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Jun. 26th, 2017 08:35 pm
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Jesse and I went to go see "My Neighbor Totoro" at the theater. We get there and it's very nearly sold out; we get the last two tickets that someone was refunding. Neither of us are quite trained into the new system where you are supposed to always buy your tickets ahead of time, having lived our whole lives as spontaneous movie-goers.

I get some snacks and we settle into our seats. The movie starts, the cute song and the little girl walking. Soon we realize, we are seeing the Japanese version with no subtitles. Someone alerts the staff and the movie plays on. I'm happy to watch it this way-- the story is very simple and to me, not understanding the words only plays into the dream-like quality of Miyazaki movies. But not long into it, the movie pauses and the manager comes in, to apologize. He says that they got the wrong version, and they will be playing the English dubbed version. Some people in the audience object. My friend a row below us calls out for people to clap if they want the dubbed version vs. if they want the Japanese version. It's about evenly split.

Well, they must have decided to do the dubbed version because they stopped the film. We decided to leave and get our refund.

Anyways, that is our Totoro story!
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MOONLIGHT omg sublime
Ghostbusters 2016
Rogue One

Luke Cage
Stranger Things
Brooklyn 99
Yuri!! on Ice

Saga by Vaughn and Staples
TJ and Amal by E.K. Weaver
O Human Star! by Blue Dellaquanti
Lab Girl by Hope Jahren
March book 3 by John Lewis et al

Stardew Valley
Gone Home
Children of Ur
Candy Crush

Walking at the dog park
[personal profile] were_duck's baby, the bleb
Visiting and having lunch with [personal profile] jesse_the_k
Visiting my parents on the farm; seeing family members over Labor Day weekend
My dog park friend got a kidney from his daughter
Making up with and walking with my friend R.
I had a sort of emotional fling (as opposed to a physical fling); which fizzled out but was fun while it lasted, this happened last winter.
I saw [personal profile] anna_bird for the first time in years!
Visited with many friends at WisCon
Gardening and hanging out with my roommate
Comics Club!
Socializing with old friends, and making new twitter friends
2 of my friends got their surgeries funded using social media!

Work and creative:
Volunteering at the humane society
Starting a fan vid! And perhaps more importantly, starting a fan vid club!
I posted one fic on the Ao3 this year (nsfw), and I think it's probably my best fic, idk.
As always, I enjoyed taking pictures and posting them to Flickr!
Meeting with the Anti-Abuse sub-committee for WisCon
Lots of health work, most of which is tedious, except for water bending class which is fun.

I also read a lot of fanfic. The standout ones are:
Stuck on the Puzzle by the spectaclesofthor

Known Associates by thingswithwings

Ain't No Grave by spitandvinegar
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"Pitch" was hard to watch this week; it centered on Ginny's friendships. In her life friendship is tenuous. People move away or get traded to other teams. It's the nature of her profession.

spoilers for ep ...5 i think )

eta to expand and unlock

I'm so grateful for the frienships I've been able to maintain that seem to be able to last despite distance and circumstance and the friend getting married, etc; and social media seems to help a lot. A whole lot. I mean, having friends on the internet means that your friends go with you wherever the internet is, which is a lot of places. You take your internet friends with you when you travel or when you move. They are available all the time, if you don't mind waiting a little while for a reply. You can Skype or google chat. You can send each other funny memes. You can find friends with your strange, particular interests. Anyways, here's to you, internet friends!
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When I was a kid I had a long bus ride. A consequence of living in the country-- the school bus wound around the roads picking up the rural kids. I complained once to my mom that the trip was boring. She told me that if I looked carefully, I'd notice something new every day.

I live a quiet and careful life (to quote Anna Altman in Every Body Goes Haywire, and sometimes it's a boring and lonely life. But I notice something different every day. The change of the seasons and flowers blooming. New dogs at the park.

I had lunch today with [personal profile] jesse_the_k and we watched some animated short films. She wrote about it here.

my thoughts on one of the films )
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I went with some friends to WtNV last night at the Barrymore. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I recognized a lot of people there. I was really stoked to see Dessa as the musical guest.

