

I tried to find a photo of such a shirt via Google, on a model with a more similar body type to mine. I think these are flattering on busty people. The model's shirt is 2-tone, which looks good on her; I would have to try that on before I bought it. You never know.

Also, no ironing required! Ironing is not part of my gay lifestyle plan.

My standard work pieces are 2 dresses; the long skirt pictured above; dress pants in black and brown; many many blazers; a couple of nice sweaters; and a few nice shirts. I am short on shirts but working on that. I also have a couple of nice scarves and plain necklaces. For shoes I always wears Danskos or other similar types because my feet hurt.

My favorite fabric is wool! My favorite places to shop are a) Thrift stores and b) TJ Maxx, which is like a thrift store but for new clothes. Maybe someday I will have disposable income and then I can actually enjoy shopping at other places too without getting sticker shock.

My favorite colors to wear are dark red/cranberry shades. :D This was fun to write, thanks for the prompt!
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One day at the park, we lucked out and encountered a bunch of other Greyhounds all at once. Here is a picture of Sorcha right in the middle of of three others; she is the white one, grinning to split her face. One of the fawn colored ones is called Gracie; I don't know the other fawn or the brindle. Not pictured are a black one named Hal, and a Whippet named Bucky.

A pack of greyhounds
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Today at the park, Sorcha met her doppleganger!

Wendy and Sorcha

Wendy is another 8 year old Greyhound who looks almost exactly like Sorcha! Wendy was born a few months earlier. They are both white with dark spots on their skin that shows through their white hair. They both have fawn spots on their ears, but Wendy has more of that which is the main distinguishing feature. They are even the same size. I think Sorcha has a little more condition (ie fat and muscle). I should really get some cards to hand out at the dog park for moments like this, so I can find these people again.


Mar. 18th, 2012 12:25 am
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A young lamb with black legs and face, and mottled black/white nubbly wool. It's lying on some old carpet and some hay.
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~I've been playing too much Glitch and ignoring other things! Ack.

~My friend [personal profile] wyoluvr could use some financial help due to various life circumstances. If you have money to spare, she has a paypal button on her journal profile page.

~My job is going well.

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Jan. 29th, 2010 10:15 pm
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I made this terrarium out of an old dessicator. A dessicator is a piece of laboratory equipment used for drying samples. They are heavy and made from thick glass; this one has an opening on the lid where a vacuum pump can be attached.

I put glass beads and activated charcoal in the bottom, then sphagnum moss, then potting soil and the plants. I had to go to three different stores to find a greenhouse with small, healthy plants that I wanted. The greenhouse that I did find was fantastic; all the plants looked very healthy and happy. I got the activated charcoal at a pet store (and probably paid too much for it, as it's sold for aquarium filters).

I hope the plants live. But if not, I can just do this project again in the spring!

Glass Terrarium with lid in sunlight

Door Knobs

Aug. 16th, 2009 10:36 pm
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Voted week's best photo for "Metal" theme at [ profile] photog_xp


I'm really loving my new apartment.
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Such a beautiful day! I went for a nature walk, listened to Fair Trade by esteefee, read by wihluta. Very good!

Here are 3 pictures and some thoughts about podfic and associations:

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Then [ profile] cabell and I went to the mall for a while, and later I went out to eat with [personal profile] corvid and [ profile] tasiha. Had very interesting conversations.

I pushed myself a little too hard with all the walking and activity, found myself exhausted, and did not go to my last scheduled activity of the day (helping someone move).

Photo post

Jul. 24th, 2009 09:46 pm
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Look at this fucking hotel room! It is like a fucking cruise-liner spaceship in the Fifth Element! Ruby Red is going to show up any moment!

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