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WisCon run-down!

I was on 3 panels:
--Rethinking Disabling Metaphors (Hot topic, apparently!)

--Disability and Battlestar Galactica

--Taking WisCon Home: Book Clubs

They all went really well! Good audience participation, good fellow panelists and mods, and I think I had good things to say.

I only went to 3 others: Fanfic and Slash; The Vidshow panel; and "Robots Past and Future". All were quite fun.

One of the best parts of WisCon is always meeting people and hanging out with friends. [personal profile] trouble gave me a giant hug and was an instant friend. I bounced up and down at [ profile] haddayr and asked her how to pronounce her name. "Ha-DAR", she said, "Like the Jem'Hadar." I may have swooned a bit! I met raanve and wrdnrd, who I felt like I already knew. I met [profile] ch0me_kitten who is totally awesome and said smart things during the BSG panel. I had lunch with Tempest, who talked about her Mary Worth fanvids. I fangirled some people, but less than I have in the past. I hung out a lot with [personal profile] littlebutfierce, [personal profile] laceblade, [personal profile] were_duck, [personal profile] general_jinjur, [personal profile] futuransky [personal profile] jesse_the_k, and probably a bunch of others. Totally awesome people everywhere! And [personal profile] badgerbag gave me a hug!! I'm glad that at least some of these people are local, but I wish they all were! Thank goodness for the internet. And I'm glad I signed up to go to Think GalactiCon!

Overall I felt a *lot* better than I did last year. I remember leaving a meal last year and having to go stand outside to get some fresh air. I remember having headaches every day. This year, I think I only had a headache on Friday during the white allies dinner. Big win! There was one night I didn't go to any parties. I'm glad I paced myself, because I stayed up until four at the infamous Beer and Marmalade kegger.

Can't wait until next year! Whoo!

Date: 2009-06-05 12:58 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] were_duck
*hugs * yay for being locals!


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