I've seen Dessa in concert, and some nice things about seeing her as part of a WtNV show are: it's not quite as loud as a music concert. One can sit rather than having to stand. (Although I enjoy dancing, my body is not quite up for it these days.) You don't have to deal with opening bands if those aren't your thing. And it's a shorter set, she did maybe 6-7 songs all together. The disadvantage is there isn't a full band-- it was her and one other musician who did percussion and background vocals.

For the Night Vale show, we got to see and hear Carlos, Kevin, Tamika Flynn, and Meg, in addition of course to Cecil. It's always striking to me how much better and different it is to see the actors live rather than just listening to the podcast. Cecil can hold the attention of a huge auditorium full of people. Carlos (Dylan Marron) is just the cutest person who ever lived; he seems like he is made from sparkles and sunshine.

The venue's main problem is that there is one small bathroom in the basement, so for people using the women's room the line goes all the way up this set of stairs (I don't know if there is an elevator or not).

Tons of queer people at this event! Two adorable, fat gay guys sat behind us. They were probably in their 40s, friendly and fun. A kid over to my left held her book in the air when Tamika talked about the power of reading. The show involved a bit of audience participation and the crowd felt really into it.

This show is recommended, even if you are not caught up with the podcast (which I'm not).
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I took a bit of an internet break largely because my internet (or computer? who knows) was being troublesome. Still is, but there seem to be periods where it works OK. I don't know what is wrong, so don't know what to do about it.

On Saturday some mysterious energy appeared in my life/body/mind and I cleaned my apartment, in anticipation of having a few friends over. It was very nice to see them. I've been feeling a bit isolated, so I'm going to try and make more of an effort to get out and see people. One of the great things about my friends is not only do I like them-- I also like the people they introduce me to! quality all around.

Of course I overdid it yesterday, and today I am exhausted. Today has involved sleeping and resting.

A project for when it is slightly cooler: I want to take pictures of my coats and post them. coat fandom yay.

I am trying to get rid of things out of my apartment and make space for as yet unknown new things. It's that time of year.

Good things

Aug. 2nd, 2015 12:49 am
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1. I've really enjoyed seeing my pals lately. I went to the cheap seats to see Mad Max (for the 3rd time); saw some friends and acquaintances at Comics Club today, and saw the film Mr. Holmes yesterday. Gabby is back in town which is great.

2. I got an awesome haircut which was a collaboration between Jesse and my neighbor Devyn, both of whom own clippers.

3. I read Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley and loved it. It features a talented, flawed woman as the main character. Katie is the main chef at a successful restaurant called Seconds, where she also lives. She wants to strike out on her own with a new restaurant, but is having trouble with that venture. Her ex-boyfriend is hanging around and things are awkward. When a young co-worker gets in an accident, party due to Katie's negligence, a house spirit appears and gives her the opportunity to fix it. Katie then gets addicted to fixing all the mistakes she can, and things start to go bad. This book is funny, charming, affecting. I loved it.

some links

Feb. 20th, 2015 11:22 am
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A friend of mine had an article published in the Atlantic, exploring the "watchmaker" metaphor used by some people interested in intelligent design. A Failed Metaphor for Intelligent Design by Adam Shapiro. This information-packed article explores how the metaphor suited the British society from which it arose.

A really thoughtful, wonderful article by a woman who chose to have a double mastectomy (vs. a single). Contains some partially-nude photographs. shirts off, underwear on: play out, breast cancer and gender expectations by Melanie Testa.

Doing Science Sitting Down, and other thoughts about Universal Design by [ profile] jacquelyngill.
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I saved money this WisCon by having a couple of meals at home, which also allowed me to walk the dog during the supper hour. My house guests were the super awesome [personal profile] thingswithwings and [personal profile] eruthros who helped me make meals. One night we had home-supper with [personal profile] futuransky and her partner K; another night we had supper with [personal profile] owlectomy. I really enjoyed this as an alternative to all the restaurant-ing I've done in the past.

