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Day 17 - A vid you wish you had made

I'm not a vidder. I don't know anything about vidding! I admire the talents of all vidders.

So I'll answer this question with two vids that speak to me very personally lately, from an emotional and aesthetic level.

Compass Points by [ profile] newkidfan. SGA.

I haven't yet read the fic that this goes with, so my my interpretation of the vid is as a dream that Rodney is having. I love the color and focus changes, the feeling of slow exploration interrupted by quick moments of expression. What a gorgeous vid.

Evening on the Ground by [ profile] hollywoodgrrl. SGA, John Sheppard character study.

It's amazing how many John Sheppard vids I have in my folder. That means a lot of us (myself included) see ourselves in this character. This vid is about John's guilt, and it's pretty intense. It has some rapidly flashing images that line up perfectly with the rapid, building music, evoking a life that is desperate, on edge; that John is hanging on for dear life, that he is afraid of losing even more people than he already has, and he feels a tremendous responsibility to prevent that from happening. There is just so much emotion here, under the surface.
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A vid you've watched at least 10 times

A Lieutenant Colonel is Being Beaten by [personal profile] thingswithwings. Stargate: Atlantis, John Sheppard character study.

John Sheppard likes spending time on his knees, and you like to watch. Oh yes you do. This vid gets a lot of play at the House that Slash Built Redux. Also, obviously, such a good demonstration of "kink goggles" or the way that TV shows us one thing, and how to read that differently.

Without Me by [ profile] mamoru22

This is one of the first vids I ever downloaded. I can't really explain my love for it, except maybe the juxtaposition of the Eminem song with David Hewlett. And really, can any of us explain our love for David Hewlett? This vid is about the phenomenon of HEWLETT. HE IS EXTRAORDINARY. HE MAKES ME GRIN A LOT.
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First I would like to signal-boost [personal profile] rydra_wong's idea: Post something to a comm on DW!

And now, a meme. From [personal profile] thingswithwings:
comment and I'll give you three of your fandoms, then copy and paste the questions onto your journal and fill it out.

If you want to play this meme leave a comment saying so!

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Fair Trade Audiofic
Fair Trade Text
Mobius Audiofic
Mobius text

By esteefee, read by wihluta.

This is the best thing I have ever read about the intersectionality of chronic pain and queerness.

I posted an excerpt of the sequel "Mobius" in my journal in August. I was code-switching.

Observe: John is seeking community and safety. John feels that he can express his true self only through an internet community (mathpuzzlers). John hides his intelligence, he hides his pain, he hides his queerness, he hides many things about himself. Eventually he finds connection, he finds community support for his whole self, he finds what he is looking for.
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I have a cold or something. >:(

I have giant posts I want to make (drafts of which are in my notebook) but no energy to type them up. I hate not having internet in the house.

Well, [personal profile] aria did ask me and were_duck the other week when she was visiting, "What is it about Stargate Atlantis?" Aria's more of a Due South person, conversant in SGA, and we were wondering why one fandom really pings you when another doesn't. She posted her answers here in depth!.

Well, I'm tired and out-of-sorts, but I'm going to try and type of some of my own reasons. I will say that I'm in it for the fandom. I would never have invested much time in this show without fanfic, which is a good argument for how fandom is a promotional tool (I now own all 5 seasons and some action figures). I don't recommend the show to people who aren't interested in the fandom. But I do think there are some good episodes and good things about the show despite this.

*I love the setting: it's a place I can escape to in my head and easily imagine myself living. In this way it's similar to Deep Space Nine (another favorite show of mine) and dissimilar to SG1 (I hate that freaking concrete bunker). I like the color palette, all those greens and blues with hints of gold. I like the airy spires and the contrast of the deep undersea chambers. The set design is great. I mostly like the costumes too, except Teyla's outfits, obviously there are issues there. The people are gorgeous, too, obviously. I think I crushed on Rodney first! Even though he's not the most traditionally good looking. And then only later I realized, John, OMG, and it kind of went in sequence like that. What I'm saying is, there is a lot to look at here.

*I love many of the characters wholly: the team plus Zelenka and Lorne. I have passing fondness for most of the others (Weir, Carter, Woolsey, Ford, Keller, Carson). I don't hate anyone-- usually I reserve my hatred for the writers who write them wrong. I think they fail to write women well; for instance I like Cadman, who was in 2 episodes, better than Keller. Despite the fact that I am fond of Jewel Staite. So they had to work hard for me to dislike Keller. ANYWAY, I digress: I think fanfic can and sometimes does work to address these failings, the sexism, racism, and colonialism of the show. (Oh! I also love Halling.)

