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Semi-regular ask for assistance with paying my medical bills.


For those who don't like paypal (understandably)
My contact info is under lock here http://sasha-feather.dreamwidth.org/784754.html
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Hello friends! I thought I'd crowd source a request for films for a movie night with some friends. Our criteria are:

--Shorter movies; about 1.5 hours is ideal (this is a major sticking point and I'm not sure how to find shorter films)
--In English
--Live Action (not animated)
--No horror, major violence, or super-downer films
--Bonus points for women
--Drama, comedy, documentary, preferred
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Perhaps you all can help! I am looking for:

A journal/ diary website to track headaches/ facial pain
that is not a phone or tablet app, as I don't have a smart phone or tablet
that is free or very cheap
that does not trigger a security alert on my computer (ie not shady)
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--I thought the moon was a planet.

--People seemed to pronounce wind chill as "windsheel", all blended together and soft, so I couldn't parse it and thought they were maybe saying "wind shield," even though that did not make sense.

--I thought that tourist meant someone who led tours (tour guide).

--I couldn't hear the difference between picture and pitcher.

--I didn't understand why "I" in the middle of a sentence should be capitalized.

--I didn't understand the subtle nuances that differentiated dinner and supper (this is still difficult because dinner means different things to different people).

What did you have a hard time understanding as a kid?
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Sorcha is still whining incessantly. I see from my journal that this has been going on for more than a month -- probably more like six weeks. I'm taking her back to the vet on Wednesday to get her thyroid levels checked.

Other things we've tried:
I moved my bed so she can see me better from my crate.
I turned a night light on overnight.
Sitting with her on the couch to watch TV and movies. Three feet away in my chair isn't close enough-- I have to be like, touching and petting her to stop her whining. And I can't type with her on the couch because she paws at the screen and keyboard.
Distracting with treats.
A thundershirt. (Had to take a break from the shirt today because I may have left it on too long yesterday.)

The worst is when I try to lie down for a nap and she won't let me sleep.

I posted on the Greyhound bulletin board-- run by the rescue group-- asking for advice. So far, no help.

She does not seem to be in pain, not that I can tell. She still runs hard at the park, some days, and still hops in and out of the car, walks fine, etc. It seems more like anxiety, but that strange thing it how it started relatively recently.

Any ideas??
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What Disability-related Programming would you like to see at WisCon this year?

I am happy to submit program ideas if you all can help me come up with some!

Some thoughts to get you started:

Interdependency and work sharing

Hierarchies within communities and how we disrupt them-- (ie, am I disabled or queer enough?), getting rid of the gates!

Political coalitions. Groups of disabled folks are naturally coalitions since our disabilities differ.
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Somewhat out of boredom and a desire to look at shiny things, I seem to be using Tumblr a bit more, despite the fact that I find it frustrating to use. I have two Tumblrs: WomeninGlasses and Sashafeather.

How do I change which one is the default, so that when I reblog something it goes to SashaFeather first?

How do I get tags to automatically wrap?

How do I block things on Tumblr?

While I'm at it, how do I block people on Twitter? (It's none of you.)
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I would like to start a public-facing disability blog: something that I can post links to on Facebook and attach to my wallet name. I'm tempted to simply create another DW account since I understand this platform so well; what are the downsides to that idea?

People on Twitter seem to think that Wordpress is the way to go.

Advice? Suggestions? I will of course also need a name for this blog.
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My WisCon Schedule is such:
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My Lightning Talk topics are:
1. Graphic novels/comics/manga/memoirs written by women. I am in a glut of checking out comics and books from the library, and loving it. I plan to bring examples. The challenge will be limiting myself to 5 minutes.
2. Chickens
I can talk about keeping laying hens in the city or on a farm, why one might like to keep them, their uses and joys, and types of chickens. Also a bit about eggs.

But I would like some cute or catchy titles. Any ideas?
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Does anyone have advice for how to get my dog out of her crate? Treats are not working (turkey and cheese). Usually if I sit around and wait she comes out eventually, but she hasn't been out to do her business since last night!! This problem seems to have gotten worse since it got cold out. Climbing in and attaching her leash and then pulling on it doesn't really work and causes her to yelp. Singing her name/calling her hasn't worked today.

I am going to lay down for a bit: it seems like when I take a nap, that is when she whines to wake me up and wants to go out.
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Netflix streaming is being super laggy for me-- meaning the audio plays fine but the picture gets stuck. The buffer is good and reloading doesn't help. It used to just do this for the first few minutes or the last few minutes of a show but now it is doing it all the time. Playing in either Chrome or Firefox makes no difference.

With my recent all-the-time headaches, TV is about all I can handle. Anyone know how to fix this?
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I am fickle and super inconsistent about how I say my dog's name. I should probably stick to something because I've now had her for 7 weeks. Weigh in! (I think "pronunciation" is the right spelling but I don't want to edit the poll.)

Poll #10792 Name pronounciation
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 40

Which pronounciation do you like best?

View Answers

9 (22.5%)

Sorcha (said like porch-a)
12 (30.0%)

17 (42.5%)

ticky box
2 (5.0%)

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I've been invited to present a themed vid set at WisCon's vid party this year. My theme is, loosely, vids that address the problematic nature of guns, war, and violence in our media. I have a bunch of vids already in mind, but would really like to get some vids that are outside of my viewing knowledge, so to speak-- vids I've never seen before, older vids, rare fandoms, that sort of thing.

So I would like recs! If you know of a vid that you think fits this theme, even loosely, please point me to it! I would like to take a look.
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Glitch hasn't been working for me and I got this note from Support. Do you think my ISP could really be blocking Glitch?

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I am going to be in a wedding on September 3rd for my lovely friends [personal profile] antarcticlust and [livejournal.com profile] jackshoegazer. I'll be wearing a tea-length bridesmaid dress, which means it ends at the knees, and open-toed black sandals. I haven't shaved my legs in YEARS, yes I mean years, and am trying to decide whether to do so.

2 seconds of navel gazing )

Poll #7930 Make my decisions for me!
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 29

To shave or not to shave that is the question

View Answers

Shave your legs
5 (17.2%)

Wear skin-tone hose
1 (3.4%)

Wear colored tights
4 (13.8%)

Just go hairy legged
9 (31.0%)

Something else I'll say in comments
5 (17.2%)

I like ticking boxes
5 (17.2%)

foot pain

Mar. 31st, 2011 12:08 am
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For those of you with foot and/or leg pain, what do you do about it?

I already have comfy shoes that I rotate around, and I do a fair amount of walking every day.
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In an effort to cut costs, I'm looking for a tracphone. Here is a little secret about me, and that is, I hate shopping for things I actually need. Jesse the K gave me a rec, but I thought I would ask here as well to see if anyone has experience or advice on what to buy.

What I would like ideally:
--not a whole lot of minutes; I don't make tons of calls
--lots of texting
--a texting keyboard on the phone itself, and even better, a flip phone (because flip phones are cool and you can't hit the buttons accidentally)

Tell me what to do, internet! Advice appreciated!
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What do you do to treat/pamper yourself?

(I am looking for some new things, hopefully that don't cost any money, and that fit inside my physical/energy limitations.)
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1. How does one work in 2 Dreamwidth accounts simultaneously without logging out? I know there is a way, within DW, without using separate browsers. Does anyone know?

2. How do I allow anonymous comments in my community? I have poked around and then gone AAAAAAAAAH.

3. Why am I getting 2 notifications for every comment in that post?! (I have filed a support request).

Grumpy face!


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