I hung out with [personal profile] meloukhia quite a lot and succeeded in meeting a few new people too!

I don't know if I felt more ill this WisCon, or if I simply listened to my body more and took care of myself better-- ie, I took more breaks, went to bed earlier, and did not push myself as hard. I didn't party as much. The most I pushed myself was for the vid party, which was really amazing. I was very pleased to see many vids I've never seen before!

I sat on a panel about Radical Queer politics which was quite thought-provoking. We talked about the meaning of the word "radical" and how it is used to boundary-police queer spaces and identities, and how it doesn't have to be that way.

The guest of honor speeches were effing amazing and the texts are available online. I don't think Nike Sulway's speech is up anywhere yet (Tiptree winner) but hers was really great too!

I find the culture of WisCon to be very refreshing and sustaining. It is physically exhausting but tends to re-ignite my confidence and ideas.

I am resting now and a storm is coming up. Good time to sleep.

Night Vale

Mar. 23rd, 2014 11:41 pm
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I had a great time yesterday going to see Welcome to Night Vale in Chicago with a bunch of friends, old and new.

Seeing the show in a full theater was like nerd church-- a huge crowd of *our* people, feeling similar things along with us, all rapt attention. Well, that's what I imagine church might be like for people who are religious. Cecil had us shrieking, laughing, and gasping on cue, and also reflecting on life, death, and other mysterious subjects. Dylan Marron (Carlos) is the cutest person ever.

Today has been a total exhaustion and rest day for me. I slept most of the day.


Mar. 5th, 2014 03:35 pm
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Wisdom from [personal profile] jesse_the_k (paraphrased, from last week):

"Sometimes people think that violence is the only way to get attention from the powerful. But the problem is, it brings the wrong kind of attention. Violence makes the powerful feel like victims and they can use it to justify their further actions." (ie their own further violence).

We also talked about how access is like a living organism, that you have to keep tending it so that it doesn't wither away and die. You can't do access for a group or event once and be done-- you have to keep doing it, keep tending that living organism.

These days I find activists to be the most inspiring people. For instance I found this obituary for civil rights activist Lee Lorch super fascinating. He was a math professor and involved in de-segregating housing. He was a white person who taught at a couple of historically black colleges; he kept getting fired or denied tenure at his jobs due to his activism. He seemed to have no regrets.
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When I went to WisCon 31, I hardly knew anyone. I went to the first WisCon dinner and met several folks. The first person I really made friends with was [personal profile] fullygoldy. She was very warm and friendly. She was a construction manager--an unusual job for a woman, and she was pretty femme which didn't fit with my stereotypes at all-- a wife, a mom, a foodie, and a fan. She loved cooking for others and considered food to be a form of love. Her whole aspect was vivacious, wickedly funny, and caring. She cried and laughed easily.

I got to know Goldy when I was looking to make more friends and going to a lot of parties. I took a lot of photos and I am really glad to have those pictures. She came to our WisCon-themed book club and to various birthday and local parties. One of the last times I hung out with her, Goldy hosted a vid party/Teen Wolf party at her house with local fans, many of whom I didn't know before. She had really great food for us.

Goldy got me into SGA fandom, for which I will forever be grateful. She beta-ed fics and always left comments. She visited me at work one time in the Micro building, and she helped me move once. Basically, she was always saying and doing nice things for people.

How fitting that her final act was donating her organs to save other people's lives.

I'm grateful I knew her.

A picture of me and Goldy at WisCon 36 taken by [personal profile] holyoutlaw

Bad news

Nov. 7th, 2013 02:06 pm
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[personal profile] fullygoldy had a double stroke today (she has been in the ICU this week following an aneurysm). Her husband posted on Facebook: "Drs have suspended life care and are now just making sure she is comfortable . In a few days we will be saying goodbye to our beloved Goldy. Peace and please pray for our family."

