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Last night a friend and I re-watched "Star Trek IV: the Voyage Home", also known as "The One with the Whales".

Why this is a feminist film:

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[personal profile] sophinisba asked: What do you like about the place where you live? Do you ever think or daydream about moving somewhere else?

What I love about the place I live is that I have a lot of great friends here! We have a nice fan contingent going, and some of my friends here I've known for years now, and it took a while to create those relationships. It's a medium-sized city, which means I don't have to drive very far to get to the edge and see fields and woods, and I don't feel overwhelmed or trapped by the city, and traffic isn't too bad. (I'm not really a city person). But I am close to people and things that I like, and I am close to work. There are lots of nice parks and green spaces. In my neighborhood, I am close to a library, a grocery store, and "my" dog park. Also, Madison is known for being accepting of people who are queer; although on the negative side we have problems with racial segregation and school achievement.

When I day dream, I fantasize about living on a space station or space ship. Why not go for broke, eh? In the hospital and clinics where I've worked, this feels easy to imagine since they are big sprawling complexes with skyways, sky lights, internal shops and cafeterias, etc-- like cities unto themselves.

If I lived in a space station, I would probably still do scientific or medical research like I do now. The research questions that interest me are how living in a closed environment affect people's health and well being. Controlling infectious diseases would be pretty important since they would spread easily, much like they can do on a cruise ship. It would also be interesting to work in the green house or botany labs. A space station would be a small town, but it would be a port town, with people constantly coming and going. The challenge for me on a space station would be the separation from nature, but as with anywhere, perhaps there would be ways to incorporate nature into the built environment. Another area for study and work! :D

This comes from watching a whole lot of Deep Space Nine at a formative age. :D
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So I can't sleep, and I started thinking about the 2009 Star Trek reboot, and why I never bothered to watch it again after I saw it in the theater, even though multiple friends owned copies.

You see, in my experience, Star Trek was a happy place where Good won in the end.

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The bus ride was loooooong and I had pain in my face and shoulder the whole time. I listened to podfic and eventually took a Dramamine.

[personal profile] jesse_the_k and I stayed at a private dorm about a block from Roosevelt University. It was fine if a bit spartan. For instance, the beds were single, hard dorm beds (although I slept pretty well anyway), and there were desks but no lamps, just a bright overhead light. We were warned that there would be no linens, so we brought our own, but there were in fact linens on the beds. I would have liked an ice machine. We could hear the El go by, but this didn't bother me; I guess I was tired enough to sleep well. I loved the many conveniently located restaurants.

The first program item I attended was "Colonialism in Star Trek". I didn't take notes here, but it was super fun to geek out about Star Trek as an opener to the con. We tried to define colonialism and if it is even a bad thing if the Federation is doing it. We cited examples of when it's a bad thing in canon, or when there are rebellions or moral dilemmas: The Maquis, forced relocations, etc. The issue of racism or "speceism" in Star Trek, ie the human thinking they are better than Ferengi, not taking the Bajoran's relgion seriously, etc. We talked about the Prime Directive, and one episode of Enterprise where we thought is was egregiously misapplied when Dr Phlox withheld medical treatment from some people, thereby committing genocide. This we discussed at length. The Borg are an example of Star Trek style exploration gone wrong. Exploration is a human trait that we admire, but is it always good? Someone mentioned the book "Collapse" about how human presence has destroyed native ecosystems on Earth. It is ethical to colonize unoccupied planets? How would we even know if they are unoccupied? This was a fun and thought-provoking panel. Yay Star Trek! It is streaming on NetFlix now, which means I may never leave the house again.

Board Games followed; I played Settlers of Catan with Gremlin and Ian.


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