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These icons chosen by [personal profile] thingswithwings! Leave a comment telling me your favorite fruit and I will choose 5 of your icons.

A monster muppet on the phone, with mouth wide open. This icon makes me laugh and laugh. Is the moster surprised? Is he freaked out? Does he just normally talk with his eyes and mouth wide open, in the way of muppets? So much emotion can be conveyed or interpreted with so little information. I think it's from the [ profile] iconomicon.

A picture of Gaeta from Battlestar: Galactica, blue-lit, serious expression.

Unfortunately for me, one of my favorite characters from BSG was Gaeta. I love how this icon looks like a photograph that's been folded and worn, like maybe someone carried it around in their wallet; but it also has that blue-lit intensity, that sadness of the show. Made by lunar47.

Leelu from The Fifth Element, holding up her Multipass Card.

I've always loved this movie, except for the ending (hetero love solves everything! whee!), and I love this icon. The Moooooltipass can be used for everything! It makes me laugh. Plus Leelu is such a badass. It's simply a solid, entertaining SF movie that's pretty to look at and is set in an interesting world. I'll watch it any time. Another Iconomicon icon.

Neko Case sitting in a pickup truck, looking into the distance. The purveyor of the Iconomicon made this from an image I found (he's a buddy of mine).

Neko, also known as my future ex-wife, sings alt-country music that is full of longing and loneliness and it makes me, you know, actually feel something when I listen to it. She also has songs with a queer vibe to them-- "Not the man you think I am / My love has never lived... indoors..." She also tweets about her dogs, fixes old trucks, and is generally a lesbian magnet. ANYWAYS.

Aldis Hodge, who plays Hardison on Leverage, wearing sunglasses and looking like a BAMF. I made this icon from some promotional picture I found.

I call this "Aldis Hodge in the Matrix." I would like a crossover/fusion where the Leverage team at least gets to wear the black leather, sunglasses, and boots, y/y? Hodge has a great sense of style; every time I see him I think this!

Date: 2011-08-30 07:35 pm (UTC)
luinied: At no point were Utena and Anthy talking about the same person. (confused)
From: [personal profile] luinied
If we're talking about fruit eaten fresh, then right now I'm going to choose peaches. If we're talking in general, hmm... that's tricky. I'd have to think about that more. (Either way, I'm happy to talk about my icons, if you're curious; not sure whether I'll make my own post or just do it inline.)

<--- Starting with this one

Date: 2011-09-03 08:43 pm (UTC)
luinied: And someday, together, we'll shine. (Twilight Rune)
From: [personal profile] luinied
This is the Twilight Rune from Suikoden V. In the Suikoden series, runes attached to the hands or forehead are what let people cast spells, and in each game there are a few special runes with plot significance. In this case, the Twilight Rune is one of the two that kind of moderate the Sun Rune, the royal treasure (and ultimate weapon) of the nation the game is set in. The main character gets the healing-focused Dawn Rune pretty early on, but the attack-focused Twilight Rune is passed around to a few people.

I picked it for an icon for a bunch of reasons (as with all my icons, really). I like the two well-attuned users of the Twilight Rune in the game, even though they're at times very different, and I like what they each stand for. I like the association with supporting characters rather than main heroes. And there's a little side-association with a court in Changeling: The Lost which goes along nicely with how I see the world sometimes.

This is the Salikawood from Final Fantasy XII. I wasn't really that taken by the game, but I that region just managed to capture the sort of beautiful peaceful forest setting very well for me. I think a lot of it is that it reminded me of Secret of Mana. There's a mini-quest there involving lazy moogle engineers, and in most of the screens none of the creatures start out hostile. So, basically, it just made me happy.

This is from Super Metroid - yet another video game, I know. It's actually part of an area from the first Metroid game that you visit rather early on in your return to the planet Zebes; when you first arrive there it appears deserted, but your presence keeps triggering sensors, and when you go back with the powerups you needed to find the place is crawling with enemies again.

Super Metroid is a great game, and the early exploration of Zebes manages to be a pretty good representation of how good it is, at least to me. It's also extremely iconic - if you've played the original Metroid, you saw rooms like that so many times, and you should immediately know roughly what's on the other side. It's also a reference to a webcomic a friend of mine made, which uses a room that would be on the opposite side of such a door, but unfortunately it's no longer online, at least that I know of.

Finally, something that isn't from a video game. This is from one of the Utena artbooks, showing the shadow girls in what looks like the elevator to the student council room, imitating the classic poses that three of the student council members take every time they ride the elevator. Of course, the shadow girls are not in the student council - they are the drama club, or perhaps they are aliens, or perhaps they are just some sort of Greek chorus. Like most things in Utena, they are hard to explain. But it's a good userpic for when I'm amused by something or being irreverent. Or when I'm asking if I can please have the UFOs.

This is Budehuc Castle, from Suikoden III. It's basically an old manor house and some outlying buildings far from the capitol where that a conniving noble gives to Thomas, his bastard son, to get him as far away as possible. The few chapters were you control Thomas (which are optional) aren't all that heroic, as the place is broke and falling apart, but through various deals you manage to keep your independence even after a brief siege, and, when the local conflict is superseded by a much larger invasion, your old castle becomes the headquarters of the forces united under whichever of the three main characters is chosen as the leader in the game's main story.

So, yeah, it's another one that caters to my love of side characters. In most of the Suikoden games, the character in Thomas' position would be the hero and leader of the army, but III was doing some experiments with multiple perspectives. And I can't not love the timid and non-adventurous but good-hearted lead, especially when he reminds me of me. But there's also the castle as reference to all its original occupants, who are such a scrappy gang of misfits, and as the place where people come together and get along despite their past disagreements and very different backgrounds.

Date: 2011-08-30 08:03 pm (UTC)
chagrined: Marvel comics: zombie!Spider-Man, holding playing cards, saying "Brains?" (brains?)
From: [personal profile] chagrined
idk if I can pick just one favorite, but I will ttly make myself sick eating cherries 4ever

in other words, meme me! :)


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