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I think you should read this fic, Blood and Oil, by [personal profile] anna_bird. It is Firefly, Kaylee/Simon, rated adult. It's a snapshot of Simon's life, his headspace post-Serenity, and it's vivid and real.

If you haven't read Homo Ex Machina by [personal profile] toft, well, read it. READ IT. It's Holmes/Watson and oh so NC-17.




Mostly for my own reference, I'm writing down the podfic I listened to on my trip. (But if you see any errors feel free to point them out.) Someday perhaps I will get around to leaving actual feedback on these.

Touch by shalott, read by jinjurly

The Group W Bench by Cesperanza, read by anatsuno (this is possibly my favorite story ever. "I'm a dirty puppet-loving freak!" Especially as read by [personal profile] anatsuno, I can sense her enthusiasm and love for the story too)

Harmonic Function by Shaenie, read by fiercelydreamed
(Seemed somehow appropriate to listen to in an airport)

Broaden into Boundless Day by thingswithwings, read by countess
(Listened to this one on the train, looking out the window at water and trees and bridges)

All These Places We Have Met by toft, read by thingswithwings
(*sob* TWW did an awesome job conveying the emotionality of this story.)

Kiss Me Nine Times, written and read by thingswithwings

The Girls of St Marys by toft, read by rhea314

A Taste of things to come, by toft, read by thingswithwings. (Kudos to TWW for reading the warning, I did notice that!)

Skin Tight by toft, read by dodificus

With Intent by Shaenie, read by Rheanna

Attack of the Giant Robot from Outer Space, by skoosiepants, read by anatsuno
(my favorite part of this is "robots, robots, robots!")

That Particular Month, march 26th (Fisting) and march 27th (Tabled), by runpunkrun, read by anatsuno
(So frelling brilliant, I cannot even express!)

The Trouble with Endothermia, by Crysothemis, read by [personal profile] nny
(I don't think I'd actually read this story before! Unbelievable! I thought I'd read all of crysothemis' work. Here I got what TWW was talking about re: pauses. Nny's were super effective.)

Bound by Will, by Sheafrotherdon, read by anatsuno

Take Clothes Off As Directed by helen, read by ann cuidad
(Listened to while walking around the neighborhood, getting the hink outta my hinky hip. Story vaguely disturbs me but I like it.)

Junk Cheap by devildoll, read by zoetrope

Ordinary Life by Cesperanza and astolat, read by zoetrope
(One of my favorite lines, and I paraphrase, "Someone who uses as much hair product as you shouldn't cast aspersions against teenage girls.")

You can find all these stories in audio form at

There were a couple on my podfic player that didn't work for me, but I might give them another shot later-- I was feeling physically unwell, and not in a headspace to challenge myself with stories that I hadn't read before or that made me uncomfortable in any way.

I also listened to some music, which was basically: Neko Case > play all.

Date: 2009-08-15 12:21 pm (UTC)
fullygoldy: McShep since 2004 (Opressing fandom)
From: [personal profile] fullygoldy
I really need to start my podfic collection! I have the chip in my phone, and I totally plan to load up, but I just don't have the brain power most nights to deal with this. Most of the stories you listed I've read, and I would love to have them read *to* me.

Date: 2009-08-16 12:07 am (UTC)
raanve: Tony Millionaire's Drinky Crow (Default)
From: [personal profile] raanve
Thanks for the Firefly rec - I should put up a rec request post, since I'm starting to get a better idea of just what it is I like to read.

I think I am tucking the Holmes/Watson away for, uh, later.


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