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Last year we didn't need dog boots; but this year has been much colder.

The first pair we tried were the only ones in stock at a pet supply warehouse, and turned out to be a total piece of crap product. They were similar to this "fashion" boot and dissolved after one go-round at the park. (I did like the cord tightening design). I returned them for store credit.

Next we tried Muttluks. These do seem to be a good product, but they don't stay on Sorcha's feet. It's possible we have the wrong size, I suppose, but I think the real problem is just that she runs really hard at the park and they fly off. Plus she doesn't have much fur for the boot to grab onto (little friction). So we lost one boot within the first week; it's buried somewhere in the snow. I tried affixing rubber bands on but that still doesn't help. Some people recommended putting on vet wrap around her ankles before each trip to the dog park, which I haven't tried, because it seems like too much work.

Next I tried the rubber balloon style PAWZ. These are made to be disposable after a few uses, and they have to be since the dog's claws pierce the rubber. They offer a barrier to salt and water, but no insulation from the cold (and it's been seriously cold here). They take three hands to put on-- two to stretch the rubber and hold the boot, one to hold and position the dog's paw. They also come off when my dog runs. The package of 12 didn't last all that long, and to keep buying them all winter is not a good financial choice for me.

Next, at the recommendation of my local independent pet product seller, I bought some "Ultra Paws" boots. These are "guaranteed to stay on" (I'm skeptical). They are much easier to put on, and probably would work well for most dogs. However, my dog, a greyhound, has really high toes. I tried them just on her back feet today and after a pretty long run/walk at the park, she had scraped bloody her two middle back toes from rubbing them on the boots. I plan on returning them.

I would rate the Muttluks highest out of all of these, but I am still unsatisfied and am unsure how to protect my dog's feet from the cold. I know that Greyhound-specific products exist, and I may try those.

Date: 2014-03-04 12:57 am (UTC)
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nodnod this is such a huge problem this year! usually I don't worry too much b/c Rorschach runs and keeps his paws warm, but it's been so consistently freezing this year. I've heard from greyhound owners before that their feet are hard to boot (in part b/c they run so hard), so I'm not surprised you've had troubles, though I'm sorry to hear it. Rory had some borrowed Muttluks at one point that worked great for him, never came off.

But! I came here to make another recommendation! What I use for Rory most of the time is actually not a boot but paw wax - it's called Musher's Secret, and it's just a wax that you smear on the bottoms of their paws and between their toes once every few days. It's what professional dogsledders use - it keeps icicles from forming between their toes, creates a barrier between the paw and the surface (works for hot sidewalks in the summer, too), keeps the salt from stinging, and also hydrates the dry skin on the bottom of the paws. Also it apparently tastes delicious (and it's completely non-toxic), so I let Rory lick it a little while I put it on his paws, so he doesn't mind having it done. Anyway, that's guaranteed to fit her paws, and if nothing else might be a good interim solution while you look for better boots? I love that paw wax, and find that it makes a huge difference.

Date: 2014-03-05 02:11 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jesse_the_k
....and Musher's a Secret seems to have a high pervertables rating, as well -- always important.

Date: 2014-03-04 01:07 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] lightgetsin
The Doodledog has done okay with Ruffware's boots, not sure what they're specifically called. They won't add much temperature protection, though, as part of the upper is mesh, at least on the set I have. They have a good, durable tread, though, and adjustable velcro straps. She has small, high feet, and does okay keeping them on, though I've never tried them for a serious romp.


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