*I mainly read John/Rodney (McShep), but also OT4 (team), and other pairings. About John and Rodney in particular, I like their middle-aged-ness, that they are adults (but still boyish, bantery, fun). So many stories we are exposed to are about young love, and these stories are about adult love. McShep appeals to me for reasons I don't entirely understand; certainly fandom has worked hard to convince me that their love is epic, that it saves galaxies and exists across universes, that they are destined for each other. Something works for me in this pairing on a very deep emotional level.

*The fandom is fucking incredible!! I mean, just watch lim's vids or art by newkidfan or Speranza's fic, just as a beginning.

*I said to aria, that when I got into SGA, it was also me getting into slash. That is not entirely true: I had specifically been seeking out fantasy books with queer main characters, so I knew it was kind of my thing on some level. What was new for me was reading erotica.

(Tangent, I'd also been in Earth: Final Conflict fandom some years previously, and read fanfic that was G-rated, Taelon/human romance. And the Taelons were genderless. WHO KNOWS. Which leads me to my next point.)

*I enjoy the WTF quality of fandom in general, the wild creativity, the alternate universes. There's a lot of that in SGA. Some of it's based on canon-- there's time travel and AUs on the show.
I enjoy science fiction a lot and always have; I love the SF-ness of the show and the fandom. I have a time travel narrative kink; I love people meeting their alternate selves; I love biological weirdness, aliens, dire situations, sentient technology etc. I could go on. In fact I wish there were *more* and *weirder* aliens on most SF shows. Probably I should go back and finish Farscape one of these days.

*Clearly I have a lot to say about SHOW and FANDOM and there will probably be more of this later.
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I think you should read this fic, Blood and Oil, by [personal profile] anna_bird. It is Firefly, Kaylee/Simon, rated adult. It's a snapshot of Simon's life, his headspace post-Serenity, and it's vivid and real.

If you haven't read Homo Ex Machina by [personal profile] toft, well, read it. READ IT. It's Holmes/Watson and oh so NC-17.




Mostly for my own reference, I'm writing down the podfic I listened to on my trip. (But if you see any errors feel free to point them out.) Someday perhaps I will get around to leaving actual feedback on these.

lotsa SGA podfic! )

I also listened to some music, which was basically: Neko Case > play all.
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Title: Escutcheon
Authors: [personal profile] anatratrope and [personal profile] sasha_feather
for [community profile] kink_bingo: "tattooing" square
A wedding gift for [personal profile] anna_bird
Stargate: Atlantis
Established relationship OT4 (McKay/Sheppard/Dex/Emmagan)
Warnings: none
Contains alcohol and drug use, tattooing, light bondage. Also, escutcheons.
Rating: adult
Word count: ~7,000
Disclaimer: not ours, for fun not profit
Betas: [personal profile] jesse_the_k and [personal profile] wintercreek (Fiddled with extensively post-beta! Remaining mistakes are ours alone.)

Read more... )
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[personal profile] were_duck and I are on a trip to go to [personal profile] anna_bird's wedding! We drove for about 7 hours to get here, and for most of that time we listened to podfic. It was a beautiful day, with much sunshine and gorgeous clouds and a bit of rain. We even saw a big perfect rainbow! There is a stream by our motel and our motel has WIRELESS. There are 2 liters of my favorite soda, Diet Mountain Dew, in the mini fridge. I am very happy!

We listened to:

Freedom's Just another word for Nothing Left to Lose
And the band's playing hail to the chief; by [personal profile] synecdochic

But Where would they Live
The dreams they dare to Dream; by [personal profile] thingswithwings (In honor of the rainbow we saw!)

Bringing Sexy Back as only the ancients know How; by aphelant

2.7 miles from Williamsburg, New Mexico; by yin

4 ways chuck might have come to Atlantis and 1 way he really did; by aphelant

Them Other Boys Don't know how to act; by [personal profile] eleveninches

Group W Bench; by [personal profile] cesperanza, read by anatsuno


May. 8th, 2009 06:45 pm
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The Kindle's text-to-speech feature reads "Teyla" as "Tee-la". And it reads p0rn in a pleasant, uninflected robot voice.


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