I asked her husband a couple of days ago if he knew her DW/LJ password, so that I could update her journal with the news, but he didn't know. Well, I will email support.
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My friend [personal profile] fullygoldy is in the hospital today. Please send good thoughts.
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Shopping for Access Craft supplies with my pals which was super fun. In lieu of dinner or the readings I took a nap for two hours.
Then, Geekeoke! Met [personal profile] such_heights! Sang a duet with [personal profile] jackshoegazer. Yelled and screamed a lot.

I am very grateful to [ profile] JacquelynGill for taking over blue tape responsibilities at WisCon! It's a big weight off my shoulders.

Friday I went to the Gathering, which I don't do every year due to noise, but this year I checked out the Hypnosis station (cool) and the clothing swap where I found a gray tuxedo jacket. [personal profile] meloukhia took the other tux jacket which was white. I wore the tux jacket for the next two days! It fits me about perfectly.

I tried to go to a panel but I was too anxious. I went to Natt Spiel for supper with some pals: laceblade, dimensionwitch, Jack, and Jaq. Then we had Opening Ceremonies, and the vid show. I attended almost the entirety of the vid show, and was in home and in bed by 2 AM. Dimensionwitch was my houseguest.


On Saturday I ate at the hotel restaurant for lunch with some of these same buddies; I ordered a BBQ sandwich which was good but too spicy.

My 1 pm panel was lightning talks. I talked about Graphic works by women and very briefly about chickens. Another talk I really liked was by Kat Sweet who talked about using 3D printers for making sex toys. One person talked about Git Hub. The other talk was about shapes and emptiness in the universe, and how shapes are repeated large and small, over and over.

I panel surfed the 2:30 pm panels; not finding much I wanted to sit thru.

Next I attended "Food in Spaaace" which was super fun! The panelists all had great things to say. When going into space, would we pack food along? If so, how? Would we grow food on the ships? Who would grow the food and cook it? What about an edible space ship? What about having soil and mushrooms and trees on ships? Etc. There was some discussion of using 3D printers to make food. One person asked about how Star Trek replicators are supposed to work; I don't think there was a clear answer on this one. There was some discussion of military rations, of submarines and living at the South Pole / McMurdo. An audience member had been a cook at McMurdo and described that. It takes a large support staff to support 1 scientist. I asked about the ethics of vat-grown protein vs. eating a real cow, a la several books I've read, and the panelists had good things to say about that. Rich people might want the hand-raised real cow. Middle-class people might get the vat-grown protein but be lied to about where it's coming from. Also, what is the source of the original cells making up the vat-grown protein? It's hard to know the ethics of a tech that doesn't exist yet. "Firefly" came up a couple of times: food as currency, the plain food being eaten over and over again but improved with spices, the fresh fruit being high value. FUN panel.

I went to dinner at Himal Chuli with [personal profile] futuransky and her partner. We mushed together with some other fan people at this tiny restaurant.

I sat in for part of the Tiptree Auction, then went to the Glitch Memorial Panel. This was bittersweet but I appreciated it a lot. We talked about why we loved the game. There was a screen up and a computer; our avatars were shown and different screen shots. We all liked the whimsy, humor, and non-violence. Many of us who played are non-gamers, and we enjoyed the easiness of entry. It didn't require much hand-eye coordination, and there were no negative consequences to falling or dying. One panelist thought that the marketing failed: Glitch should have been marketed to non-gamers. Many of us discovered it by word of mouth. We all enjoyed the music and art. I especially enjoyed how there was no gender unless you wanted there to be, and the humor was not offensive. It was cooperative instead of competitive. Even the "griefing", such as tree wars, seemed minor and amusing. Conflicts such as people stealing herbs from community gardens were engineered out of the game. Altruism was built in.

I went by a couple of parties and then went home. My dog was a little stressed at being left alone all day.


Sunday I ate lunch in the Con Suite with [personal profile] j00j and Claire I think.

At 1 pm I was on the "A Very Special Disability Panel." I shall rely on others to report about this.

