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Yesterday when I came home, I saw some people I didn't know in the front yard, and one person sitting on the stoop in front of my apartment. This is a little odd but not totally out of the ordinary, and when I looked a little closer, it looked like one of the management people was showing an empty apartment in our building. It was an unusually nice day so they seemed to be lingering in the lawn and on the stoop. I took the dog out for a walk, and when I came home I noticed some garbage out on the stoop and went to clear it. There was an apple juice bottle and a pocket book on my window sill; I assumed these had both been left absent-mindedly by the people seeing the apartment.

I called the phone number I found in the wallet and left a message. When the woman called me back, she said that her wallet had been stolen from the Walgreens store down the street! I went over and returned it to her; the money and debit card were missing but at least she got her driver's license and a few other items back. She had already cancelled her card and filed a police report. She also lives in the neighborhood.

I call my managers, left a message, and talked to them this morning. The woman who showed the apartment was "Yeah, I'll keep that in mind if they send in an application, huh", and she's going to talk to her boss about it. Clearly she knows who the people are since she has their contact information and spoke to them.

Not that I would ever steal someone's wallet, but even I know that if you do that shit, you're supposed to drop it in the trash! Good luck renting an apartment now.

Date: 2014-03-12 01:58 pm (UTC)
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Given the careful attention to apartment management demonstrated by their representatives, I hope stealing a wallet disqualifies them. Or maybe the managers could hire them to steal trees.


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