At 2:30 I sat in on a spontaneous programming panel re mental health disability things.

At 4 I was on a great panel that I proposed called "Radical Queer Agenda"!!! With Timmi DuChamp, Mary Ann Mohanraj, Victor Raymond, and JoSelle V. This was super awesome. Futuransky was taking notes and I think someone else was tweeting it. (#RadQueer)

This was too many things in a row for me and I nearly melted down afterwards. I fled to Jesse's room for a while. Then we ate lunch in the restaurant.

I went to the Guest of Honor speeches but got restless and left before Kiini's speech. I wandered the parties for a while and ate delicious foods. At the Clarion West party I met a woman who has written for TV, and it turned out she wrote the vampire episode for Murder, She Wrote. I find it a little awkward when writers ask (at parties) if I am a writer. "Uh... no not really." "So what do you do?" "Uh...." Maybe I should work on that.


Today I went to Sign Out and had Ellen Kushner re-sign Privilege of the Sword, which she'd signed for me in 2007 (my first WisCon!). LOL. One thing that was neat about my first WisCon was that I had just read a bunch of these books and suddenly these authors were right there in front of me!

I ate at Noodles with the fannish crew and went to the end-of-con panel and party before heading home.
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I had a very lovely afternoon at a fan gathering graciously hosted by [personal profile] fullygoldy. We watched SO MANY vids, and episode 1.04 of Teen Wolf. I got to meet some people I hadn't met before and see some old friends.

Fans are the best. :D
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...and anyone who may be in the vicinity!

[personal profile] fullygoldy is having a fan meetup on August 26th at her house.

Details are here!

Please join us!


Aug. 9th, 2012 11:11 pm
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Final Credits start to roll...

Sasha: I didn't just like it, I Joseph Gordon-LOVED it!
[personal profile] laceblade: Heinous.
[personal profile] were_duck: Were you waiting the whole movie to say that?
Sasha: Yes!

Later, in car:
Sasha: How do you think Bane eats with that mask on? Does he sip ensure through a straw?
Lacblade: Someone should write a fic!
Sasha doing Bane voice badly: "Fucking Ensure, I'm so sick of it!"

more with slight spoilers )
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Sorcha and I had a lovely, full day yesterday. The heat dropped from 100 degrees F to around 85 which was a huge relief. In the morning we went to the Verona dog park where we met (among other dogs) a huge 1-year-old Great Dane. He made my rather large dog seem small!

After a break for lunch and some Glitch-playing, we went over to [personal profile] were_duck's place to help her sort clothes. Put some pillows on the floor, and Sorcha will happily lie there for hours. We then went for a walk at Quann park, a huge dog park that just got mowed for hay. There weren't many other folks there. Later in the evening we decided to go to the Terrace and have brats.

After all this, I was worn out and my legs hurt. The walking does seem to help loosen up my hinky hip joint though.


Last Thursday I went to [personal profile] antarcticlust's dissertation defense along with a bunch of other folks. She did a good job of making it understandable-- it was about megafaunal extinctions in North America and the impact this had on the types of trees growing and the types of landscapes present. She also has a Really great blog!


Jan. 22nd, 2012 12:13 pm
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Hi internet hi!

I just spent a lovely couple of days with [personal profile] thingswithwings and Rorshcach the dog, and on Saturday we managed to spend most of the day watching Festivids! In the evening we met up with [personal profile] were_duck and watched some more.

So far my favorites are:

Maru the Cat (both vids)
Stand by Me
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air: Baby I'm a Star
How to Train Your Dragon: I'm Still Here
Independence Day: Doomsday
The Middleman: Do it Like a Dude
Moulin Rouge
MythBusters (both vids)
Newsies: Express Yourself (watched this 3 or 4 times already!)
Plata Quemada
Rise of the planet of the Apes
Pride and Prejudice - What a Man
Starship Troopers

Aaaaand there are so many more to watch!!!

:D What a great holiday this is.


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